Biography of Charles William Greene

The trust imposed upon him from several generations of his forefathers finds Charles William Greene the faithful custodian of old Hadley properties, the farmstead long ago established by agriculturists of a staunch old school and maintained by their sons’ sons with an undiminished ardor for their calling. A practical farmer, Mr. Greene continues in its upkeep and further development within the old bounds and with the means and methods of the present day. Of striking interest in itself is the recounting of the generations of the men and women who have borne his name, who have cast their lot in Western Massachusetts and upon the farmlands of this section of New England.

(I) Timothy Greene, the first of the name to come to this region was born August 9, 1723, in Connecticut, and he died in Amherst November 1, 1796. Coming to Massachusetts from Connecticut early in life, he was one of the incorporators of the Second, or East Parish, in Amherst, in May, 1783, and he was a cooper by trade. He fought in the French and Indian War. He married Eunice Ellsworth, of Windsor, Connecticut, who was born March 29, 1717, and died in Amherst, May 25, 1792, daughter of Sergeant Thomas Ellsworth, of Windsor, Connecticut.

(II) Timothy (2) Greene, son of Timothy and Eunice (Ellsworth) Greene, was born January 4, 1748, in Ellington, Connecticut, and died September 8, 1821, in Amherst. He was a farmer and a cooper, and coming from Ellington to Amherst with his parents, he afterwards occupied his father’s homestead. He was a soldier in the Continental Army of the American Revolution, and an upright and patriotic citizen. He was a member and a constant attendant of the First Church in Amherst. Timothy (2) Green married, (first), in 1770, Eunice Clark, who was born in 1750 and died in 1776; he married (second), in 1780, Sybil Hastings Peck, widow of Joseph Kelly Peck, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Belden) Hastings; she died in 1819. The children of the first marriage: Timothy; Zirah, of whom further; Clark. The children of the second marriage: Eunice; Sybil; Joel; Lucretia; Joel (2); Rufus; Lucina; Sally; Judith.

(III) Zirah Greene, son of Timothy and Eunice (Clark) Greene, was born June 18, 1773, in Amherst, and died March 28, 1813, in Hadley (Plainville). He was a farmer and was a deeply religious man. He married, March 28, 1799, Eleanor Morton, who was born in 1774, and died in 1847; she married (second), Jonathan Woods. The children of Zirah and Eleanor (Morton) Greene: Linus, of whom further; Doris; Lucretia; Almira; Olive.

(IV) Linus Greene, son of Zirah and Eleanor (Morton) Greene, was born February 2, 1800, in Amherst, and died May 4, 1877, in Hadley. He was a farmer of note, and was often called the best farmer in Hampshire County; and, a successful business man, he would have been prominent in any calling that he might] have undertaken. He was a man of unusual natural abilities, great sagacity and sound judgment; he held the offices of selectman and assessor in Hadley. Prominent in the membership of the First Congregational Church in Amherst, with his family he transferred that membership to the Hadley Church. He married, June 11, 1822, Esther Hawley, who was born June 18, 1802, in East Amherst, daughter of Dr. Zachariah Hawley; she died January 2, 1892. Their children: 1. Eleanor Morton, born in 1823, married Jeremiah Kentfield. 2. Henry, born in 1825. 3. Cordelia Billings, born in 1827. 4. John Morton, born in 1830. 5. Lucretia, born in 1832, married Harvey Bartlett. 6. Zerah, born in 1834. 7. George, of whom further. 8. Porter Woods, born in 1839. 9. Porter Woods (2), born in 1842. 10. Linus Clark.

(V) George Greene, son of Linus and Esther (Hawley) Greene, was born December 6, 1836, in Hadley, and died July 11, 1887. An enterprising and successful farmer, he owned a farm of one hundred acres, fatted cattle for the market and did a general farming business. He was a member of the Congregational Church. He married Emily D. Morgan, of Hadley, who was born in Gill, in 1839, and died in 1920, daughter of Samuel and Charlotte (Dickenson) Morgan. They were the parents of one son, Charles William, of whom further.

(VI) Charles William Greene, son of George and Emily D. (Morgan) Greene, was born September 4, 1871, in Hadley, where he attended public schools, and he continued to reside on the same farm where his grandsire had settled many years ago. His farm is accounted one of the best in the Connecticut Valley, and there Mr. Greene raises a large acreage of tobacco and potatoes. He also conducts an extensive dairy, and is a successful all around farmer. He is a member of the local Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry; and his religious faith is that of the Congregational Church.

Mr. Greene married, March 22, 1892, Harriet B. Morton, of Hadley, daughter of Horace B. and Jennie B. (Underwood) Morton. They have one son, Homer M. Greene, born January 8, 1894, and attended the public schools; he is a member of the Grange, and is engaged in farming with his father.


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