1893 Peter Maytubby’s Roll

Peter Maytubby’s Roll of 1893 lists Chickasaw residents in the Choctaw Territory in 1893. The roll consists of names on loose, badly broken sheets of paper. One sheet is a letterhead of H. H. Burris, the national auditor, while another has the same heading with H. H. Burris’s name crossed out and replaced by C. D. Carter’s. This part of the roll is in precarious condition. The commission has typewritten copies of both parts of the roll, which were received in September or October 1898. The names were neither arranged alphabetically nor indexed, requiring a full examination of the list whenever the Dawes Commission referenced it. Part 1 contains 402 numbered names, part 2 contains 89 names, and there are approximately 40 additional names. I have never found an initialed or signed notation, and only in two cases have I found any explanation for the striking out of a name.

Part 2 of 1893 Peter Maytubby’s Roll

Wm. Simpson (Dead)
Ben Eyatubber
Rhoda Wachubber
Kancha himma
James Garland
Aruir Yarkansby
Salina Yarkansby
Willie Yarkansby
Mima Lauolu
Mrs. Tom Griggs
Siney Thompson
Dennis Colbert
James Colbert
Jimpson Adkins (Dead)
Wallace Benton
Eaton Muckintubbie
Fulsome McGee
Wesley James
Simon Reeds Boy
Mrs. Ellis McGee
France Hare
Chas Hare (Dead)
Mrs. Jas. Leedy
Jas. Benton (Dead)
Sallie Roberts (Dead)
Johnson Keel
G. M. Davis
John Holten
McKinnsey Holten
John Neal
Peter Maytubby
Elizzy Soffron
Soloman Goforth
Wait Nicholas
Mrs. S. W. Maytubby
Billie Colbert
Nehota Morris
Elsie Anderson

Mrs. Booker James (Dead)
Mrs. Nicholas Fraizer
Mrs. Silas James (Dead)
Roberson Huckloclubby
Delphia Butler (Dead)
Lucinda Brown (Dead)
Rachel Fraizer
Susan Seely
Bicy Durant (Dead)
Mrs. Morris Leader
John Anolotubby
Powell Walton
Joseph Ganede
Mrs. Wm. Mosely
Soloman King
Mrs. Allen Battieste
Mrs. Jackson Bliss
Ily Lyca
Isaac Greenwood
Daniel Sullivan
Winnie Bell
Betsey Bell
Boy Pybas
_____ Kernelle
Gen J. Waitman
Hettie Anderson (Dead)
Kissie Anderson
Gipson Hitcher
L. J. Eastwood
C. F. Camp
N. M. Cooper
Lyman Worcester
Gipson Colbert
Beckie Wesley
Mollie Durant
Peter Godpey
C. Love


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