Creek Indian Agent Letter

Washington, June 3, 1868.

SIR: Referring to the letter of May 20, 1868, from E. B. French, Second Auditor, with accompanying papers, which I have this day seen, I would request that copies be made from the lists including the members of the First Regiment Indian Home Guards, with all information therein contained, that I may inform the Creek people interested.

I note that in nearly every case of payments made, there are arrears of pay, which were found due the claimants. I have to ask whether such arrears of pay were paid to J. W. Wright, and if so, whether at the same time with bounties? If in any instances arrears are still due claimants, that it be placed in my hands for payment to proper persons.

In my original request to your office, I also asked a tabular statement of all moneys due or paid to orphans or heirs for pensions due deceased or disabled soldiers. It is important that this information should be furnished.

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At my agency I am constantly harassed by inquiries from different claimants respecting the situation of their claim.

They conceive it my duty to know all concerning their business with the Government. It does to me seem proper that in these cases I should be informed of all payments made to their attorney in order that their rights may be protected.

This is dictated from no desire to cast suspicion upon any person or persons, but to satisfy the inquiries and demands of the Creek people.

Very respectfully,
United States Agent for Creek Indians.
Acting Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Washington, D. C., August 17, 1868.
SIR: The undersigned delegates beg leave to state that many of their people who served in the Federal Army during the late war, and have due them arrears, pay, bounty, &c., and heirs of such as have died, are constantly complaining to their chiefs of the delay of payment of their dues. The undersigned were, among other things, instructed to ask that a full statement of payments that have been made to them or their agents, be made and furnished them. They would also state that it is very inconvenient for their people to be obliged to go to Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, for their pay, and ask that future payments be made to their people in their own country.

And as the undersigned are about to leave the city and return to their homes, they .ask that the statement thus made be forwarded to their chief, Colonel Samuel Chekotee, Creek agency, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.

We have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servants,

Creek Delegates.
Commissioner of Indian Affairs

Washington, D. C., January 15, 1869.
Sir: The undersigned, members of the Creek Nation of Indians, and delegated by our people who composed the first Indian regiment in the late war to investigate the matter of their bounty claims, respectfully request that the Treasury Department may furnish us with a list of all claims settled in that Department (Second Auditor’s Office) for back pay and bounties of deceased soldiers, members of the first Indian regiment; said lists to specify the name, the amount allowed, to whom the certificates were made payable, and to whom delivered, with the date and number of the certificate, and the company to which such deceased soldier belonged. We desire a list of all claims for back pay and bounties of deceased soldiers of the aforesaid regiment, which have been filed, and are suspended or not yet acted upon.

This information and data are necessary to ascertain what disposition has been made of moneys collected for bounties and back pay on account of such deceased soldier in order that the necessary steps may be taken to correct the wrongs and injustice that has been done to those to whom such claims have been allowed by the Government.

Respectfully, your obedient servants,

OK-TAR-SORS-HAJO, his XX mark.
COT-CHO-CHEE, his XX mark.
Hon. N. G. Taylor,
Commissioner of Indian Affairs.



42nd Congress. Alleged Frauds Against Certain Indian Soldiers. House of Representatives Report, 2nd Session, No. 96.

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