Reunion of The Vets

The largest reunion in point of attendance that has been held in recent years by the survivors of the Thirteenth Michigan Infantry, closed here yesterday noon when the forty-fourth annual gathering of veterans who escaped the closing engagement of Bentonville came to an end.
The next reunion will be held in Kalamazoo the last Thursday and Friday of October, 1909. This was decided upon at the close of yesterday’s session.

Officers Are Elected.
Captain H. H. Trask, of Hastings, was elected president, replacing Edson Wodman, of Paw Paw, who has held the position during the past year. Charles Hogle, of Kalamazoo, was re-elected secretary.

Up to yesterday noon 113 veterans had placed their names on the official roster at the Park street Christian church, where the reunion was held and that number is exactly two more than has been recorded during recent years.

Change Meeting Place

At the close of the session it was announced that the next annual reunion will be held in Orcutt Post headquarters instead of at the Christian church, it being believed by the veterans that the edifice is too large and roomy for the requirements of the occasion.

Pass Resolutions.

Following are the resolutions that were passed yesterday at the closing session of the reunion:

Comrades of the 13th Michigan Infantry, as it has pleased our Heavenly Father, since our last reunion, to remove from our midst a number of old comrades and although we must grieve that we can never meet with them in reunion and clasp the hand and keep step in the march with them again, we would resolve that we send letters of sympathy to their bereaved families, and so live that we may meet and march with them on the other shore, where the Great Grand Army of the Redeemed will be assembled.

For them no drums of battle beat,
For them no bugles sound retreat,
No sentry guards their stern repose,
They beat no more the charge of foes,
But all is peace beneath the pines
That bend above the gallant lines.

H. H. Trask,
John Hoffmaster.

Civil War,

Souvenir Roster of the Surviving Members of the 13th Michigan Infantry: Also Short Account of the Forty-Fourth Annual Reunion, Together with Other Interesting Reading Matter for the Members : Kalamazoo, Michigan, February, 1909. Kalamazoo, Mich: Kalamazoo Pub. Co., printers, 1909.

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