Identified Mississippi Choctaw, Act of July 1, 1902

List of persons whose names appear on Identification Roll of Mississippi Choctaws prepared by the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, and approved by the Secretary of the Interior under the provisions of the Act of June 28, 1898 (30 Stat. L.,495) but who were not enrolled on the final rolls of the Mississippi Choctaws entitled to allotments in the Choctaw Nation under the provisions of the Act of July 1, 1902 (32 Stat. L.,641). There is a handwritten notation at the bottom of the page:

Dawes enrollment – I.D. as Mississippi Choctaws but did not remove.

The information for these pages was contributed by Jackie Matte, author of They Say the Wind is Red, and Dusty! These two ladies just keep providing us with such great information.

Surname A

Lloyd Adam
Jimmie Adam
John Adam
Margaret Adam
Amy Ah-hah-o-tubbee
Williamson Alex
Allie Allen
Bob Allen
Evylin Allen
Isaac Allen
Jim Allen
Joe Allen
John Allen
John Allen (Hatubbee)
Lacy Allen
Leona Allen
Ona Allen
Martha Allen
Newton Allen
Rosa Allen
Rosie Allen
Sally Ann Allen
Sealy Allen
Willis Allen
Young Allen
Becky Amos
Ida Amos
Jack Amos
John Amos
Josephine Amos
Lacy (or Lany) Amos
Lizzie Amos
Sealy Ann Amos
Waston Amos
Bobby Anderson
John Anderson
John Anderson (Ah-ha-lo-man-tubbee)
Lucy Anderson
Ollie Anderson

Surname B

Jim Baptieste
Joe Baptieste
Louisa Baptieste
Louise Baptieste
Mary Baptieste
Sam Baptieste
George Barney
Eve Barney
Jinnie Barney
Martha Barney
Alice Bell
Annie Bell
Bud Bell
Edna Bell
Emmon Bell
Jane Bell
Jewett Bell
Jim Bell
John Bell
Johnnie Bell
Kah-no-ti-ma-ho-nah Bell
Lula Bell
Martha Bell
Nash Bell
Nicholas Bell
Nicholas Bell
Mandy Bell
O-mi-chee Bell
Polly Ann Bell
Sallie Bell
Silman Bell
Smith Bell
Susanne Bell
Thompson Bell
Wash Bell
Winnie Bell
Anderson Ben
Charlie Ben
Emma Ben
Floyd Ben
Hampton Ben
Ida Ben
Islie Ben
Jesse Ben
Jim Ben
Jimson Ben
John Ben
Johnson Ben
Lucy Ben
Missouri Ben
Madison Ben
Maggie Ben
Nicholas Ben
Nubbie Ben
Ozie Ben
Peter Ben (Ah-fin-ah-tubbee)
Robinson Ben
Sam Ben
Sidney Ben
Sophia Ben
Watt Ben
Thomas Ben
Daniel T Bench
Annie Billey
Ben Billey
Bilsey Billey
Chunkey Billey (Na-tubbee)
Dannie Billey
Dasie (?) Billey
Davis Billey
Esther Billey
Fannie Billey
Fannie Billey
Fannie Billey
Fillis Billey
Frances Billey
Jim Billey
Joe Billey
Johnson Billey
Josie Billey
Larman Billey
Lissie Billey
Lona Billey
Mack Billey
Malissa Billey
Maria Billey
Martha Billey
Mary Jane Billey
Minnie Billey
Nicey Billey
Oscar Billey
Sampson Billey
Summers Billey
Welsh Billey
Wesley Billey
William Billey
William Billey
Willie Billey
Willis Billey
Williston Billey
Martha Billy
Lisby Bob
Annie Bob
Charles Bob
Frank Bob
Henry Bob
Herman Bob
Jennie Bob
Malissa Bob
Simon Bob
Watkin Bob
Eliza Boley
Sweeney Boley
Louana Bonaham
Celestine Brandy
King Brandy
Hamilton Briscoe
John Briscoe
Lillie Briscoe
George Bull
Hickman Bull
Leah Bull
Sissy Bull

