Land selected and occupied by deceased registered Delaware and now in possession of their descendant

December 31, 1903

The following described land of the Cherokee Nation is hereby segregated as the Delaware segregation of said nation, in accordance with section 23 of the Cherokee agreement (Public—No. 241), approved by the President July 1, 1902, and ratified by the Cherokee Nation August 7, 1902; and this list is in substitution or amendment of any other list or lists which have heretofore been considered by the Commission in connection with said Delaware segregation.

NOTE: After you find your ancestor listed on this page, you should take the the Card Number, put OS (Old Settler or Old Series) in front of the number and go to the Final Roll Database and search there.

NoRegister No.SurnameGiven NameMiddle NameTotal Acres
2651Collup pe now160.00
3377Wen ge pah ke coho160.00
10238Big JohnJames160.00
1557Kat pick see160.00

Exhibit B

The following described land in the list of land filed with the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes December 10, 1902, and amended January 23, 1903, by Walter S. Logon, claiming to be the attorney of the Delaware Indians, is found, as indicated below, from the Commission’s records to be claimed or occupied by Cherokee citizens, as per Commission’s citizenship cards, and who are not Delaware, or listed as such upon citizenship cards of the Commission.


Township 19 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian

Card NoSectionSurnameGiven NameMiddleAcres
Cher 4938Section 1PriceLooneyD.14.98

Township 20 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian

Cher 5329Section 25ThomasJamesH.30.00
Cher 4849Section 25ArcherJohn20.00
Cher 4938Section 36PriceLooneyD.30.00
Cher 4986Section 36CrutchfieldJosephine10.00

