New Jersey Indians – H Surnames

Hagkinsiek (witness), 17. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow.

Haham. Indian deed, Nov. 28, 1701. See Wiequahila. Aug. 13, 1708. See Taphaow.

Haharois. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey.

Hairish, in Indian deed, 1667. See Wapamuck.

Hamahem, a Sakamaker of the Hackensacks, in 1678. Indians of N. J., 110.

Hamakenon. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey.

Hamemohakun (signed Henemohokun). Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Taphaow.

Hanrapen, in Indian deed, 1678. See Manschy.

Hanyaham, Hanayaham, Hanayahame, 7. Indian deed, July 20, 1668. See Anaren.

Hanyahanum, 18. Indian deed, Feb. 28, 1671-2. See Capatamine. P. 97. Indian deed, Nov. 29, 1686, with four others, “Indian proprietors,” to Capt. John Berry, for their share of a run of water called Warepeake or Rerakanes, or Sadie river, of which said Berry had bought a share before.

Hapehucquona and Tolomhon. Indian deed, October 11, 1701, to David Lyell, goldsmith, for lands beginning at Millstone River and running along the line of Thomas Budd to Senpink, etc. E. J. Deeds, Lib. H, p. 216.

Hapehucquoxa and Tolomhon, Indian owners, 155. Indian deed, July 19, 1703. For a tract along the Province line from Senpinck to Augustine Gordon’s, W. of Wm. Watson.

Hapenomo. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey.

Harmanus. Indian deed, April 13, 1671. See Ahwaroeb.

Haughnum. Indian deed, June 4, 1687. See Mecoppy.

Hayamakeno, 73. Indian deed, Oct. 16, 1684. With nine others. For a tract on Hackensack River, Kovand’s land, Peskeckie Creek and Metchipakos Creek.

Henemohakun. Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Mokowisguanda.

Hepeneman, 73. Indian deed, Oct. 16, 1684. See Hayamakeno.

Hepihance, Commons, Nectothhoathhocke, Ireoseke, “Sachems and absolute chefe proprietors of a certain tract of land.” Indian deed, May 3, 1677. E. J. Deeds, Lib. No. i, p. 81, back.

Hielawith of Pequannock. Indian deed, June 6, 1695. Hist. Morris County, 1882, p. 266. This is probably an error. See Taepgan.

Hiphockanoway, and three others, “Indian Sachimakers,” 196. Indian deed, Dec. 16, 1689. For a tract in Monmouth County, from the N. W. line of the Middletownmen’s land at Doctor s Creek, running into Crosswicks Creek, over three branches of Assinpick (Assinpinck) Creek.

Hippoquonow, Indian Sachamar. Indian deed, June I, 1709, to John Johnson, of New York City, George Willocks, John Van Home, Garret Van Home and Abraham Van Home, of New York city, merchants, for lands on the east side of Crosswicks Creek. Witness Lawicowighe. E. J. Deeds, Lib. I, p. 234.

Hiton. See Alpoongan.

Hoaham and Quenelowmon, sachems, 156. Indian deed, Nov. 4, 1702. For tract from and along Rockie Brook to and along Milston River as far as David Lyell’s and Senpink.

Hoaken and two others, 278. Indian deed, Sept. 12, 1697. For “one barrel of cider, five poynts of rum, two shillings.” All the tract on Manasquan River, adjoining Richard Hartshorne.

Hockan Gapee used to live (prior to 1758) on the east side of the post road to Amboy, between Allentown and Millstone Brook. Penn. Archives, III., 345.

Hoeham and four others, Sackimackers, 422. Indian deed, April 9, 1688. To Adlord Bowde, on behalf of Govr Daniel Coxe, for tract on the North branch of the Raritan, down said branch to the road from Delaware Falls to New York, S. to Thomas Budd’s line, over the Stony Hills on the E. side of Milstone River, thence N. W. and S. W. to beginning.

Hoham, Teptaomun and other Sackimackers, 422. Indian deed, March 30, 1688. To Adlord Bowde, for Governor Daniel Coxe, for tract on Shabbicunck Creek on the road to New York, three miles from Falls of Dellaware River (Trenton), N. along Thomas Budd, past Menapenason to the mouth of Laocolon Creek above Mecokin’s Wigwam, thence down along the Dellaware to 2 miles above the Falls Mills, thence E. to Shabbictmck Creek.

Homeyquoan, Homeyquoaw. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun.

Hooham. Indian deed, Nov. 28, 1701. See Wiequahila.

Hopaijock, George. Power of attorney, Feb. 23, 1758. See Teedyescunk.

Houghamc, 168. Indian deed, July 25, 1689. See Auspeakan.

Hughon and Lumoseecon, Sachems, 143. Indian deed, May 8, 1689. For a tract between Cranberry brook and Milston River, York road and Thomas Budd.


Personal Names Of Indians Of New Jersey, By William Nelson, 1904, The Paterson History Club, Paterson, N. J.

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