Surname C

Anna Cain (Onah)
Eugene Cain (Chenubbee)
Jackson Cain
Mary Etta Cain
Mollie Cleo Cain
Sam Cain (On-tubbee)
Wesley Cain (Ok-la-yubbee)
Elexis Camel
Jack Camel
Kate Camel
Sallie Camel
Serena Camel
Wiley Camel
John Capers
Annie Celestine
Joe Celestine
Josephine Celestine
Louisa Celestine
Bettie Charlas
James Charlas
Louisa Charlas
Minnie Charlas
Nicholas Charlas
Sallie Charlas
(these are all typed “Charlas” but I’m not sure they aren’t “Charles”)
Becky Charlie
Dave Charlie
Donie Charlie
Fannie Charlie
Herman E Charlie
Johnson Charlie
Jane Charlie
John H Charlie
Leona Charlie
Lillie Charlie
Lula Charlie
Martha Charlie
Mary Jane Charlie
Nettie Charlie
Salena Charlie
Seaborn Charlie
Simon Charlie
Tinnie Charlie
William Charlie
Eliza Chatham
Alma Chitto
John Chitto
Katie Chitto
Laura Chitto
Leona Chitto
Luella Chitto
Marinda Chitto
Pat Chitto
Rufus Chitto
Sissy Chitto
Tom Chitto
Minnie Clemmons
William Cole
Almon Comby
Sib Comby
Billy Cooper
Gaston Cooper
George Cooper
Giles Cooper
Jennie Cooper (Imathlehonah)
Lucy Cooper
Isman Cotton
Linnie Cotton
Ray Cotton
Sudie Cotton
Willie Ann Cotton
Hokie Cousin
Madison Cousin
Susan Cousin
Anderson Cun-on-Tubbee
Clamon Cun-on-tubbee
Hillin Cun-on-tubbee
Sicily Cun-on-tubbee

Surname D

Dennis Daniel
Fannie Daniel
Williston Daniel
Williamson Daniel
Alice Davis
Anna Davis
Beny Davis
Culberson Davis
Eliza Davis
Jamison Davis
Jeff Davis
Jimmie Davis
Leanna Davis
Malissa Davis
Nowill Davis
Ollie Davis
Sallie Davis
Sulena Davis
Susanna Davis
Thomas Davis
Tolis Davis
Willis Davis
Abe Dawson
Joe Denson
John Denson
Mary Denson
Abbie Dixon
Annie Dixon
Benjamin Dixon
Cainus Dixon
Jess Dixon
Joe Dixon
Millie Dixon
Philip Dixon
Roches Dixon
Simpson Dixon
Wallace Dixon
Wilson Dixon
Stewart Dixon
Charlie Draper

Surname E

Caroline Eben
Allen Elis
Amy Elis
Ann Elis
Enough Elis
Jane Elis
Josie Elis
Richmond Elis
Steve Elis

Surname F

John Farmer
Farmer (Yah-ho-nah)
Frank Farmer
Isom Farmer
John B Farmer
Malissa Mary Farmer (O-ti-hi-mah) Miley Farmer
Polly Farmer
Sallie Farmer
Sillman Farmer
Susan Farmer
Susan Farmer
Thomas Farmer
Frazine Favre
Josephine Favre
Louisa Favre
Salina Favre
Hannah M Folsom
Roxey Folsom
Alice Forbes
Lala (or Lela) Forbes
Willias Forbes
Sissie Fraze
Clint S Frazier
Echols Frazer
Eliza Frazier
Ella Frazier
Ellis (or Ellie) Frazier
John Frazer
John L Frazier
Mary Frazier (Mah-hin-to-nah)
Henson Frazier
Mollie Frazer
Nellie Frazier
Sallie Frazier
Seal Frazier
Wesley Frazier
Will Marshall Frazer
Winston Frazer