Township 22 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian

Cher 4429Section 13PerrySamuel20.00
Cher 619Section 23WhiteThomas50.00
Cher 4429Section 23PerrySamuel30.00
Cher 4429Section 24PerrySamuel70.00
Cher 4344Section 24TiblowWilliamS.130.00
Cher 4935Section 26WaldenWilliamL.130.00
Cher 4330Section 26BushyheadTyner80.00
Township 25 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 2476Section 13DanielsGeorge40.00
Cher 4244Section 14ParksCharles80.00
Township 26 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4205Section 1JohnstoneWilliam30.00
Cher 4205Section 12JohnstoneWilliam80.00
Cher 4230Section 13LannomHaroldD.40.00
Cher 4205Section 24JohnstoneWilliam20.00
Cher 4244Section 24ParksCharles20.00
Cher 4244Section 25ParksCharles10.00
Cher D-584Section 25AdkinsAndrewC.30.00
Cher 4291Section 25ThorntonAnna20.00
Cher 1252Section 25StathamCleoB.40.00
Township 27 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4326Section 1BartlesJacobH.140.00
Cher 4326Section 12BartlesJacobH.30.00
Cher 4303Section 12StokesJamesH.200.00
Cher 4303Section 13StokesJamesH.340.00
Cher 4326Section 13BartlesJacobH.50.00
Cher 4303Section 24StokesJamesH.80.00
Cher 4306Section 25CarrNelsonF.170.00
Cher D-1266Section 25RequaJamesH.150.00
Cher D-1266Section 35RequaJamesH.40.00
Cher D-1266Section 36RequaJamesH.40.00
Cher 6199Section 36RogersWilliamC.40.00
Township 28 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 2528Section 24DohertyRobertE.20.00
Cher 5599Section 25OwenRobertL.10.00
Cher 5599Section 26OwenRobertL.50.12
Cher 5599Section 35OwenRobertL.10.00
Cher 5599Section 36OwenRobertL.30.00
Township 29 North, Range 12 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5599Section 13OwenRobertL.119.25
Cher 7298Section 13WilleyWorcester30.00
Cher 4448Section 13HollandWilliamG.10.00
Cher 5599Section 24OwenRobertL.230.00
Cher 7298Section 24WilleyWorcester40.00
Cher 855Section 24HollandWilliamG.20.00
Cher 5599Section 25OwenRobertL.350.00
Cher 2652Section 25MooreWilliam20.00
Cher 855Section 25HollandNoahS.190.00
Township 20 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 309Section 27WilliamsWilliamW.30.00
Cher 5154Section 27HefflefingerGreenvilleP.40.00
Cher D-406Section 28WooleyTexanna80.00
Cher 5202Section 31CrutchfieldJamesM17.67
Cher 5154Section 33HefflefingerGreenvilleP.20.00
Cher D-406Section 33WooleyTexanna40.00
Cher 5154Section 34HefflefingerGreenvilleP.40.00
Cher D-406Section 34WooleyTexanna220.00
Township 21 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4347Section 7EllisEli80.00
Cher 5152Section 7ChaneyJasper39.47
Cher 4775Section 18GibsonJohnH.60.00
Cher 3487Section 18SpybuckGeorge30.00
Cher 4329Section 19TynerJamesF.90.00
Cher D-746Section 19LordAmosW.140.00
Cher 5393Section 19BakerJohnH.80.00
Cher 4316Section 19TuckerJohnM.30.00
Cher 4329Section 20TynerJamesF.40.00
Cher 4316Section 20TuckerJohnM.100.00
Cher 6665Section 20TurnerWilliam20.00
Cher 5393Section 30BakerJohnH.50.00
Cher D-1168Section 30ChismAlice29.99
Cher D-1280Section 30ChisholmNancy39.89
Cher 4081Section 30PhillipsW.P.39.90
Cher 4081Section 31PhillipsW.P.29.79
Cher D-1280Section 31ChisholmNancy49.55
Cher 3331Section 35HalsellWilliamE.160.00
Cher 3396Section 35BlakemoreWilliamN.20.00
Township 22 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4709Section 1HalsellEdwardI.130.19
Cher 4709Section 2HalsellEdwardI.240.21
Township 23 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4652Section 35BooneAlonzoH.10.00
Cher 4709Section 35HalsellEdwardI.150.00
Cher 4709Section 36HalsellEdwardI.160.00
Cher 4652Section 36BooneAlonzoH.10.00
Township 23 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4326Section 22BartlesJacobH.150.00
Township 25 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 454 FreedmanSection 1FieldsJeta40.00
Cher 4642Section 9RossWilliamP.240.00
Cher 4294Section 16MorrisonEllenC.60.00
Cher 4271Section 16KeelerGeorgeB.70.00
Cher 4294Section 16MorrisonGeorgeT.70.00
Cher 2192Section 17MeaslesThomas80.00
Cher 4315Section 17KeelerWilliam120.00
Cher 4294Section 17MorrisonRobertT.40.00
Cher 4205Section 18JohnstoneWilliam120.00
Cher 10052Section 18BronsonMyronL.210.00
Cher 9933Section 18SeullawlWilliam80.23
Cher 4294Section 18MorrisonRobertT.20.00
Cher 4315Section 20KeelerWilliam280.00
Cher 1155Section 20ClayRachel40.00
Cher D-887Section 22MartinJesse200.00
Cher D-705Section 22BrownLettie80.00
Cher D-705Section 22BrownHoward80.00
Cher D-887Section 22MartinOsa120.
Cher 9331Section 31MoseReese80.00
