Indian Education at Hampton and Carlisle

Group of Indian Young men after Education
Group of Indian Young men after Education

There are many, no doubt, who will smile at the title of this article, much as if it had read, ” Education for Buffaloes and Wild Turkeys.” Such, however, will be likely to read it, as others will from a more sympathetic stand-point. For it is evident that, from one stand point or another, public interest is excited upon the Indian question now as perhaps never before.

With the opening up of the country, and the disappearance of the game before the settler’s axe and locomotive whistle-to say nothing of treaty ” reconstruction” and Indian wars-the conditions of, the Indian himself have radically altered, and perhaps not in all respects for the worse, since the shrewd Saponi sachem declined William and Mary’s classical course for his young braves, because it would not improve them in deer-stalking or scalp-lifting, but, not to be outdone in graciousness, offered instead to bring up the Royal Commissioners’ sons in his own wigwam, and “make men of them.”


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