Genealogy of the Cherokee Thompson Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

4Morgan West.     Finley
5Charles West*
1112536415Jefferson Starnes. Ruth Gott and Margaret Sevenstar
2John Starnes. Nettie Jeffries, Elizabeth Duffey and Almira Johnson
3Lillie Starnes. Lindsey Wallace
4Margaret Starnes. Ira Creach
1112538415Mary Williamson. William E. Greenleaf
1112633415Elizabeth Riley* McCoy Smith
1112634415Addie Riley. James Kyle
2Nelson Riley*
3Charles Riley*
1112635415Octavia Maxfield. Richard Riley Bertholf
2Ida Verona Maxfield. James Harvey Lindsey
3Lillie Maxfield. Claude Hanks McDaniel
1112636415Nannie Amanda Riley. John Lee Lamb
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