Cher 9331Section 31MoseThomas80.00
Cher D-2558Section 31JimJohn70.00
Cher D-2558Section 31JimCharles40.00
Township 26 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher D-987 FreedmanSection 4HazelrigGeorge30.00
Cher 4326Section 6BartlesJacobH.121.22
Cher 4145Section 6DavenportJamesM.40.00
Cher D-1100 FreedmanSection 6BeckNelson10.00
Cher 10328Section 6GuthrieJacob81.01
Cher D-1100 FreedmanSection 8BeckNelson40.00
Cher 949 FreedmanSection 9VannEttie20.00
Cher D-804 FreedmanSection 15RoseWilliam140.00
Cher 3545Section 18GuthrieJames81.01
Cher 4255Section 19KeysLee82.80
Cher 4291Section 30ThorntonAnna142.37
Cher 4291Section 31ThorntonAnna82.10
Cher 4072Section 31SuageeJoel150.00
Cher 4265Section 31BennettHuldah40.00
Cher 1236Section 32McCoyJamesL.40.00
Cher 4072Section 32SuageeJoel120.00
Cher 4265Section 32BennettHuldah50.00
Township 27 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 4327Section 2GibsonAllenH.80.00
Cher 4327Section 3GibsonAllenH.60.00
Cher 3168Section 4FlynnMarthaE.110.96
Cher 4207Section 6BivensDavid60.00
Cher 4326Section 6BartlesJacobH.100.00
Cher 4326Section 7BartlesJacobH.364.87
Cher 4223Section 8FieldsRichardM.100.00
Cher 9998Section 9MillerRufus110.00
Cher 4321Section 9NorwoodAndrewH.20.00
Cher 4327Section 10GibsonAllenH.60.00
Cher 9998Section 10MillerRufus140.00
Cher 4327Section 11GibsonAllenH.20.00
Cher 4327Section 11GibsonAllenH.180.00
Cher 9998Section 15MillerRufus50.00
Cher 2788Section 15DixonHeirs10.00
Cher 9998Section 16MillerRufus80.00
Cher 4321Section 16NorwoodAndrewH.170.00
Cher 4223Section 16FieldsRichardM.10.00
Cher 4293Section 16OverleesFrankM.300.00
Cher 4231Section 16JohnsonJohnH.20.00
Cher 4223Section 17FieldsRichardM.80.00
Cher 4326Section 18BartlesJacobH.163.53
Cher 4221Section 21JohnsonJohnH.80.00
Cher 4321Section 21NorwoodAndrewH.40.00
Cher 2788Section 21DixonHeirs20.00
Cher 2788Section 22DixonHeirs40.00
Cher 1252Section 24StathamAsaC.140.00
Cher 1252Section 25StathamAsaC.70.00
Cher 4294Section 25MorrisonRobert20.00
Cher 4978Section 27MusgroveWilliam20.00
Cher 3308Section 27KnightMorrisF.10.00
Cher 3308Section 28KnightMorrisF.30.00
Cher 4321Section 28NorwoodAndrewH.40.00
Cher D-859Section 29DanielsAndrew20.00
Cher 4206Section 29CarrNelsonF.20.00
Cher 3308Section 29KnightMorrisF.20.00
Cher 4206Section 30CarrNelsonF.70.00
Cher 4236Section 31RogersWilliamG.60.00
Cher 4206Section 31CarrNelsonF.80.00
Cher 4236Section 31RogersWilliamG.92.55
Cher 4326Section 31BartlesJacobH.30.00
Cher 3308Section 32KnightMorrisF.30.00
Cher 4236Section 32RogersWilliamG.60.00
Cher 5288Section 32HamiltonJamesM.60.00
Cher 4293Section 32OverleesFrankM.20.00
Cher 3308Section 33KnightMorrisF.30.00
Cher 1100 FreedmanSection 34BeckNelson10.00
Township 28 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 836 FreedmanSection 3PattersonFrances70.00
Cher 4232Section 4BellSidneyE.37.90
Cher 4321Section 4NorwoodAndrewH.80.00
Cher 4321Section 5NorwoodAndrewH.180.00
Cher 4321Section 9NorwoodAndrewH.20.00
Cher 4309Section 9StocktonClara20.00
Cher 3335Section 10ShawSusie150.00
Cher 1036 FreedmanSection10DicksonJulia120.00
Cher 3369Section 11DunnAlex220.00
Cher 4230Section 12LannomHaroldD.20.00
Cher 632Section 14WatersGeorgeA.80.00
Cher 632Section 15WatersGeorgeA.40.00
Cher 2528Section 19DohertyRobert11.48
Cher 7798Section 19WilleyWorcester54.23
Cher 4231Section 23HarrellMary140.00
Cher 4310Section 24DancerMyrtle40.00
Cher 4231Section 26HarrellMary80.00
Cher 4223Section 31FieldsRichardM.70.00
Cher 4271Section 34KeelerGeorgeB.10.00
Cher 4507Section 36CourtsSarahE.90.00
Township 29 North, Range 13 East, Indian Meridian
Cher 5599Section 16OwenRobertL.30.00
Cher 5599Section 16OwenRobertL.160.00
Cher 4954Section 18McKayWilliam16.58
Cher 5599Section 18OwenRobertL.504.01
Cher 5599Section 19OwenRobertL.600.44
Cher 5599Section 20OwenRobertL.530.00
Cher 4232SectionBellSidneyE.140.00
Cher 5599Section 21OwenRobertL.460.00
Cher 4349Section 21ReedAndrew40.00
Cher 4297Section 21GoodmanWilliamF.10.00
Cher 4349Section 27ReedAndrew90.00
Cher 4349Section 28ReedAndrew200.00
Cher 5599Section 28OwenRobertL.40.00
Cher 5599Section 30OwenRobertL.384.20
Cher 4232Section 31BellSidneyE.10.00
Cher 4271Section 32KeelerGeorgeB.30.00
Cher 4271Section 33KeelerGeorgeB.20.00
Cher 4349Section 33ReedAndrew40.00
Cher 4297Section 34GoodmanWilliamF.220.00
Cher 4349Section 34ReedAndrew20.00

Allotment of Lands to Delaware Indians, 58th Congress, 2nd Session, Senate, No.104, 1904

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