1894 Michigan State Census – Huron County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Bingham Township – Alexander McKenzie, James Gilson, Horace P.

Shaver, Cyrus T. Hathaway, Michael Murphy. Andrew Patrick. Brookfield Township – George Cross, William Wilson. Sidney Walker. Lander Gokey, Frederick Ketchmer.

Caseville Township – C. Richmond, John Smith, August Strorm. John Anderson, Luke S. Johnson, Albert Frank, M. C. Smalley, John R. Pass, Anthony Golden, Henry Leroy. John W. Wood. Simon Stockmeyer. John Glosser, George Smith, William Graham, Frederick Steiman. William Anderson, William Meyer, Henry Gairman, E. M. Stevens, James M. Wilson. Henry Johnson. John Kunkle, Robert T. Lambert. Joseph L. Hatherlay, John M. Stortz.

Chandler Township – Lewis Pochett, Mathew Fogle. James F. Wager, Chauncy Galloway, James Casson, Thomas Farver. Voley Peters, Jas. Bedford, Stephen A. Mosher, Aden S. Taft. Stephen Sedore.

Colfax Township – William Tahash, Richard Jackman. William Laird. Joseph Mayes, Samuel Bell, William L. Barr. Hall Davis. D. H. Williams. George Schiebel. Robert Fulton, John Herndon, David Bordner.

Dwight Township – J. F. Weatherhad. Homer Fillon, Thomas Whitechurch, T. William H. Hall, Henry Fillet, Spencer Case. Angus W. Kennedy. William Yolan, Henry B. Hellems.

Fair Haven Township – Daniel M. Frasier. Frederick G. Waterman, Thomas S. Fluette, [Lenord J. Sylvester. Martin McGaw. Jno. Tack].

Gore Township – William Pochert. Elias Spencer.

Giant Township – Francis Burnliam. Benjamin F. Parker. Francis Stockes. Henry L. Knight. Reuben Body, Alexander Finkle. David Quant. James Shoefcit, Jacob Hartsell, Thomas Bancroft. W. J. Williamson, Rick Ryan, William Proudfoot. Charles Hirtz. John H. Hare. [Lafayette Mathews. E. Robertson. A. B. Randolph, John R. Body].

Hume Township – William Etzler. William H. Smith. Loren W. Lincoln, Irvin Bates. Philip Carroll. Edward Gritzler. Charles Wright. John Brock, Antoine Etzler, John C. Witherspoon, William Carty, James Campbell, William Storbeck, Daniel Ahearn, Elisha Smith.

Huron Township – Evan Wade, Darius Downing. [William H. Benett, Jno. Carson].

Lake Township – George McKay. George Bettrage, Nathaniel Hall, Frank Yax, [George Henery].

Lincoln Township – Arthur C. Louks.

Meade Township – James Gillesbie, Martin Nelson, Ronald McDonald, Wellington Furness, James Pincombe, Julius Souva, John Dunn, James Fulkuer, Louis A. Mosey.

Oliver Township – Dwight Hewitt, William Hollingshead, Orsemus W. Rowe, Elisha W. Parks, B. F. Eastman, George W. Stott, Albert A. Brown, Robert Walker.

Paris Township – Francis Talagar, Frank Mazure.

Port Austin Township – William Jewell, .Newell Burrows, James O’Neil, Charles Peck.

Village of Port Austin -Chandler Heath, Moses Sturtevant, James Brebner, Treadwell Oakes, William Hutchinson, Jacob Long.

Rubicon Township – Anthony Gibler, William Connor, Robert Hunter, William J. Moore, Amos Hoffman, Horace Hand, Herman Dickinson.

Village of Port Hope – F. Leese.

Sand Beach Township – William Whalen, Michael Reynolds, John Geiger, William Lamb, Major Cowper, John Manson, John Ney, John Gallenger, David H. Atman, Jacob Layer, George Wengert, Isaac Anderson, Fred Brockway.

Village of Sand Brach – August Pittsley, Austin Corbet, G. S. Hackett, Lafayette Connor, Samuel J. Miller, A. Patrick Finley, Philip Ingles, Richard Lamb, Peter B. Foulks, B. F. Herman, Henry Gilbert, George W. Jenks, James M. Parker, William McMillen, Samuel A. Fuller.

Sebewaing Township – Fredrick Bauer, Henry Neuman, Valentine Wagner, William Bolzman, George Hall, Jacob Mammel, Frank Titz.

Village of Sebewaing – Franklin H. Gauze, Amos Debolt, Antoine Bondey, Olin Pengra, Gottlieb Glasser, Elon C. Colles, John C. Sautter, George W. Siglin, Peter Surine, Christian Flickinger, Frederick W. Osterly, Wallace W. Hibbert, Andrew J. St. John.

Sheridan Township – John McClellan; Walter Bowman.

Sherman Township – Henry Smith, Thomas J. Baker, William Rogers, Francis A. Snyder, Samuel Hanna, William Bell, Peter Kirsch, Samuel Basler, Charles Clark, John Lowe.

Sigel Township – Charles Marshall, Edwin H. Emery, Joseph Buck, Wallace Borden, Charles Fuller.

Verona Towuship – John Clark, Dean T. Cutler, John G. Collins, Richard M. Braden.

Village of Bad Axe – Rudolph Haller, Samuel T. Cantelon, Solomon T. Smith, Charles E. Brown, Hiram L. Chipman, Calvin H. Foster, Roswell N. Hilton. William Younglove, Spencer H. Blakely, Byron Rosseter, Alexander Perry, George W. Hilton, James Cummings, Harrison Livingston, Joseph Watson, William H. Merrick, William McIntyre, Theodore Conklin.

Winsor Township – Jordon Barr, Martin Noon, Michael Schuh, Philip Proper. Adam H. Harder, Henry Mueller, William Gage.

Huron County MI,

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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