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Guion Miller Roll

The Guion Miller Roll index includes the names of all persons applying for compensation arising from the judgment of the United States Court of Claims on May 28, 1906, for the Eastern Cherokee tribe. While numerous individuals applied, not all the claims were allowed. The information included on the index is the application number, the name of the applicant, and the State or Territory in which the individual resided at the time the application was filed. The name being there does not mean the person was admitted.  You will need to order a copy of the application from the National Archives to determine that information. Information is found at the bottom of this page.

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How to Order Copies

To order copies of the Guion Miller Roll applications, you must submit a completed NATF Form 83 which includes the individual’s name and application number. A separate form must be completed for each file you wish copied. To order an NATF Forms 83. You may also Order Individual Records online for a fee of $17.50.  Orders take about 56-70 calendar days.


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13 thoughts on “Guion Miller Roll”

  1. Jonathan Righetti

    Hello, I am trying to find out about my great grandmother Pearl. I believe her full name would have been Roseanna Pearl Johnson Herrmann. I believe she was Cherokee but would like to confirm this. She was married to my great grandfather Harry Eric Herrmann and they lived in Perth Amboy New Jersey. Thank you any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Searching for information for my GG grandmother. I have a picture of her and she is American Indian. No doubt. We have been told she is Cherokee. Her name -Mary E. Routen (routon). born 1846-1847 in Kentucky.Married Andrew T. Madole, and seems to have lived in Potawatomi county (Burnett) oklahoma. Her siblings were born in MO, which makes me think they were traveling to oklahoma through KY and MO. I have not found her on any rolls. The story is her husband would not let her, and she is listed as white on the census. She had 15 children i believe, one of her sons , my G grandfather is James A. Madole, married Lula Potts , son Lucian E. Madole is my grandfather. I guess i could go to the Potawatomi county records? Just not sure where to go. Thank you.

  3. Rhonda Henson Spurling

    Awesome information, I just cant find mine. Henson I have so much history and many pointing to which GG parent was Cherokee, more G mothers suggested than g fathers. My line is Henson, Cash, McKinzie. I am stuck on Lazarus Henson as there are so many. 7 Henson bros married 7 Holder sisters, and apparently each one named a son Lazarus. Mine would include names Nancy Cash, 3rd g g mo. Sarah Black Mckinzie, 4th, Tennessee(Tennie) Smith 2nd. but cant tell which Laz is mine. We have followed trails from Tn to Ga and dates didnt match. But I do have land grants and citizenship, census, in Tn. In Ga the county lines were moved.. Interesting but I found a Philip Henson in Blount Co Al. in Google under Union Spies of the Confederacy, .His Fa was Indian agent in Tn. and all this is in Britanica…Is there any inquiries about any Hensons, Cash(Johnny Cash 3rd g g Mo also). I wold love to share info. My friend Gail Jenkins is author of most all info found.. Thank You for any sugg.

  4. I am searching for my Great Great Grandfather and Great Great Grandmother. His name was W G Weaver I was told he was a Cherokee Chief. He married Martha Evelyn Field or Fields who was Chocktaw. They have one daughter Minnie Elnorah Weaver. Any information would be helpful

  5. Needing information on Mary Ann (Beck) Abercrombie abt 1765-1852. She married James Abercrombie 1765-1820, married abt 1793. Mary was also Cherokee. Mary and James was my 4xggrandparents. Mary was James second wife. He was first married to Nancy Crumley. I was looking for Mary Anns parents. I believe that her father was named John Jeffrey Beck. He was Cherokee. Some reports say he was a Chief. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!! God Bless and Thank You!!!
    Also, Im needing information on Esther Stallcup 1857-1946. She was my mothers grandmother and she was full blood Indian. My Mom said she didnr know alot of English therefore couldnt really speak much of it. Mom says that her Grandma was raised by a white family because her parents were killed. Any information would be appreciated!!!!!

  6. My forefathers were rejected Has this tragic abandonment been reversed yet? I am a descendent of Jasper N Vann great great grandfather and John Henry Vann my g grandfather wife was Fronia C Golston. They were from the Cherokee Nation. Fronia s Dad was also Cherokee. Rolls state both Jasper and John Henry Vann never enrolled. Have document from Jasper Vann1 + Vann III that they were enrolled but rejected for not being enrolled??? My Dad was very proud of this relationship of family. My Dad, his parents and great grandparents were denied exceptance. They are all Blood CHEROKEES. Please respond Would like to be able to say I kept my promise with a card. Thank you

    1. This is not information coming from the TRIBE. This is a Genealogical site, that is put the information here to help in your search. Most of these questions would need to be directed to the actual Tribe, not a Genealogy site. 🙂

  7. Hi! I’m researching my family history so I can learn about my lineage and culture. I’ve traced what I hope is a lot to the point of my family moving to FL. I was wondering if any Northern Cherrokkee members were known to move to IT in Florida.
    Thank You!

  8. Hello. My name is Barbara. I’ve been working on family tree and trying to get death records for the years 1860-1890 Benton County,Arkansas. Also, vital records for 1800-1860 Georgia and South Carolina. I’m not having any luck because the courthouses were destroyed by fires or tornado. My Mother is an Abercrombie and she’s always wanted to get her Indian card. So…I’ve been trying to help her. She’s 92 years old and the last original (kin folk says) of the Abercrombie clan from James and Mary Ann Abercrombie. Her 3 or 4x grandmother was full blood Cherokee on that side (which was her father’s side) and on her mother’s side, Esther (Easter) Stallcup Abercrombie was full blood Cherokee, which she was my Mother’s grandmother and my great grandmother. Hope all this is making sense. Anyway, if you have any ideas on how I can get these vital record, I would appreciate your input! Looking forward to hearing from you with good news! God bless and thank you!!!!!!

  9. I am searching for any information on Mary Ann Byrd who married Stephen Lankford. She was born in South Carolina about 1800 and died in Telephone, Texas in 1870 where she is buried. She is my husband’s 2nd great grandmother and the story in the family is that she was Cherokee Indian. I need proof that she was Native American. I don’t know who her parents were or anything about her except who she married. If anyone has any info or leads on this, I will really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your help.

    1. Check with the Mobile and Washington County Band of Choctaw Indians. They are descended from the Cherokee Nation and were one of the subject families of the Stevens v. Cherokee Nation Supreme Court decision in their favor in 1899 which struck the Indian Citizenship Courts and held that all Indians of the Five Civilized Tribes were effectively communal owners in all lands East and West of the Mississippi. Even though Citizenship in a particular “Nation” may be excluded by whichever constitution in question.

      Darby Weaver
      The Tribal Leader

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