1894 Michigan State Census – Lake County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Chase Township – Robert E. Bigbee, Erastus Haines, George M. Short, David J. Randall, Spencer Fradenberg, Benjamin L. Johnson, Jesse Ackerman, William Young, Edward Pommeray, Henry Hissong, Elias Griffiths, Jeremiah C. Allen, Charles A. Randall, Philip Dillingham, William B. Laughlin, John Pence, Thomas A. Ball, Jesse Ball, William H. Remington, Edward Stevens, David J. Zook, William Berzley, Frank King, Joseph G. Rogers, Thomas McCraney, Frank Berzley, George Priceler, Martin F. Mostella, J. J. Tanner.

Village of Chase – George Varguson, J. H. Knevels, W. H. Williamson, Lucius W. Torrey, Alvinza Buck, J. C. Dressander, 0. J. Caldwell, Wesley H. Knee, S. P. Vanderhoof, Daniel Cook, Franklin Torrence, Anson H. Buck, George Barnhart, Samuel Higgins, John F. Pace, William Nickloy.

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Cherry Valley Township – Stober Wilson, Charles Dibble.

Dover Township – George W. Hines, Isaac Smith, Samuel Shafer, Langdon Hovey, Webster B. Ewing, Thomas Borroughs, Charles R. Williams, James H. Sutton, Sylvester H. Clark, Willard E. Waldron, Francis M. Colby, David Robertson.

Eden Township – Edward P. Robbins. Frank Slocum, Peter J. Hammer, John Duncan.

Elk Township – William Fisher, John Welsh, Alonzo Culver, N. H. Ryan, Enos Futrell, Edwin Goodrich, Stephen Beebe, George Cummons, William Overton.

Ellsworth Township – Silas WV. Cramer, Eugene L. Nichoson. Ernest R. Nichoson, William Rockwell. Samuel Finten. William Titswith. John McLaughlin. Giles Tompkins, Adolphus Berry. William Nible. M. Dougherty, Charles W. Blaker. Anderson A. Miner, William G. Synder, Samuel Hayes, Alonzo Woodruff. Horace S. Sawyer, John Titswith. William A. Crowell. Cornelius O’Neil. John A. Nelson. Alexander Hoover. Edward McCluskey, Oliver Sisco, George W. Atwood. [Alfred Ferris].

Village of Luther – Job. R. Brewer, George A. Osborne, Samuel E. Craine, Edward Tibbits. Henry E. Giddings, John Gibbons, Henry Muma, James Lawrence. Dewitt C. Watson, Charles AV. Beecher. John AV. N ichoson, Nathan R. Menold.Peter R. Randall. Charles H. Bull. R. R. Robinson, William Morgan, Joshua Schael, William W. Evarts, Daniel Harding, Edward Hall, William Irwin, Eugene P. Willard, Chauncy W. Rickerd, Asa P. Pomery, John Sawey, Nelson Sharp, Elijah Anyell, Walter Nichols, Orville W. Stringer, Charles H. Howe, Arthur J. Mathew, Leander T. Cole, Edgar Griffin, John W. Goodar, G. A. Wilson, John Titswith, George Slaybaugh, Benjamin Tripp, Dillucene Stoughton, Americus V. Covey, Edwin Smith, William S. Stober, Charles B. Streeter, William H. Nichols, [George W. Harris, Peter Church, James Bessie, Charles A. Nichols, Sylvester L. Clark, Henry Cutler, Samuel Hays, 0. W. Cooper, Elijah Angell].

Glencoe Township – Jacob Raymen, Duncan McQuaig, Richard M. Hiller, Wilson Wise, John Nick, [Brainerd A. Ricker, William Smith, George W. Smith],

Lake Township – Austin Reed.

Newkirk Township – George Williams, James Moore, George W. Temple, James Craft, Isaac M. Gray, Oliver Sisco, [William Almy].

Pinora Township – Peter Theal, S. N. Hibbets, Don H. Fuller, Jacob Pepper, Jeremiah Mann, Henry Stowe, Clark Crane, Daniel Donovan, Samuel Reynolds, Andrew McLaughlin, Francis Smith, James Gillespie, Frederick Gillet, Samuel Wolfe, Henry St. Croix, Steven Fuller, Reuben Wibert, Wesley Ingalls, George Collier, John Dyer, Anthony Ritter, John Bigbee, Michael Dershel.

Village of Baldwin – Alexander McFish, George W. Townsend, Edward E. Decker, Henry Cutler, Porter Yates, Henry H. Isbell, Joseph H. Cobb, Rawlin N. Blackmer, John A. Updegraff, Patrick O’Bryan, John Carpenter, Samuel Trumpower, Henry Rowe, Scott Voorheis, Frank S. Cashion, J. E. Baker, John W. Romine.

Webber Township – Harlow A. Nichols, Ralph H. Hollister, Austin S. Randall, Abram Bush, [Leonidas Lines].

Yates Township – James Armstrong, David Cossart, George Abrams, Steven D. Brockway, William Hanover, Judson North, James Avery, Albert A. Blanchard.

Lake County MI,

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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