1894 Michigan State Census – Otsego County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Bagley Township – Charles W. Graham, A. G. Stuiverant. E. S. Dickinson, John G. Ketler, Eugene Van Buren. Henry Lee, George Stott, [W. H. Bowers, James Hanes].

Village of Gaylord – Joseph Coatta. George H. Smith, John Elliott, David -M. Werts, William H. Smith, Gilbert W. Smith, C. C. Mitchell, James P. Fox.

Charlton Township – Haron B. Waters, Michael Galiger, Birney Dutton, James Dowker. William H. Corlein. George L. Welch.

Chester Township – John A. Covert. Nelson K. King.. Stephen H. Warren, Silas S. Laird, John Klingensmith, Frank Perkins, William R. Slimmer.

Corwith Township – John H. Warner, William Karslake, Daniel S. Moe, Charles Jeffery, Thompson Smith, William E. Lounsbury. Nathan C. G. Ashley. Jr., Charles S. Carol, Thomas C. Wooden, Royal Stone. John G. Berry. Charles Ziekgrafl’, Henry B. Standard, George D. Moharter. Charles Snow, Ira Murdock, Marshall H. Chapin, Benjamin F. Marlett. William J. Smith, Joseph Banks, Daniel Brado, M. L. Stickney, Otis Bettis, -Martin J. Sehl, Abram Van Auken. [William Allen, Henry Staley].

Dover Township – William Wilkinson, C. L. Sherman.

Elmira Township – Leman J. Coats, Clinton E. Moshier, Charles F. Davis, Harvey E. Wheeler, Charles Goeha. Marcus S. Miles. Horace Bellinger, Judson Palmer. Sumner W. Howard, William Parmater, Hiram Gilson, Edgar J. Harris, Culwell Martin, William W. Middaugh.

Hayes Township – Charles H. Tuthill. Isaac F. A antyle. Elias H. Merithew. Jesse Robbins, George O. Sabin. David C. Bala, Edwin Richardson, John N. Schryner. [John H. Warner].

Livingston Township – J. W. Rinker. B. F. Ordway, William J. Jubb, Isadore Williams. Hosea Birdsell. William Wines. Jonathan W. F. Newsome, Lewis Sweet. Silas Griffin, William Allen, Hiram Winters, Edward Goslow. Robert Davis, James Walker. N. L. Parmater. Daniel P. Stofer, Stephen H. Warren. D. W. Stewart, Melvin Starks, George Taplin, William Chapman, George Crissey, Joseph Jessup, Orson Higley. A. M. Hilton, George B. Congdon. Samuel E. Qua, Harvey Durfee, Charles B. Brown, [Charles Gocha, Lyman W. Bratt, James L. Hodges].

Otsego Lake Township – W. S. Martin. Michael Stofford. T. C. Sherwood. James Davis, F. L. Tillespi, Thomas Tracy, Frederick Smith, J. P. Fluent, C. G. Wright, Frank Dillespi, Frank Duprey.

Otsego County MI,

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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