Surname G

Stephen Gibson
Bettie Gibson
Emma Gibson
Jennie Gibson
Rosie Gibson
Johnson Gibson
Louie Gibson
Sam Gibson
Susanna Gibson
Kima Gibson
Bard Gibson
Lela Gibson
Robert Gibson
Henry Jackson Gilmore
John Gunsmith
Eliza Gunsmith (Kah-nah-le-ho-nah)

Surname H

Jim Hall
John (On-ta-hubee) Hall
Logan Hall
Mollie Hall
Rankfort Hall
Sidney Hall
Charles Rushing Hancock
Jubal A Hancock
Agnes Haney
Alice Haney
Horace Haney
Jim Haney (Tik-e-bon-tubbee)
Mandy Haney
Oscar Haney
Tom Ross Haney
Eunice Harper
Billy Hatstiah
Calway Hatstia
Dave Hatstiah
Winston Hattonstie (?)
James Hawkins
Cornelia Hickman
Davis Hickman
Elin Hickman
Ellis Hickman
Elsie Hickman
Ida Hickman
Jimpson Hickman
Johnikin Hickman
Maben Hickman
Maggie Hickman
Mary Hickman
Ozie Hickman
Susan Hickman
Nancy Hinson
Simon Hinson
Watson Hinson
Celeste Hobley
Louis Hobley
Joe Hopson

Surname I

Bert Isaac
Dixon Isaac
Fannie Isaac
Jim (Tincha) Isaac
John Isaac
Lucy Isaac
Malissa Isaac
Mary Isaac (Ho-ki) (Unah-ho-ka)
Ollie Isaac
Polly Isaac (E-la-ho-te-mah)
Riley Isaac
Thomas Isaac
Albert Isom
Bessie Isom
Bill Isom
Billie J Isom
Calvin Isom
Ellen Isom
Emma Isom
Gibson Isom
Greer Isom
Hasey Isom
Jack Isom
Jim Isom
Julius Isom
Lela Isom
Mandy Isom
Martha Isom
Nancy Isom
Nellie Isom
Phoebe Isom
Sina Isom
Wes Isom
Wilson Isom
Lisby Ivey

