1894 Michigan State Census – Kissaukee County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Etna Township – Michael Whalen, William J. Barney, Dewitt C. Church, Seth B. St. John.

Bloomfield Township – A. M. Hodges, Martin Babcock, Eli Falkinburgh, Milton H. Moore.

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Caldwell Township – Sabine Porter, Jacob Snyder, Russell Whitlock, Francis A. Swan, Joseph Hayden, Eugene Tibbitts, Isaac Lamphear, John H. Hall, James Dyer, John Seeley.

Clam Union Township – Roelf Veen.

Forest Township – William H. Miller, John Lounsbury, George W. Cook, H. A. Corwin, E. Johnson, James McGinnes, James Byroads, Robert Vau Orden.

Lake Township – Joseph Harper, James McConnell, Van R. Olmsted, Robert Boddy, Joshua J. Trickey, Alfred Brundage, Charles Waltz, Alvin C. Finn, Michael Enright, Lewis Slater, James Hangleton.

Norwich Township – William G. Bigelow, Francis M. Belknap, James G. Tuttle, Rue. P. Lamb, Joseph Burroughs, George Somers, Walter W. Gorthey, Louis J. Baebenroth, Benjamin F. Roosa, Hiram Bunce, William H. Sutherland, George Green, Calvin H. French.

Pioneer Township – Hiram S. Lamb, Charles Johnson, Seneca H. Chase, Isaac J. Lefts, William Bartholomew, Alanson Sackett, Harvey Bartholomew, Marion D. Richardson, Joseph E. King.

Reeder Township – Samuel A. Gray, James Proctor, George W. Hall, Amos Carter, John Cummings, William Hayes, Michael Decker, Joseph E. Ross, Alfred Hardy, Henry H. Long.

Village of Lake City-John E. Ransom, Delos Spencer, Hugh Turney, Thomas O’Grady, Charles H. Davis, James Allen, Richard Shultz, Samuel McChesney, Levi Klinginsmith. Arlington C. Lewis, Wayne E. Morris, George Hart, Paul Smith.

Richland Township – Haas Franklin. NN-m. R. Lapp. Charles Reed, George F. Wilson, Daniel McDowell, Ammers H. Rounds, James Callenfels, George Barnum, John Sinnott.

Riverside Township – Dennis Cotter, John Cowen, Jepthah Stewart, Simeon E. Martin, Leander B. Treadwell. Chalkly McCann, David Tate, Jonas L. Peart, Wilson S. Marks, John Ryan. John Kline, S. F. Thomas, Daniel P. Ferenbaugh. Lafayette Charter. John Bowen. R. C. Smith, Ensley Gray, Isaac Duncan, John Braggins.

West Branch Township – Benjamin Frasier. Charles A. Miller. Charles A. Gerard, Chauncy Brace, William Gerard, Cornelius W. Hall.

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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