First Hundred Years – Newaygo County, Michigan, 1853-1953

The book “First Hundred Years Newaygo County, Michigan, 1853-1953,” published by the Newaygo County Centennial Committee, offers a comprehensive historical account of Newaygo County from its establishment to its centennial year. This factual and illustrative compilation provides insights into the county’s development over a century, documenting its evolution from the lumbering era to its status as a hub of industrial growth and scenic beauty.

The book is divided into three sections: Historical, Industrial, and Introducing West Michigan’s Playground. The Historical section covers the early logging activities, with photographs and narratives depicting significant events and figures such as the logging operations at Hess and Pickerell Lakes, and the Batteau crews on the Muskegon River. Notable stories include that of Dr. Florence Quick and the legendary Great Elm Tree.

The Industrial section highlights the contemporary industries of Newaygo, showcasing the Newaygo Centennial Bridge, harnessing the Muskegon River for power, and featuring messages from prominent figures such as Charles M. Ziegler, the State Highway Commissioner. This section emphasizes the county’s industrial potential and growth prospects.

The final section introduces the county’s natural beauty and recreational opportunities, positioning Newaygo as a prime destination for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and scenic tours. This section is illustrated with photographs capturing the picturesque landscapes and vibrant community events.

Table of Contents

Dealing with the Lumbering era and early pictures of Newaygo and vicinity.

  • Logging at Hess Lake, 1886, p. 6
  • Logging at Pickerell Lake, 1888, p. 7
  • Batteau Crew, Muskegon River – 1888, p. 8
  • Logging Near Muskegon River, p. 9
  • Hauling Logs to Muskegon River, p. 10
  • Dr. Florence (Melanso) Quick, p. 23
  • The Story of a Great Elm Tree, by Mrs. Allen Smith, p. 28

Introducing Newaygo Industry as it exists today and presenting its vast possibilities for future development.

  • Newaygo Centennial Bridge, p. 32
  • Greetings from Charles M. Ziegler, State Highway Commissioner, p. 33
  • Harnessing the Muskegon River, p. 34

West Michigans Playground of Scenic Beauty, hunting, fishing, swimming

  • Various Photos, p. 44
  • Famous Newaygo Color Tours, p. 50


Newaygo County Centennial Committee, First Hundred Years Newaygo County, Michigan, 1853-1953, Newaygo County, Michigan : Newaygo County Centennial Committee, 1953.

Melanso, Quick,


Newaygo County MI,


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