Records of First Church in Falmouth Maine

Title:Baptisms and Admissions from the Records of First Church in Falmouth, now Portland, Maine
Author:King, Marquis F.
Publication date:1898
Publisher:Portland, ME: Maine Genealogical Society
Digitizing sponsor:Sloan Foundation
Contributor:The Library of Congress

The contents of the book on the records of First Church in Falmouth Maine were gleaned for and first appeared in the historical and genealogical columns of the Portland Evening Express. It contains a brief history of the church, followed by a list of its members from 1727 through 1855, a register of marriages from 1750 through 1853, and an alphabetical list of baptisms, presumably from the organization of the church. The appendix, comprising exactly half of the book, is made up of historical information, both ecclesiastical and secular, relating to Falmouth and its vicinity.

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