New Jersey Indians – E Surnames

Echkamare, an Indian of Sussex county, cir. 1715-40. See Ambehoes.

Edgaques, Etgaqui. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow.

Egohohoun, Chief of the Muncies, Lapink, Nepeas, Mechekamee, Cockalalaman, Lawykaman, Tutalayo, Kanashalees, Homeyquoaw, Beoppo, Pemattase, Quaquenow, Awquawaton, Chief of the Opings or Pomptons, Wettanesseck, Wayweenhunt, and Quiasecament. Signed Homeyquoan, Beoppo, Pemattase, Quaquenow, Awquawaton, Wettanesseck, Wayqueenhunt, Ouiasecamont, Egshohoun, Lapink, Nepeas, Mechekamee, Cockalalaman, Lawyhaman, Tutalayo, Kanashalees. Indian indenture made at Easton, Pa., Oct. 23, 1758, to Gover nor Bernard and Commissioners of New Jersey, for all the rights of the Minnisink or Munsie, and the Oping or Pompton Indians. “The Mingoes or United Nations have permitted their nephews said Minnisink or Munsie and the said Oping or Pompton Indians to settle on their lands on the branches of the Susquehanna and elsewhere, to which they have for their better convenience removed, and to convey the northern part of New Jersey.” Witnesses (among others): Segehsadon or Tagashata, “the Seneca Chief or Sachern who spoke at the present treaty, and Tokahoyo a Cayuga, Chief and Speaker at the Treaty, Thomas King an Oneida Chief, who spoke at this Treaty in behalf of the five younger nations.” E. J. Deeds, Lib. 12, p. 89. See Smith’s N. J., 445, 453.

Egshohoun. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun. Also written Egotchowen. See Smith’s N. J., 465-

Ekinerchin, Eckenerehim, 17. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow. (Perhaps the same as Encheim, which see, below.)

Elalie, 141. Indian deed, Oct. 29, 1701. See Tallquapie.
Emerus, Sachem of Navesinks. Indian deed, September 14, 1677. See Canackamack.

Emoros, Emeros. Indian deed, June 18, 1675. See Pewropa.

Emris, 66. Indian deed, Aug. 22, 1681. See Abozaweramud.

(The three names just given are evidently the same, though differing slightly in form. The lands conveyed were in the same general region.)

Encheim, 2. Indian deed, March 28, 1651. “Mattano, his brother Neckaoch and brother-in-law Encheim.” For tract opposite Staten Island, south of Raritan river, westerly to the Great Creek or Wakonabeck.

Enequete, 395. Indian deed, Sept. 10, 1677. “Poanto alias Enequete” and four others, “Indian Sackamackers,” for “the land along Dellaware River between Rankokus Creek on the north, and Timber Creek on the south.” See Katamas.

Ensanckes. Indian deed, cir. June 3, 1631. See Queskakons.

Eramky. Indian deed, September 14, 1677. See Canackamack.

Eriwoneck, “king of forty men” on Pennsawkin River. Beauchamp Plantagenet s “New Albion,” 20.

Eschapous (or Eschapouse) and three others, 51. Indian deed, Oct. 17, 1681. To Cornelius Longfeild, south side of Raritan. (New Brunswick.) Another deed, Feb. 26, 1683-4, page 57, from same to same, for land similarly situated.

Escharck and three others, 51. Indian deed, Oct. 17, 1 68 1. See Eschapous.

Escharecek and three others, 5. Indian deed, Feb. 26, 1683-4. See Eschapous.

Eschereck and two others. Indian deed, April 20, 1682. To Cornelius Longfeild, for a tract on the west side of the Roundaboute and running up South river. (Near New Brunswick.)

The three names just given are evidently variants of the same name. Another form, doubtless, is Isarick, which see, on p. 22.

Eshokey. Indian deed, June 4, 1687. See Mecoppy.

Etgaqui. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Edgaques.

Et-hoe. Indian deed, 25th of 4th mo., 1683. See Shawk-a-nun.

Etthunt, Ethoe, 573. “Shochanam and Etthunt, Indians,” 20th d. 6th mo. 1681. To Henry Jenjngs, for about 300 acres next to Jacob Young’s, on a little Creek. (Salem.)


Personal Names Of Indians Of New Jersey, By William Nelson, 1904, The Paterson History Club, Paterson, N. J.

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