Robert Davis of Baltimore, Maryland

U136 ROBERT DAVIS: b. in Baltimore, Md. Served as a soldier during Revolution under Gen. Washington. Among his ch. Was

U137 DENNIS DAVIS: b. in Baltimore, 1791, and d. at Black Oak, Mo. Hem. Joanna Thomas. Ch. include:

(1) John T.: b. 1812, d. 1882; m. Margaret Moore, 1817. Ch. include:

(A) Mary Ann: b. 1838; m. (1), Anthony Sharp; m. (2), Alford Hawkes. Issue.

(B) Elizabeth Jane: b. 1841; m. James T. Ross. Issue.

(C) George NV: b. 1844; m. first, Paulina Naffizinger.

(a) Rosetta: b. 1866; m. Edward E. Taylor and had Etta, Ethel and Homer.

(b) Mary: b. 1868.

(c) Ara Daniels: b. 1869; m. Cora D. Potter; grad. Missouri Wesleyan Coll.; served in ministry of Methodist Epis­copal churches for 22 yrs., and field sec’y of Education of the Methodist Church for 2 yrs. Add.: 1654 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

1. Ruth B.: b. 1894; m. Vincent Correll in 1921 in Nebr. They have Vincent Correll, b. 1926.

2. Paul B.: b. 1900, 111. Gladys Munson, 1921. Studied law and admitted to state bar as an attorney-at-law. Now engaged in teaching in Omaha. One dau, Betty, b. 1923.

(d) Isom G.: b. 1871. Now successfully engaged in farming and stock raising in Missouri; m. Della Fisher, 1897.

1. Clay T.: b. 1899; m. and has one dau, Marjorie Ann.

2. Joe F.: b. 1904.

3. Lee F.: b. 1907.

(e) Emon A.: b. 1874.

(f) Ola M.: b. 1875.

(g) Lute L.: b. 1877; m. Eva Milsterd, 1902. They had two ch.—names not given, and Ethel and Paul.

(h) Joshua M.: b. 1879; m., 1902, and has one dau, Gladys.

(i) Clyde F.: b. 1882. In 1909 he m. Sarah Stephens and had Verna; b. 1910. She m. Harold Smith, 1929.

(j) Charley B.: b. 1884; m. and has three ch. They reside on a ranch in Cob.

(k) Milos J.: b. 1886.

(l) Homer A.: b. 1889; m. Mary Stephens, 1912, and has Letta and Earl.

(m) Ellen A.: b. 1891.

(n) Emma M.: m. Loban McBee, 1895. They had Mabel, Ethel and Homer. By his second
wife, Mrs. Alice West, George NV. had
(o) Gertrude: b. 1897; m. Riley Lowery, 1917. Ch.:
1. Betty Lee: b. 1922.
2. Jay Bruce: h. 1925.
3. May Margaret: b. 1929.
(p) George:
(q) Opal: b. 1902; m. Earl Else, 1918.

(r) Rosco L.: b. 1904; m. Frances Kimhle, 1923.

(D) Dennis J. T.: b. 1846; d. 1876; m. Pollie Brown who is still living.

(a) Margaret E,: b. 1871; m. Douglas Walker and has two ch,

(b) Lillian: m. Arthur Post. Three ch.

(c) Flora: m. James Lane. Two ch.

(E) John T.: b. 1852; m. Mary A. Toomey.

(a) Clarence: m. and is a distinguished rancher and citizen in Montana.

(b) Walter.

(c) Michael.

(d) John.

(e) Martha: m. and has four ch.

(F) Margaret H.: b. 1855; m. Win. Brown.

(a) George: a lawyer of promise in Wichita.

(b) Henry.

(c) Margaret.

(G) Hannah P.: b. 1859; m. James Eatherton and had Clayton, Margaret, James and John.

(2) Robert: b. 1815.

(3) Win. M.: b. 1818.

(4) Samuel D.: b. 1819; d. 1882. He m. Margaret Own. Ch. include:

(A) Paulina J b. 1845; m. Win. Holder and had six ch.

(B) Payton U.: b. 1847; m. Sarah Shafer and had Edward W., Tom and Amos.

(C) Thomas B.: b. 1849; m. Almeda Craver and had Samuel, Jr. and Win., who are both m. and have families hiving in Okla.

(D) Margaret: b. 1857.

(E) Rachel: b. 1860.

(F) Samuel P.: b. 1861.

(5) Joshua: b. 1821; m. twice. He went with Brigham Young and his emigrant train through wild territory from Ill, to Utah where he settled. Ch. include: Win. (b. 1844), Henry (b. 1845), Joshua (b. 1847), Heber (b. 1848), Orison, Burdell, and George. By his second wife he had Homer, Dennis, Norman, and others.

(6) Elizabeth A.: b. 1823; m. John Shrum. Ch. include John (b. 1848), and Samuel (b. 1861).

(7) Lewis F.: b. 1825; d. 1884; m. twice. Had with other issue

(A) Samuel T.: b. 1847; m. Matilda Kayser and had Artemas, Zelbert (b. 1884), and Clarence (b. 1888).

(B) James Win: b. 1849; m. Martha Welker and had Russell (b. 1888).

(C) Mathew F.: b. 1856; m. Sally Smith and had four daus.




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