Surname J

Beaman Jack
Isaac Jack
John Jack
Liza Jack
Tom Jack
Cara Jacoway
Cawa (?) Jackoway
Isabell Jacoway
Kelley Jacoway
Mina Jacoway
Rufus Jackoway
Sealy Jackoway
Simmon Jackoway
Summers Jacoway
Alex Jackson
Alice Jackson
Betsie Jackson
Caway Jackson
Chris Jackson
Eliza Jackson
Fannie Jackson
Fatie Jackson
Franklin Jackson
Gibson Jackson
Jeff Jackson
Lillie Jackson
Lottie Jackson
Martha Jackson
Martha Jackson
Martha Jane Jackson
Mary Ann Jackson
Sally Jackson
Solomon Jackson
Solomon Jackson (Me-ha-te-tubbee)
Sonie Jackson
Tom Jackson
Wesley Jackson
Wilie Jackson
Willis Jackson (Ah-la-pin-tubbee)
Becky Jacobs
Martha Jacobs
Teach Jacob
Albert James
Mattie James
Ludie Jeff
Melton Jeff
Billie Jefferson
Billie O Jefferson
Edmund Jefferson
Elsie Jefferson
Martha Jefferson
Willis Jefferson
Adam Jim
Albert Jim
Albert Jim
Amon Jim
Aney Jim
Arvin Jim
Becky Jim
Ben Jim
Benney Jim
Beth Jim
Billy Jim
Bob Jim
Chaney Jim
Dicey (or Bicey) Jim
Elijah Savell Jim
Eliza Jim
Ellen Jim
Fabie Jim
Fingley Jim
Frances Jim
Fronie Jim
Goodman Jim
Henry Jim
Hopkins Jim
Isaac Jim
Jack Jim
Jackson Jim-Isaac
Jane Jim
Jim C Jim
Jimmy Jim
John Jim
Lee Jim-Isaac
Lee Johnson Jim
Lillie Jim
Lina Jim
Lissie Jim
Logan Jim
Lysander Jim
Martha Jim-Isaac
Mary Jim
Mollie Jim
Ona Jim
Racy Jim
Rose Jim
Sallie Jim
Sannie Jim
Silma Jim
Simmon Jim
Steve Jim
Susie Jim
Tillie Jim
Tom George Jim
Tycoolie Jim
William Jim-Isaac
Willie Jim
Wilson Jim-Isaac
Alie Jimmy
Bicey Jimmy
Ike Jimmy
Lee Jimmy
Mabel Jimmy
Silas Jimmy
Viola Jimmy
Will Jimmy
Edna Joe
Emily Joe
Johnnie Joe
Hudson Joe
Langley Joe
Alex John
Betsy John
Billy John
Cornelia John
Emil John Jr
Grundy John
Jewel John
Joshua John
Lee John
Rhoda John
Sallie John
Sarah John
Sookey John
Josie Johnnie
Ellen Johnson
Alice Johnson
Bessie Johnson
Billie Johnson
Edgar Johnson
Frank Johnson
George Johnson
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson
Jim Jack Johnson
Johnny Johnson (E-lu-nah-tubbee)
Lieby Johnson
Lucy Johnson
Lula Johnson
Martha Johnson
Miller Johnson
Mollie Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Nicey Johnson
Sam Johnson
Samville Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Seanna Johnson
Smith Johnson
Wesley Johnson
Willie Johnson
Coglan Jollis
Henry Jones
Joe Jones (Oon-te-ah-tubbee)
Mary Jones
Clarice Jordan
Bell Joshua
Emma Joshua
Eva Joshua
Jane Joshua
Joe Joshua
Lucy Joshua
Lucy Joshua
Martha Joshua
Sam Joshua
Sillian Joshua
Simon Joshua

Surname K

Eliza Kelley
Frank Kelly
Georgia Kelly
Lela Kelly
Mattie Kelley
Martha King
William King

Surname L

Ben Lahbin
Elizabeth Lahbin (Ti-mah-ki)
Sina Lee
Alice Lewis
Annie Lewis
Booth Lewis
Budmon Lewis
Calvin Lewis
Delsie Lewis
Elan Lewis
Fannie Lewis
Hudson Lewis
Isaac Lewis
Jesse Lewis
Jim Lewis
Jim Lewis (Tikabonetubbee)
John Wesley Lewis
John Lewis
Johnnie Lewis
Lissa Lewis
Little Lewis
Lonnie Lewis
Lotie Lewis
Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis
Maggie Lewis
Mamie Lewis
Marshall Lewis
Marth Lewis
Mary Lewis
Moses Lewis
Ola Lewis
Reuben Lewis
Siney Lewis
Sissie Lewis
Susan Lewis
Susanna Lewis
Annie Lish
John Lish
John Roy Lish
Mattie Lish
James Londine
Julie Londine

Surname M

Jefferson Ma-hat-sti-ah
Sallie Ma-hat-sti-ah
John Mark
Luiza Mark
Lasen Mark
Louisa Mark
Elizabeth Martin
Lomie Martin
Manuel Martin
Nannie Martin
Tom Martin
Henry McClosky
Fronie McCormack
George McCormack
Eliza McMillan
Mollie McMillan
Gibson Mingo
Boston Morris
Bouman Morris
Brooksie Morris
Dempsey Morris
Foreman Morris
Ida Morris
Lillie Morris
Missie Morris
Mosely Morris
Nan Morris
Nellie Morris
Seward Morris
Watson Morris
William Morris
Laura Mose
Eastman Moses
Johnson Moses
Lelia Moses

