1924 Baker Roll

The final roll of the Eastern Cherokee, prepared by United States Agent Fred A. Baker, pursuant to an act of the 68th Congress, (43 stat., 376), June 4, 1924. Before preparation of this roll, the Act required that all land, money, and other property of the Tribe be transferred to the United States for final disposition. Termination of the Tribe as a government and political entity was the ultimate goal. After termination efforts failed, the Tribe continued to use the 1924 Baker Roll as its base roll. Descendants of those persons of the original Baker Roll are enrolled on the Baker Revised Roll, providing they meet the membership requirements of the Tribe.

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  1. My grand-mothers name was Willa Mae Glenn, she was 1/2 Cherokee and I am trying to find out if she was listed on the Barker Roll of 1924. My Mother’s name was Jean Glenn, born in 1927. I am trying to find out if we were registered with the Eastern Band of Cherokee.

  2. Angella Campbell

    Is there a reason why my ancestors appear on the 1906 Guion Miller rolls but not on the 1924 Baker Roll?

    1. A multitude of reasons comes to mind. If your ancestors was still alive in 1924, then your ancestor likely wasn’t the one mentioned in the 1906 Guion Miller roll, though they may have had the same name. A common mistake in people claiming Native heritage. Another possibility is your ancestor lost contact with the tribe they belonged to after 1906 and . It’s also possible that your ancestor if they were on the 1906 Guion Miller Roll then lost their status as a tribal citizen when further evidence proved their initial application as false. Without knowing the particulars of your ancestor, and the alleged 1906 Guion Miller Roll claimant, it would be impossible to give a specific answer.

  3. My 2X grandma was Laura Haynes (Miller ), she was said to be Cherokee by Blood, She lived in Everidge, Choctaw County, Oklahoma. She was born in 1854, married CG Haynes in 1873 in Lamar County, Texas. I found a Laura Haynes listed on the 1928 final Baker Rolls with a number beside name 1456. , not sure how to proceed, any assistance would be appreciated. Rod Haynes

  4. Adrienne Campbell-Holt

    My 5x great-grandfather “Chief Crane Eater” James Keith is on the 1880 Cherokee census with the affiliation “Flint” – what does that mean? I know he was born in South Carolina and died in Cass County, Georgia. He had 5 children, but I’m having trouble finding them and my other ancestors on any Cherokee rolls. Any advice?
    I visited family on the Cherokee Res in NC in the late 1980s but Im now estranged from them and was a child, so don’t know their names.
    Is this lineage too far back to register with the Cherokee Nation?

    1. Flint district Cherokee nation, Oklahoma it was basically the southern most district. The bell ranch was in the flint district.

  5. I am looking for records for my great-grandmother, Ethel M. Allman, who was full-blooded Cherokee. I could not find her on the 1924 Baker Roll and believe she may be part of the Western Cherokee Tribes rather than the Eastern Cherokee Tribes. Any help finding her records would be appreciated.

  6. My grandfather name is Nathaniel Jenkins lived in savannah he is full blood Cherokee Indian my grandmother Arizona Thornton was Jenkins is full blood Indian but I don’t know what tribe she’s from it will be great if anyone can help me I’m trying to discover my native American roots thank you so much and if anybody need help I can do my best to help you let’s help each other

    1. Have you tried using the information you have on Nathaniel to see if he ever had a Common law marriage certificate? You’d need to have specific information on Nathaniel. DOB, County of Birth and whether or not he had an SSN. If you don’t know any of that then you would need to know what band of Cherokee he was from? Eastern/Western.. You could then search the rolls for his name and get more info that way and that could lead you to her information by finding his information.

  7. Trying to find my ancestors. All I know is my great grandmother was said to be full blooded Cherokee Indian. Her name is Carrie Jordan and her brother was Henry Jordan. I think they came from Georgia and I do know they are buried in conecuh county al. She is my father’s grandma. She died in 1927 I believe and I do have a pic of her. Can anyone help me . I would love to find out more info on my family.

  8. My 5x g grandmother is Brule Woman, 4x Mourning Flowers, 3x g grandfather William Mansell, 2x William Mansel, g grandfather Robert George Mansell, grandfather William Harley Mansell, mother Susiella Mansell, me..Lydia McClendon Wilson.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you…Lydia Wilson

  9. My great grandmother is on the Rolls and all of her Children Sarah Johnson, my grandfather on Dad , also from Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Kansas was bought a home that only allowed Indians to purchase in Kansa City, Kansas. Please help me to find my Indian Heritage

  10. It has been said that there in Indian blood in my family. Josephine Fox, Joseph Bartlett, from North Carolina, and Narcissus Bruce, Masscena Harrison from Glassy Mountain, South Carolina, then moved to Buncombe County, North Carolina. I have not found any information to see if this is true, but my mother had high cheek bones and black brown eyes and when she spent time in the sun she became very tan and did not burn.

    1. I am trying to find any information on my grandmother. Her name was Eleanor Edith Freshwater from West Virginia born in 1932. She passed away in 1978 in New Orleans. Her parents were Howard Freshwater and Edith Virginia Hawk. They were born in 1902 & 1901. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Destiny Hanley

  11. Looking for Ebinezer Reddick family , my great great grandfather was named Ebinezer Rudick , the last name was spelled Ruddick , Redick , rudick Reddick in all the record,s was said his wife was full Cherokee came west on the Tral of Tears wife may have died on the Trail of Tears Ebinezer stop at Pea Ridge Arkansas , because there where Rudick,s his kin there. The Ruddick farm is now part of the Pea Ridge Battle Field for more info go to The Rudick Family Thank you John

  12. L arue hamilton

    I am trying to trace whether Oscar B Ollar or Leona )Lona) Decker Ollar had a roll number. Oscar was born in Cameron ok. His parents were from Arkansas via Kentucky. Born 1872 died 1944, Lona was born 1894 died 1963.

  13. Michael Collins

    When searching for your lineage, be prepared to search every list not just what you think might be the location. Most lists are detailed fir a given geographical region yet people were relocating in order to survive, they might be listed while in transit through other areas not considered. Keep searching it can take a very long time to find your lineage, I found mine but because of a photo from a museum in Missouri, check out possible names, but possible locations but look on a map during the time period, something might give you direction toward solution. My father’s mother’s father’s father was an immigrant named Philip E Jehle-Romanov between 1880 & 1887 immigrated to Missouri from Russia he was 64% Russian and was a Tsar, I am now searching for others to locate their list history. I am retired but know how to find needles in an ocean my time is infinite and I enjoy solving mysteries.

    1. Carol J Nunley Long

      4x g grandfather Jeremiah Evans
      fought in Georgia in 1776. He married Sarah Sallie Davis they lived in Roane county Tennessee before the removal and moved to NW Ark known as old settlers. My2x g grandmother married Anthony Anderson in Cassville Mo in 1837. I can’t find any info on them.Please help

  14. im trying to find my great grandmother I know she came from the trail of tears to Asheville her name was ray my grandfather name oliver l. godfrey wish I could find out something

    1. My family is Godfrey grandfather Henry W. Godfrey from around waxhaw NC. Not sure if a relation exists but rumored in the family that we had native roots. Maybe can help not sure.

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