Muster Roll of Captain Albion P. Arnold’s Company

Muster Roll of Captain Albion P. Arnold’s Company of Artillery in the Detachment of drafted Militia of Maine, called into actual service “by the State, for the protection of its Northeastern Frontier, from the twenty-fifth day of February, 1839, the time of its rendezvous at Augusta, Maine, to the seventeenth day of April, 1839, when discharged or mustered.


Albion P. Arnold.


Charles B. Bates.


George W. Armstrong,
Sylvanus Fairbanks.
Rufus K. Lane.
John S. Morrill.


Daniel F. Ayer.
William P. Caldwell.
Cyrus C. Fairbanks.
William Walker.


Charles E. Hodges.
Sumner Smith.


Allen, George.
Allen, Josiah.
Atwood, George M
Blaisdell, Orrin W.
Brown, John W.
Butler, Samuel.
Campbell, Rufus.
Choate, James R.
Dudley, Stephen.
Earle, Joseph.
Fogg, Francis A.
Follett, John E.
Folsom, Cyrus H.
Haines, George W.
Hall, Samuel P.
Hammond, George W,
Jacobs, John.
Knowles, Augustus.
Knowles, John.
Lawton, Daniel.
Leeman, Moses D.
Lyon, William.
Melvin, Adorno L.
Moody, Edlon D.
Moshier, Stephen.
Page, Charles R.
Page, David L.
Patch, Jonathan.
Perkins, William.
Pinkham, William,
Quint, Ivory.
Ramsdell, Harvey.
Russell, Samuel B.
Stanley, George W.
Webster, Nathan.
Whittier, Jonathan,
Wiggin, James M.
Yeaton, Phineas, Jr.

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