G Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Birth Records


James, s. Thomas and Rebeckah, Oct. 26, 1778.
Joseph, s. Thomas and Rebecah, Nov. 11, 1780.
Rebeckah, d. Thomas and Rebeckah, Nov. 4, 1777.
Thomas, s. Rev. Thomas and Rebeca, July 17, 1784.
William, s. Rev. Thomas and Rebcak, Dec. 26, 1782.
, d. Rev. Thomas and Rebekah, Dec. — , 1786.

GAMMELL (see Gammill)

Asa Messer, s. Rev. William and Mary, Mar. 26, 1816.
John, s. Rev. Will[ia]m and Mary, Apr. 14, 1818.
Margaret, d. Rev. William and Marie Antionett, Dec. 24, 1822.
William, s. Rev. W[illia]m and Mary, Feb. 10, 1812.

GAMMILL (see Gammell)

Mary Morse, d. Rev. William and Mary, Apr. 26, 1814.


Hannah Adams, d. James W. and Altemira Elizabeth, Nov. 16, 1832.
Mary, d. Edward (Mac[torn]land alias Gardner) and Mary, Oct. 21, 1734
Mary Lucy, d. James W. and Altemira E., Nov. 20, 1835.


George, s. Jason and Hannah, Nov. 5, 1805.
Hannah, d. Jason and Hannah, July 19, 1798.
Jason Jr., s. Jason and Hannah, Feb. 16, 1800.
Joseph Wheelock, s. Joel and Pricela, Nov. 17, 1789.
Luther, s. Jason and Hannah, June 20, 1803.
Polly, d. Jason and Hannah, Apr. 20, 1795.
Timothy, s. Jason and Hannah, Jan. 3, 1808.

GERALD (see Geruld, Girauld, Giruld, Jerauld, Jerould, Jiruld).


Bette, d. Henry and Sarah, Nov. 10, 1705.
John, s. Henry and Sarah, June 4, 1711.
Mary, d. Henry and Sarah, June 13, 1707.
Mehittabell (Garnsey), d. Henry [and] Sarah, Apr. 20, 1709.
Samuel, s. Henry and Sarah, Aug. 12, 1703.
Sarah, d. Henry and Sarah, Aug. 26, 1701.
Thankfull, d. Henry and Sarah, Sept 20, 1712.

GERULD (see Girauld, Giruld, Jerauld, Jerould, Jiruld)

Stephen, s. Dr. James and Martha, Nov. 29, 1720.


Warren K., s. Charles and w., Nov. 6, 1836.

GIRAULD (see Geruld, Giruld, Jerauld, Jerould, Jiruld)

Dutees [? Dupee], s. Dr. James and Martha, Mar. 5, 1722-3.
Mary, d. James and Martha, July 8, 1725.
Susanna, d. James and Martha, Nov. 6, 1730.

GIRULD (see Geruld, Girauld, Jerauld, Jerould, Jiruld)

Joanna, d. James and Martha, Nov. 2, 1728.


Amy, d. Jonathan E. and Mary, Jan. 29, 1840.
Francis Edward, s. Jona[than] E. and Amy, July 5, 1835.
Mary Elisabeth, d. Jonathan E. and Amy, May 9, 1834.


Alonzo Austin, s. Alonzo and Elizabeth N., Apr. 1, 1847.
Ellen Elizabeth, d. Alonzo and Elizabeth N., Apr. 29, 1845.


Charles Henry, s. Joseph and Sarah Ann, June 9, 1828.
James Hewins, s. Joseph and Sarah, Oct. 10, 1837.


Alaxander, s. James and Mary, Oct. 14, 1741
Mary, d. James (Gaudy) and Mary, Dec. 15, 1744


Adaliza, d. Samuel S. and w., Oct 25, 1825.
Andrew Jackson, s. Samuel S. and Eliza, Feb. 9, 1824.
Ellen Gertrude, d. William M. and Rosilla A., Aug. 29, 1847.
Harriet, d. Samuel S., Aug. 9, 1822.
Martha, d. Sam[ue]l S. and Eliza, May 26, 1819.
Mary Ann, d. John and Loiza, Oct. 12, 1820.
Precilla, d. Benjamin and Precilla, Nov. 16, 1693.
Sarah Jane, d. Sam[ue]l S. and Eliza, Aug. 5, 1820.
William Messinger, s. John (Garant) and Louisa, July 15, 1822.


Benjamin, s. Newport and Filles, Feb. 8, 1788.
Catharine Brown, d. Samuel and Rachel, Aug. 8, 1825.
Daniel, s. Worrick and Mary, Dec. 10, 1783.
David, s. Warrick and Mary, Oct. 26, 1789.
Johnson, s. Samuel and Rachel, May 17, 1822.
Lurany, d. Warrick and Mary, Feb. 28, 1785.
Polly, d. Warrick and Mary, Apr. 1, 1787.
Purmillar, d. Newport and Fillis. June 1, 1789.
William, s. Newport and Filles, Sept. 1, 1785.


Elias, s. John and Sarah, Feb. 28, 1757.
Nathan, s. John and Sarah, Aug. 2, 1753.
Sarah, d. John and Sarah, Mar. 6, 1759.
Silas, s. John and Sarah, Mar. 31, 1755.

Birth Records,

Medfield, MA. Vital Records of Medfield, Massachusetts: To the Year 1850. New-England historic genealogical society, at the charge of the Eddy town-record fund, 1903.

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