N Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Birth Records to 1850

NAASON (see Naison, Nason),
     John, s. Thomas and Jemima, June 26, 1763.
     William, s. Thomas Jr. and Jemima, Dec. 2, 1766.
     Ziba, s. Thomas and Jemima, Dec. 4, 1764.

NAISON (see Naason, Nason),
     Willard, s. Thomas [and] Sarah, Mar. 5, 1775.

NASON (see Naason, Naison),
     Abigail, d. Thomas and Sarah, Mar. 24, 1743.
     Abner, s. Willaby and Mary, July 25, 1791.
     Adeline, ch. Sam[ue]l and Fanny, Dec. 20, 1805.
     Carroline, d. Elijah and Ruth, Jan. 29, 1804.
     Charles, ch. Sam[ue]l and Fanny, Nov. 23, 1807.
     Daniel, s. Willaby and Mary, Mar. 22, 1787.
     David, s. Willabough and Mary, Feb. 25, 1774.
     Elijah, s. Willaby and Mary, May 21, 1778.
     Elijah, s. Elijah and Ruth, Nov. 15, 1801.
     Elizabith Clark, d. Jesse and Hannah, Feb. 15, 1802.
     Fanny, d. Samuel and Fanny, Feb. 6, 18l3.
     George Warren, s. Jesse and Hannah, Jan. 11, 1806.
     Harriot, d. Elijah and Ruth, Dec. 27, 1805.
     Jesse, s. Willaby and Mary, Feb. 27, 1776.
     Joel, s. Willaby and Mary, Nov. 7, 1782.
     Jula, d. Sam[ue]l and Fanny, Nov. 6, 1810.
     Kate, d. Nathaniel and Abial, Nov. 2, 1773.
     Laura, s. [sic] Jesse and Hannah, Dec. 28, 1800.
     Lydia, ch. Sam[ue]l and Fanny, Mar. 9, 1804.
     Margret, d. Thomas and Sarah, Oct. 28, 1745.
     Mary, d. Willaby and Mary, Sept. 15, 1780.
     Nancy, d. Willaby and Mary, Aug. 18, 1789.
     Nathaniel, s. Thomas and Sarah, Aug. 6, 1740.
     Oliver, s. Nathaniel and Abial, July 29, 1764.
     Seth, s. Nathaniel and Abi[torn], Nov. 2, 1771.
     Silas, s. Willabough and Mary, Jan. 6, 1773.
     Suse, d. Willaby and Mary, Feb. 15, 1785.
     William Emons, s. Jesse and Hannah, Oct. 24, 1808.
     [torn]by, s. Thomas and Mary, Feb. [totn;? 21], 1749-50.
     [torn]ry,d. Thomas and Mary, Dec. 27, 1751.
     [torn]ias, s. Thomas and Jemima, _____ [recorded after Jan. 4, 1770].

     Benjamin Franklin, [twin] s. Benj[amin] and Eliza, Nov. 2, 1835.
     Eliza Frances, [twin] d. Benj[ami]n and Eliza, Nov. 2, 1835.
     Ira Ellis, s. Benjamin and Eliza, Oct. 20, 1829.
     Lucy, d. Benjamin and Eliza, May 11, 1839.

     John Gregory, s. John and Milley, Sept. 7, 1801.

     Lucy Lavina, d. Alexander (born Providence, R.I.) and Mary (born Attleboro), Sept. 14, 1848.

Birth Records,

Town of Walpole, Mass. Vital records of Walpole, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1902.

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