Administrative Officers

  • Administrative Officers
    • M. Friedman Superintendent
    • Harvey K. Meyer Superintendent’s Clerk
    • Sarah A. Rice Superintendent’s Stenographer
    • John Whitwell Principal Teacher
    • August Kensler Quartermaster
    • A. R. Allen, M. D Visiting Physician
    • S. J. Nori Chief Clerk
    • Will H. Miller Banker
    • Mrs. Nellie R. Denny Manager Outing System
    • Beatrice Herman Clerk
    • Marie Lewis Assistant Clerk
  • Outing System
    • Mrs. Nellie R. Denny Manager
    • David H. Dickey Boys’ Field Agent
    • Mollie V. Gaither   Girls’ Field Agent
  • Commandants and Matrons.
    • James E. Henderson Commandant of Cadets
    • Wallace Denny   Assistant Commandant of Cadets
    • John M. Rudy Assistant Commandant of Cadets
    • Jennie L. Gaither Matron
    • Frances M. Shultz   Assistant Matron
    • Susan Zeamer. Matron of Dining Room
    • James Garlow Indian Assistant
  • Officers of Instruction.
    • Academic.
    • John Whitwell Principal Teacher
    • _______ _______Business Teacher
    • Will H. Miller Telegraphy Teacher
    • Claude M. Stauffer Director of Music
    • Mrs. Angel De Cora-Deitz Native Indian Art Teacher
    • William H. Deitz (Lone Star) Native Indian Art Teacher
    • Bessie B. Beach Librarian
    • Mrs. Emma H. Foster Departmental Teacher
    • Hattie M. McDowell Departmental Teacher
    • William W. Wyatt Departmental Teacher
    • Mrs. Mary Y. Henderson Departmental Teacher
    • Lydia E. Kaup Normal Teacher
    • Claude R. Davenport Teacher
    • Lottie Georgenson…. Teacher
    • Lida M. Johnston Teacher
    • Emma C. Lovewell Teacher
    • Adelaide B. Reichel Teacher
    • Margaret M. Sweeney Teacher
    • Lelah M. Burns Teacher
    • Martha Swormstedt Teacher
    • Sallie Hagan Teacher
  • Industrial.
    • August Kensler Quartermaster
    • Fred E. Crider Assistant Storekeeper
    • Roy Smith Instructor in Baking
    • William C. Shambaugh Instructor in Blacksmithing
    • John A. Herr Instructor in Carpentry
    • H. Gardner Assistant in Carpentry
    • ________ ________Instructor in Dairying
    • Harry F. Weber Instructor in Engineering
    • George L. Gottwerth Assistant in Engineering
    • Jacob Dewalt Assistant in Engineering
    • William B. Gray Instructor in Farming
    • Joseph P. Siebeneicher Instructor in Farming
    • Frank Veith Instructor in Horticulture and Greenhouse Work
    • Murray A. Collins Instructor in Mechanical Drawing
    • Harry B. Lamason Instructor in Masonry
    • Charles H. Carns Instructor in Painting
    • Arthur G. Brown Instructor in Printing
    • Eva Hazard Instructor in Proofreading
    • John Boltz Instructor in Shoemaking and Harnessmaking
    • William Nonast Instructor in Tailoring
    • Robert B. George Instructor in Tinsmithing
    • Martin L. Lau Instructor in Wheelwrighting
  • Hospital
    • A. R. Allen, M. D Visiting Physician
    • Resident Physician
    • Alice Guest Head Nurse
    • Mrs. Elizabeth S. Wilder Cook
    • George Foulk Teamster
  • Nonofficial Positions.
    • Glenn S. Warner Director of Athletics
    • John Goslin   Director of Physical Culture
    • Adam Nagay Secretary of Y. M. C. A.
    • Ruth Cowdry  Secretary of Y. W. C. A.

Catalogue, United States Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Carlisle Indian Press, Printed by Students, 1912.

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