1894 Michigan State Census – Gladwin County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Gladwin County.

Beaverton Township. – Henry B. Pawley, David Mutton, George Kent, Andrew Winchell, John Hamlin, Solomon 0. Hunt, Isaac Fisher, Henry L. Taylor, Thomas J. Lough, Nathaniel Diltz, Albert McLouth, Frank Sprague, Calvin Fullmer, Martin Cherry.

Bentley Township. – Chandler Scott, John Marshall, George Parker, [Orange G. Emerson].

Billings Township. – Huston Mayhew, Levi Eldridge, William Kent. Buckeye Township. – C. W. Sinclair, Obediah Smith, John Arance, Henry C. Arance, Roderick Burk, James R. Randle, William Stout, Cyrus Osborn, James A. Miller.

Butman Township. – Reeves Small, C. P. Brown, Robert H. Louthan, Fred Sidensticker, William Westover.

Clement Township. – Giles Campbell.

Gladwin Township. – George Kingsbury, Jerome Burley, Charles Van Valkenburg, Lee Swift, Andrew Hozlocher, Henry Thomas, Hubert Wheeler, [Ephriam C. Diffen].

Grout Township. – Robert A. Byron, Alvin A. Bradley, Anthony Baumgardner, Robert C. Mathews, Benjamin Teeple, Henry Madill, Nelson Plude, James Flood, Joseph H. Barker, Aaron Boger, John Lewellen, John 0. Smith, Henry Ammon.

Sage Township. – Isaac C. Smallwood, Benjamin Thornton, John Middleton, William Kellogg, John Chapman, John Waers, Wilson Haynes, Patrick Sullivan.

Sherman Township. – Peter Tresler, Simon P. Sheels, Daniel McLargin, George Cassady, Walton L. Hyman.

Tobacco Township. – Francis Cooledge, Daniel W. Fairchild, David S. Fairchild, Job Young, Joseph H. Prim, Robert I. McKibben, Garnett Crumbpacker.

Gladwin City, First Ward. – James T. Flemming, Samuel S. Clark. Gladwin City, Second Ward. – Edgar L. Chidsey, Calvin Smith, Aaron C. Deremer, Christopher C. Foutth, John Stewart, George McCoy, Enoch Robbins, Ransom F. Simmons, William J. Parker.

Gladwin City, Third Ward. – George W. Rowley, John H. Robinson, Oliver C. Rouse, David D. Foutch, Napoleon B. Davis. Gladwin City, Fourth Ward, Daniel R. Smith.

Gladwin County MI,

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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