Choctaw Indian Treaty Signers, 1830

There exists several thousand names from government claims records and commission hearings, as well as genealogical evidence, which indicate a broad occurrence of mixed bloods in the Choctaw tribe. This study lists the names and families of the known mixed bloods and examines their role in tribal history, especially regarding land treaties during the Jeffersonian years preceding Removal. This study includes a database of over three thousand names of known and probable mixed bloods drawn from a wide range of sources and therefore has genealogical as well as historical value.

Readers interested in more information should start their research here: Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal

Choctaw Indian Treaty Signers, 1830.

Done, and  signed, and executed by the Commissioners of the United States, and the chiefs, captains and head men of the Choctaw Nation, at Dancing Rabbit Creek, this 27th day of September, eighteen and thirty.

Jno. H. EatonYobalarunehahubbee, his x mark
Jno. CoffeeHolubbee, his x mark
Greenwood LefloreRobert Cole, his x mark
Musholatubbee, his x markMokelareharhopin, his x mark
Nittucachee, his x markLewis Perry, his x mark
Holarterhoomah, his x markArtonamaratubbe, his x mark
flopiatinchahubbee. his x markHopeatubbee, his x mark
Zishomingo, his x markHoahahoomah, his x mark
Captainthalke, his x markChuallahoomah, his x mark
James Shield, his x markJoseph Kincaide, his x mark
Pistiyubbee, his x markEyarhocuttubbee, his x mark
Iyaeherhopia, his x markHeshohomme, his x mark
Offahoomala, his x markJohn McKnIbery, his x mark
Archalater, his x markBenjm. James, his x mark
Onnahubbee, his x markTikbachahambe, his x mark
Pisinhocuttubbee, his x markAholiktube, his x mark
Tuliarhacher, his x markWalking Wolf, his x mark
Little leader, his x markJohn Waide, his x mark
Maanhutter, his x markBig Axe, his x mark
Cowehoomah, his x markBoll, his x mark
Tillamoer, his x markTushkochaubbee, his x mark
Inanullacha, his x markIttabe, his x mark
Artopilacbubbee, his x markTiehowakayo, his x mark
Shupherunchahubbee, his x markFolehommo, his x mark
Nitterhoomah, his x markJohn Garland, his x mark
Oaklaryubhee, his x markKoshona, his x mark
Pukumna, his x markIahleyohamube, his x mark
Arpalar, his x markJacob Folsom
Hoiber, his x markWilliam Foster
Hoparmingo, his x markIsparhoomah, his x mark
Ontioerharcho, his x markHugh A. Footer
Tieberhoomah, his x markPierre Juzan
Tiehoholarter, his x markJno. Pitchlynn, jr.
Mahayarchubbee, his x markArtooklubbetushpar, his x mark
Metubbee, his x markDavid Folsom
Sholohommastube, his x markTesho, his x mark
Arearkatubbee, his x markLauwechubee, his x mark
Isaaterhoomah, his x markHoshehammo, his x mark
Chohtahmatahah, his x markOlenowo, his x mark
Tunnuppaehubbee, his x markAhekoche, his x mark
Okocbaryer, his x markKaloshoube, his x mark
Hoehhopia, his x markAtoko, his x mark
Wartharehahopia, his x markIshtemeleche, his x mark
Maarahunchahubbee, his x markEmthtohahe, his x mark
Miaharyubbee, his x markSilas D. Fisher, his x mark
Daniel McCurtain his x markIsaac Folsom, his x mark
Tushkerharcho, his x markHekatube, his x mark
Hoktoontubbee, his x markHakseche, his x mark
Nuknacrahookmarhee, his x markJerry Carney, his x mark
Mingo hoomah, his x markJohn Washington. his x mark
James Karnes, his x markPanshastubbee, his x mark
Tiehohaksblaee, his x markP. P. Pitchlynn, his x mark
Narlanalar, his x markJoel H. Nail, his x mark
Pennasha, his x markHopia Stonakey, his x mark
Inharyarker, his x markKocohornma, his x mark
Mottubbee, his x markWilliam Wade, his x mark
Narharvubbee, his x markPanahstickubbee, his x mark
Ishmaryubbee, his x markHolittankchahubbee, his x mark
James McKinsOklanowa, his x mark
Lewis Wilson, his x markNeto, his x mark
Ietonarkerharcho, his x markJames Fletcher, his x mark
Hohinehamartarher, his x markSilas D. Pitchlynn
Kinsulachubbee, his x markTrahorn, his x mark
Emarhinetubbee, his x markToshkahemmittn, his x mark
Gyealndalra, bm, his x markTethetayo, his x mark
Thomas WailEmokinehahorie, his x mark
Sam. S. WorcesterTiehoimita, his x mark
Arlartar, his x markThomas W. Foster, his x mark
Nittahubbee, his x markZadoc Brashears, his x mark
Tishonouan, his x markLevi Perkins, his x mark
Wansharehahoornah, his x markIsaac Perry, his x mark
Isaac James, his x markIshlonocka Hoornah, his x mark
Hopiaintushker, his x markHiram King, his x mark
Aryoshkerrner, his x markOgia Enlah, his x mark
Shemotar, his x markNultlahtubbee, his x mark
Hopisisketina, his x markTusks Hollattuh, his x mark
Thomas Leflore, his x markNothoantehahubbee, his x mark
Arnokechatubbee his x markEvarpulubbee, his x mark
Shokoperlukna, his x markOkentahubbe, his x mark
Poeherhoomah, his x markLiving War Club, his x mark
Robert Folsom, his x markJohn Jones, his x mark
Charles Jones, his x markKuahonolarter, his x mark
James Vaughan, his x markPhiplip, his x mark
Mealiameye, his x markIahtebeka, his x mark
Isaac Jones, his x markHocklucha, his x mark
Muecogee, his x markEden Nelson, his x mark

The foregoing is entered into, as supplemental to the treaty concluded yesterday.
Done at Dancing Rabbit Creek the 28th day of September, 1830.

Jno. H. EatonRobert Cole, his x mark
Jno. CoffeeGreenwood Lefiore
David FolsomNittueachee, his x mark
John Garland, his x markMushulatubbee, his x mark
Hopiahoomah, his z markHopiaunchahubbee, his x mark
Offahoomah, his x markCaptain Thalko, his x mark
Eyarhoeuttubbee, his x markPierre Juzan
Iyaeherhopia, his x markImmarstarher, his x mark
Holubbee, his x markOnarhubbee, his x mark
Hoshimbamaikar, his x mark

In presence of:
E. Breathitt, Secretary to Commissioners,
W. Ward, Agent for Choctaws,
M. Mackey, United States Interpreter,
John Pitchlynn, United States Interpreter,
R. P. Currin,
Jno. W. Byrn,
Geo. S. Gaines.

Wells, Dr. Samuel James. Choctaw Mixed Bloods and the Advent of Removal. University of Southern Mississippi. 1987. © Dr. Samuel James Wells, 1987. Used by permission.

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