Genealogy of the Cherokee Hildebrand Family

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11 John Hildebrand. _____and Susannah Womancatcher
1112 Michael Hildebrand. Nannie Martin
2 Peter Hildebrand. Elizabeth Harlan
OK 3 George Hildebrand. Susannah Graves
4 John Hildebrand. Micatiah Terrapin
5 Sarah Hildebrand. Blackcoat and Youngwolf
6 Nannie Hildebrand. Hiram McCreary
7 David Hildebrand. Elizabeth McCarty
8 Mary Hildebrand. ______Hambright and Daniel Hafer
9 Elizabeth Hildebrand. ____Coody
121113 Elizabeth Hildebrand. James Pettit and Robert Armstrong
2 John Hildebrand  Nicey and Annie Wasp
3 Jennie Hildebrand. Joseph Cooksan
4 Margaret Hildebrand. John Catron
5 Delilah Hildebrand. Jesse McLain
6 Elizabeth Hildebrand. Joshua Kilpatrick
7 Stephen Hildebrand  Mary Potts  Mary beck
8 Rachel Hildebrand  Reese T. Mitchell

A25. Peter Hildebrand, born May 10, 1782 in Germany. Married Elizabeth Harlan, born August 15, 1793. She died September 19, 1826. He was one of the Captains of Emigrant detachments in 1838-39 and located on Flint Creek where he operated a saw, turning and grist mill. He died on December 11, 1851.

A62. Sarah Hildebrand was born on November 26, 1788. She married Blackcoat. By an act of the council at Piney on Piney Creek, Arkansas Cherokee Nation, on September 11, 1824, it was provided that “the Executive Department of the Cherokee Government shall consist of three persons, that is, a First Chief, a Second Chief, and a Third or minor Chief, which chiefs shall serve for a term of four years from the date of their appointment, and the First and Second Chiefs shall receive a salary of one hundred dollars annually, and the Third or minor Chief, sixty dollars.” 2

At that time the Cherokees were often at war with neighboring tribes and their country was not healthy and one or two of the chiefs might die or be killed within a few days of each other and for that reason three chiefs were elected.

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  1. I guess I should thank you for pulling Native American history together and getting it more right than our history books. However, there is so much information here that you have gotten wrong information or confused tribal information in some cases.

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