Biographical Sketch of W. T. Whitaker

Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of David and Mary Ann. (Bigby) Taylor was born in Cherokee County, North Carolina Oct. 18th, 1819, Married April 2, 1834 to Stephen Whitaker who was born in the same County and State on February 9, 1814.

They were the parents of William Thomas Whitaker, born February 14, 1854 in same County and State. William Thomas came to Indian Territory in 1871, remaining 4 years, returned to his native state and on April 25, 1875 married Stacy L. Hood who was born in the same county and State on May 25, 1860.

They removed to the Indian Territory under the supervision of the Government over the Cherokee’s in 1881, living about 6 months in Muskogee, moved to Chouteau living there for 5 years and moved to Pryor, Okla. in 1887.

To this Union was born James Edward, Dec. 25, 1878, William Jerry, Sept. 8, 1881, Emma D, June 11, 1883, Maggie R. June 1, 1885, J. Charles, July 4, 1888, Ella O. August 8, 1890, Claude, February 9, 1893, Clarence May 7, 1895, Edna Mae, July 26, 1901.

James E. and William J. received their education at Male Seminary, Tahlequah, Willie Halsell College, Vinita, and Henry Kendall College, Muskogee, Okla.
William J. is also a graduate of the University Medical College of Kansas City, Mo. and was First Lieutenant M. R. C. and present County Physician.
James E. was a member of Co. D, 1st Territorial Regiment in 1898 during the Spanish American War. James E. and Wm. J. are both 32nd degree Masons and Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

James E. married Myrtle L. Ellis on Oct. 7, 1908 and to this union was born James Ellis, Sept 1, 1909, William Thomas, May 8, 1911, Lois Mae, April 2, 1913, Fleeta Eloise, Sept. 22, 1915, George Edward and Georgia Elizabeth (twins) April 10, 1917 and Myrtle Lorine, December 12, 1920.

William J. married Lois Waldrup August 4, 1911.

Emma D. married December 13, 1904, Geo. W. Collipriest and the following children were born to this union. Gertrude Ruby, Helen, Fay and Fern (twins) and James.

Maggie D. married in 1907 to James R. Lawson and to this union a son was born namely Byron.

J. Charles married on December 10, 1907 to Curtis E. Bush and to this union a son was born, name John C.

Ella O. married June 6, 1908 Dr. L. B. Barnes.

William Thomas Whitaker founded the Whitaker Orphans Home for White Orphan children of the Indian Territory in 1897 and maintained said home and cared for hundreds of Orphan children and at the time of Statehood he gave the Home to the State of Oklahoma and the Institution is now known as the East Oklahoma State School. A blessed Heritage.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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