W Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Birth Records to 1850

     _____, d. Frederick E. and L[ – ] Nov. 22, 1847.

     John, s. Elizabeth Pecker, Mar. 29, 1762.

     Ellis, s. Nathan and Eunice, Nov. 2, 1810.
     Eunice Maria, d. Nathan and Eunice, Aug. 17, 18l8.
     George Henry, s. Nathan and Eunice, Dec. 29, 1829.
     Horace, s. Nathan and Eunice, Dec. 12, 1808.
     John Warren, s. Nathan and Eunice, May 28, 1817.
     Julia Leland, d. Nathan and Eunice, Jan. 27, 1822.
     Lowell Davis, s. Nathan and Eunice, Dec. 23, 18l4.
     Lowell Davis, s. Nathan and Eunice, Nov. 11, 1820.
     Lyman Smith, s. Nathan Jr. and Eunice, Oct. 23, 1803.
     Nathan Fisher, s. Nathan and Eunice, Mar. 30, 1813.
     Newel, s. Nathan and Eunice, May 29,. 1806.
     Sarah Ann, d. Nathan and Eunice, Aug. 5, 1828.

     Caroline Elizabeth, d. John B. and Eliza Jane, May 18, 1838.
     Ellin Maria, d. John B. and Eliza Jane, Feb. 16, 1840.
     George Edward, s. John and Mary, May 15, 1847.
     William Henry, s. John (born Sharon) and Mary (born Wrentham), Mar. 7, 1849.

     Julius Robert Alex[and]e[r], s. Robert (born Royalston) and Caroline, Nov. 26, 1849.

     George Edson, S. George N. and Derasa, June -, 1846.
     Lewis, s. Jacob and Prissa, Jan. 15, 1816.

     Betsey (Whtecar), d. Oliver and Philen[a], Feb.26, 1781.

     _____, s. Joel (born Attleboro) of Attleboro, and Almira, Feb. 20, 1849.

WHITAKER (see Whitecare).

     Frances [sic] James, s. Tim[oth]y and Susannah, Nov. 4, 1813.

     Lucy, d. Robert and Rachal, July 31, 1793.

     Benjamin, s. Jonathan and Elisabeth, Nov. 6, 1790.
     Charlotte, d. Jonathan and Elisabeth, Jan. 28, 1788.
     Eliza, d. Jonathan and Elisabeth, Dec. 1, 1793.
     Harriet Elsy, d. Leroy (born Sullivan, N.Y.) and Miranda, Nov. 24, 1848.
     Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Elisabeth, Oct. 23, 1785.

     George, s. Abel and Fanny, Dec. 29, 1820.

     Ellen Mina, d. Bildad and A., Oct. 25, 1846.
     Eudora Jane, d. Earl S. (born Mansfield) and Mary Jane (born Hartly, Conn.), Sept. 18, 1848.

WILLET (see Willett, Willit),
     Abner, s. Andrew and Sibbel, Sept. 16, 1785.
     George, s. Andrew and Sibbel, Mar. 11, 1782.
     George, ch. Roland and Sophia, Oct. 18, 1814.
     Laurence Newell, s. Newell and Olive M., Oct. 29, 1849.
     Lewis, s. Andrew and Sibbel, June 2, 1792.
     Lydia, d. Joseph and Lydia [blotted] [duplicate entry, Mar. 20, 1738].
     Lydia, ch. Roland and Sophia, May 25, 1810.
     Mary, d. Joseph and Lidia, June 4, 1736.
     Mary, ch. Roland and Sophia, May 10, 1812.
     Newel, s. Amdrew and Sibbel, Mar. 11, 1795.
     Newell, ch. Roland (Willett) and Sophia, Mar. 7, 1819.
     Oliver, s. Andrew and Sibbel, Oct. 26, 1783.
     Polly, d. Andrew and Sibbel, Apr. 14, 1790.
     Roland, s. Andrew and Sibbel, July 23, 1787.
     Roland, ch. Roland (Willett) and Sophia, Apr. 10, 1817.
     Sibbel, d. Andrew and Sibbel, Dec. 30, 1779.
     [torn]e, ch. Joseph and w., June 6, 1740.
     [trn]rew, ch. Joseph and w., Aug. 30, 1743.

WILLETT (see Willet, Willit),
     Andrew Oliver, s. Rawland and Sophia, Mar. 22, 1827.
     Clarisa, d. Rowland and Sophia, Feb. 11, 1825.
     Harriot, ch. Roland and Sophia, July 5, 1822.
     Liddia, d. Joseph and Liddia, Oct. 17, 1734.

WILLIT (see Willet, Willett),
     Aaron, s. Andrew (Willet) and Sibbel, Jan. 5, 1772.
     Cate, d. Andrew and Sibble, Sept. 9, 1774.
     Georg, s. Andrew and Sibbel, Mar. 26, 1777.
     Joseph, s. Andrew and Sibbel, Sept. 5, 1773.

WOOD (see Woods),
     Abby Louisa, d. George A. and Eliza H., Mar. 21, 1845.
     Charles Augustus, s. Horatio and Susan, Sept. 27, 1828.
     Eli, s. David and Silance, Mar. 12, 1740.
     Elvira Elizabeth, d. Horatio and Susan, Sept. 27, 1826.
     Henry Albert, s. George A. and Eliza H., July 3, 1843.
     Henry Holden, s. Horatio and Susan, May 7, 1831.
     James Herbert, s. George A. (born Warwick, R.I.) and Eliza H. (born Cohaset), June 18, 1848.
     Levi, s. David and Silance, Sept. 5, 1741.
     Susan Glover, d. Horatio and Susan, Aug. 29, 1833.

WOODS (see Wood),
     Samuel Dexter, s. Samuel and Diana, June 16, 1839.

WOORSELY (see Worsely),
     Josiah, s. Robert and Sarah, May 12, 1757.

WORSELY (see Woorsely),
     Esther, d. Robert and Sarah, Feb. 20, 1755.
     Robert, s. Robert and Sarah, Oct. 24, 1752.

     Elezebeth, d. William and Elezebeth, May 31, 1736, Frances Evina, d. Charles and Mary, Jan. 29, 1846.

Birth Records,

Town of Walpole, Mass. Vital records of Walpole, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1902.

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