Surname N

John Neal (Im-pun-nubbee)
Bert Nelson
Coleman Nelson
Linn Nelson
Winnie Nelson
Nancy Nickey
Clem Noah
Fannie Noah
Leona Noah
Thompson Noah
Tom Noah
Amanda Nubbee
Annie Nubbee
Betsie Nubbee
Billy Nubbee
Frances Nubbee
Smth Nubbee

Surname O

Lou Outtie
Sidney Outtie
(these could be “Cuttie” – they’re hard to read)

Surname P

John Parker
Susan Parker
Emma Paro
Jeff Peter
Mary Peter
Ann Phili
Dave Philip
Louisa Philip
Mary Philip
Nasey Philip
Simon Philip
Erma Pis-ah-ton-tamah
Alice Pis-tubbee
George Polk
Joseph Polk
Lula Polk
Mary Bissie Polk
Sina Polk
Tommie Polk
Winston Polk
Isaac Post-Oak
Nancy Post-Oak
Sealy Post-Oak
Mattie Primus
Nannie Primus

Surname R

John Rainbow
Easie Reese
Betsy Robison
Charlie Robison
Fronie Robison
Henry Robison
James Robison
Mattie Robison
Eliza Rush

Surname S

Bob Sam
Dixie Sam
Eliza Jane Sam
Eliza Sam
Ephram Sam
Green Sam
Houston Sam
Hugh Summers Sam
Jimmie Sam
Julia Sam
Lola Sam
Mattie Sam
Oscar Sam
Raymond Sam
Sallie Sam
Sam Jones Sam
Sophie Sam
Williamson Sam
Willis Sam
Martin Sampson
Limmie Scott
Ben Scott
Mary Jane Scott
Marshall Scott
Caroline Seals
Henry Seals
Mary Seals
Lena Semonee (?)
Jim Shepard (Fille-mah-tubbee)
Adam Shotubbee
Fed Shotubbee
Hotemah Shotubbee
Im-ah-lak-tubbee Shotubbee
Lena (or Lena) Shotubbee
Ok-lah-to-nah Shotubbee
Sam Shotubbee
Buck Shoemake
Eben Shoemake
Lansby Shoemake
Cooley Shoemaker
Charlie Shumake
Empey Silman
Lizzie Sills
Oliver Sills
Perry Sills
Fannie Simon
Charley Simmons
Emma Simpson
John Simpson
Rosie Simpson
Sissie Simpson
Mary Jane Sis-man-nubbee
Amy Smith (A-ha-ka-te-ma)
Bicey Smith
Ellen Smith
George Smith
John Smith (Ah-no-sah-cubbee)
Lissie Smith
Mamie Smith
Rena Smith
Robison Smith
Sallie Smith
Sealy Smith
Sebe Smith
Sweeney Smith
Willis Smith
Winnie Smith
Ethel Sockey
Irvin Sockey
Sarah Sockey
Seba Sockey
William Sockey
Bettie Solomon
Ellen Solomon
Ellis Solomon
Fannie Solomon
Ishla M Solomon
Lillie Solomon
Mamie Solomon
Minnie Solomon
Missie Solomon
Morris Solomon
Neely Solomon
Nora Solomon
Willie Solomon
Acy Stephen
Sealy Stephen
Silman Stephen
Lucy Steve
Martha Steve
Smith Steve
Tom Stephen
Tom Steve (Ook-lo-tubbee)
David Stoliby
John Stoliby
Martha Stoliby
Missouri Stoliby
Sallie Stoliby
Solomon Stoliby
Joseph Stout
Malissa Stribling

