1894 Michigan State Census – Delta County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Delta County.

Baldwin Township. – Charles Besaw, John W. Heppe, William E. Shay. William Prause.

Bark River Township. – Richard Roberts.

Bay De Noc Township. – August Greenoch.

Escanaba Township. – William Kelley.

Ford River Township. – Perrie Allard, Archibald McKenzie, Thomas A. Higgins, [Hiram Wel:man].

Garden Township. – John Wilson, Robert R. Campbell, William Wilson, Jerome Desbrowe.

Village of Garden. – Hiram G. Squires, John Dotsch, John Smith, Nelson Rushford, Levi W. Olmsted, Thomas H. Ward, George Wood, Edward Bureau.

Maple Ridge Township. – Chauncy F. Haskell, John Donohue, Owen Curran, [Mathew Britz].

Masonville Township. – Linus D. Burt, Augustus Gould, George W. Beals, Lewis C. Wolf, Lemuel Darrow, George W. Fenlason. Charles T. Bennett, Benjamin Belonge, Edward Rabbidean, Michael Shea, Alexander Labumbard, William W. Ford, Myron O. Whipples, John Laraby, Adam Rice, Alex Lucier.

Nahma Township. – Louis Welch, John C. Van Dyke, Edward Buckley, Thomas Patchel. William Chew, Michael Rushford, Thomas O’Niel. Sack Bay Township. – Albert Bartman. John Wilber, Benjamin F. Cain.

Wells Township. – John Conto, C. H. Brown, Charles Gould, George Blinkam, W. H. Harrison, George T. Burns.

Escanaba City, First Ward. – John G. Walters, Carl J. Embs, Paul Walker, Emil Glaser, [William Golden].

Escanaba City, Second Ward. – Asa S. Warn, H. W. Van Dyke, J. E. Lyon, Albert H. Rolph, Frank L. Dayton, J. C. Van Duzer, Amos A. Parkhurst, Frank Sheedlo, John Power.

Escanaba City, Third Ward. – John T. Beecher, John Dean.

Escanaba City, Fourth Ward. – James Blake, Charles F. Bouton, Samuel

Wason, Samuel Atkins, John G. Gibbs, Jacob Carrow, [H. P. Young, Levi Heminger].

Escanaba City, Fifth Ward. – David N. Robinson, Maurice Boyle, Bernard Snow, Thofels Virma, [William McKeefer].

Escanaba City, Sixth Ward. – Peter Van Valkenberg, Thomas Farrel, Norman Eddy, Jesse F. Wright, James Fuller, John Oliver, [Jonothan Russell].

Escanaba City, Seventh Ward. – J. W. King, David Wiltsie, Edward E. Parisean.

Gladstone City, First Ward. – John Beattie, Gasper Lacomb.

Gladstone City, Second Ward. – William P. Derry, Wilson Shepard, Aaron Miller, J. Walton Pennock, Augustus Mathews, [Rufus H. Siple, William Aitkin].

Gladstone City, Third Ward. – Michael Bellaire, Joseph W. Call, Joseph N. Collins, John R. Green, Giles J. Sheldon, Edward Lafave, Charles Moody, Martin Powell, [W. A. Foss, Jonothan R. Green].

Gladstone City, Fourth Ward. – David Danforth, John S. Craig, [Samuel Crammer].

Delta County MI,

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896.

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