1838 Oneida Indian Census

We, the undersigned Chiefs and Head Men of the Orchard Party of Oneida Indians residing at Green Bay, Wisconsin Territory, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing lists, is a just and true Census and enumeration of the number of persons belonging to said party, that is to say, Fifty-three (53) men, Fifty-two (52) women, and One hundred and one (101) children, making a total of Two hundred and six (206) souls, and that the same was taken by H. S. Baird, U. S. Commissioner, in open council, in our presence, at Duck Creek, on the 15th day of November, A. D. 1838.

Jacob Cornelius
Thomas Lodwick X (his mark)
Isaac Johnson X (his mark)
John Cooper X (his mark)
John Cornelius X (his mark).

1838 Census of the Oneida Orchard Party

1Antony, Susan33511
2Broad, Thomas1135
3Cooper, John213
4Cornelius, Jacob Jr.1113
5Cooper, Peter1113
6Christian, Polly156
7Cornelius, Hannah1247
8Cornelius, John1146
9Cornelius, Jacob12710
10Cornelius, Moses11
11Cornelius, Thomas1135
12Cornelius, William44614
13Doxtater, Jane134
14Denny, Hannah134
15Day, Catherine112
16Handrick, Susan2136
17House, Margaret1247
18Hill, Cornelius1124
19Jourdan, Jane3238
20Johnson, Isaac1124
21Johnson, David11
22Johnson, James24410
23Johnson, William1146
24John, Thomas112
25Lodwick, Thomas2136
26Matoxin, Aaron213
27Matoxin, Cornelius112
28Peter, Polly112
29Smith, Polly2156
30Skenandoah, Peter33511
31Smith, Honyus2158
32Skenandoah, Polly4239
33Smith, Moses1456
34Schuyler, Thomas2136
35Thompson, John11
36Wheelock, Cornelius2125
37Williams, Adam1113

I hereby certify that the below Census was taken by me as above stated and is correct and true as given by the Chiefs and Head Men of each of said Bands. That the total number of persons in both Bands is Six hundred and fifty-four (654), and that the said Chiefs and Head Men made oath before me that the same was correct and true.

Henry S. Baird, Commissioner
Green Bay, Nov. 20, 1838

1838 Census of the Oneida First Christian Party

1Anthony, John 1st.2259
2Anthony, Thomas11
3Anchiquet, Neddy2226
4Anthony, John 2nd22
5Anchiquet, Anthony112
6Anthony, Nina112
7Anthony, William1157
8August, John1113
9Bread, Isaac31610
10Beachtree, Isaac11
11Baird, Cornelius31610
12Broad, William112
13Boar, Henry1168
14Cornelius, Susan134
15Cornelius, John2226
16Cornelius, Isaac1214
17Cobus, Jacob1124
18Culong, Catherine134
19Cornelius, John33814
20Daniel, Squire33612
21Danford, John1146
22Doxtater, Thomas112
23Denny, Sally134
24Doxtater, Daniel1157
25Denny, Martemas1157
26Denny, for Sundown/John1124
27Doxtater, Jacob L. U.1135
28Denny, Amos1124
29Doxtater, John11
30Doxtater, Polly426
31Elm, Baptist11
32Green, Peter1146
33Green, Joseph11
34Hill, William1135
35Honyust, Sally22
36Hill, John2259
37Honyust, Abraham2237
38Hill, George2169
39Hill, Cobus1124
40House, John11
41Hill, Allen1146
42Hill, David134
43Hill, Peter1113
44House, Margaret123
45Isaac, John2136
46John, Peggy123
47John, Peter1168
48John, Eliza2136
49John, Henry1135
50John, Moses11
51King, Mary Ann369
52King, Adam112
53King, Artemas1124
54King, Lodwick1124
55Lewis, John123
56McFarlan, Mary11
57Neddy, Peter437
58Noddy, Thomas1135
59Ninham, Genus32611
60Otter, William112
61Powlis, Henry1179
62Peter, Issac1113
63Powlis, Paul4116
64Powlis, Danie1135
65Peter, Sally325
66Powlis, Elijah1146
67Powlis, Joseph112
68Powlis, Thomas2237
69Peter, Catherine112
70Reed, Moses2316
71Stevens, Peter1135
72Swamp, Anthony1146
73Stevens, Cornelius2215
74Stevens, Baptist2158
75Silas, Isaac2147
76Skenandoah, Elijah1113
77Swamp, Adam1157
78Stevens, Isaac1247
79Stevens, John1124
80Smith, John11
81Swamp, Moses1124
82Skendoah, Widow11
83Stevens, Honyus112
84Stevens, Cornelius11
85Stevens, Jacob112
86Stevens, Henry11
87Trout, Peter1247
88Thompson, Joseph23712
89Webster, Abraham2327
90Williams, Joseph11
91Webster, Peter1146
92Williams, Daniel1135
93Wheelock, Joseph11
94Wheelock, Nicholas11
95Wheelock, Isaac23712


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