E- Alabama Indian Villages, Towns and Settlements

Native American villages and towns in Alabama that start with the letter E, along with a brief description.

A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Emussa (imúsa, ‘affluent’, ‘tributary’). Mentioned as a Lower Creek town formerly on lower Chattahooche r., Henry co., Ala., 2 m. above Wikaiva, near the junction of Omussee cr., with 20 inhabit ants in 1820. It seems to be equally probable that the settlement, which is not mentioned by early writers, composed of Yamasi, from whom it derived its name.

Eufaula. A former Upper Creek town on Eufaula cr., 5 or 6 m. s. of the present town of Talladega, Ala.

Eufaula. A former Upper Creek town on the w. bank of Tallapoosa r., near the site of the present Dadeville, Tallapoosa co., Ala.

Eufaula. A former Lower Creek town on the w. bank of Chattahoochee r., in Henry co., Ala.

Eufaula. A former Lower Creek town on the E. bank of Chattahoochee r., 15 m. below Sawokli, Quitman Co., Ga. In 1799 a portion of its inhabitants settled at several points downstream as far as the mouth of Flint r.; the settlements here made also became known as Eufaula.

Eufaula. A town of the Creek Nation on the s. side of Deep fork of Canadian r., near Ocmulgee, Ind. T.

Eufaula. Formerly a town, now a city, of the Creek Nation, near the mouth of North fork of Canadian r, on the Mo., Kans. and Tex. R. R., Ind. T.


Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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