Surname T

Abbie Thomas
Alex Thomas (Ho-tim-o-nubbee)
Becky Thomas (Ma-con-ti-mah)
Dan Thomas
Ella Thomnas
George Thomas
Hickman Thomas
Jesse Thomas
Jim L Thomas
Jophn Thomas
Joshua Thomas
Lewis Thomas
Long Thomas (Hicatubbee)
Lucy Thomas
Mary Thomas
Minnie Thomas
Mollie Thomas
Susie Thomas
Vicey Thomas
Wash Thomas
Wilmon Thomas
Charlie Thompson
Felix Thompson
Lillie Thompson
Robert Thompson
Tom Tikeli-Yearby
Alex Tillis
Houston Tillis
Jane Tillis
Murphy Tillis
Steve Tillis (Kon-ne-o-tubbee)
Adaline Tom
Archie Tom (Li-shubbee)
Elan Tom
Emaline Tom
Mollie Tom
Polly Tom
Sarah Tom
Willia (Con-che-ha-tubbee) Tom
William Tom
Dave To-ma-ha-tubbee
Eban Tookolo
Elan Tookolo
Ellen Tookolo
Emaline Tookolo
George Tookalo
Katie Tookolo
Mary Tookolo
Rena Tookolo
Donald Tonubbee
Becky Tubbee
Caroline Tubbee
Jim Tubbee
John Tubbee
Lillie Tubbee
Liney Tubbee
Sampson Tubbee
Sanders Tubbee
Sim Tubbee
Tom Tubbee
Winnie Tubbee
Betsy Tuffamah
Ellis Tuffamah
Era Tuffamah
Ishaman Tuffamah
Lucy Tuffamah
Sallie Tuffamah
Suella Tuffamah
Tom Tuffamah
Willis Tuffamah

Surname W

Gibson Waiter
Jane Waiter
Liza Wait
McNeal Waiter
Minnie Waiter
Nancy Wait
Sawil Wait
Tom Waiter
Ben Wallace
Comby Wallace
Ikeness Wallace
Lah-nubbee Wallace
Lewis Wallace
Li-oubbee Wallace
Timmons Wallace
John Weeks
Maeleke Weeks
Jane Weshock
Macey (?) Weshock
Nona Weshock
Sallie Weshock
Sampson Weshock
Clay Sharkey Wesley
John Wesley
Louisa Wesley
Samuel Wesley
Sidney Wesley
Caselus White
Mary West
Millie White
Mollie Wickson
Ollie West
Peter White
Tommy White
Rosie Wickson
Charley Wiley
Sallie Wilkinson
Elias William
Fayette William
Janie William
John William
Jonas William
Linnie William
Thomas William
Victoria William
Alice Williams
Joanna Williams
Josephine Williams
Lewis Williams
Lilly Williams
Melissa Williams
Susan Williams
Thomas Williams
William Williams
Adeline Williamson
Bike Williamson
Eliza Williamson
Ida Williamson
Lingum Williamson
Lucy Williamson
Mack Williamson
Malissa Williamson
Mary Williamson
Mollie Williamson
Nancy Williamson
Ruby Williamson
Sistine Williamson
William Williamson
Adeline Willis
Allen Willis
Almond Willis
Amy Willis
Becky Willis
Bessie Willis
Bill Willis
Billy Willis
Bogle Willis
Brantley Willis
Camblin Willis
Clyde Willis
Cora Willis
Dickson Willis
Ed Willis
Ely Willis
Finis (?) Willis
Gus Willis
Harmin Willis
Henry Willis
Hugh Willis
Illemah Willis
James Willis
Jim Willis
Joe Willis
John Willis
John Willis
Johnson Willis
Julia Willis
Katie Willis
Koon (or Koen) Willis
Leona Willis
Little Willis
Lottie Willis
Louisa Willis
Louisa Willis
Mary Willis
Minerva Willis
Mose W Willis
Nannie Willis
Nanoy Willis
Peterson Willis
Poky Willis
Purlan Willis
Rachel Willis
Robert Willis
Sookey Willis
Sophia Willis
Spink Willis
Yarby Willis
Alonzo Wilson
John Wilson
Lonie Wilson
Sam Wilson
Minnie Wilson
Neely Wilson
Ouna Wilson
Sela Wilson
Wade Wilson
Wilmond Wilson

Surname Y

Mary Yearby
Alom York
Ben York
Bennett York
Evan York
John York
Scott York
Sealy York
May Alice Young
Oliver Young


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