Historical Sketches of Bluehill Maine

McIntire Genealogy of Blue Hill, Maine

The Jeremiah McIntire house and place were situated next to the Isaac Stover place. Jeremiah McIntire was not born at Blue Hill, but came to it a young man, from what place the records do not state. He was published to Lydia Knowles, of Sedgwick, June 8, 1818, and certified June 27, of the same year. Whether he or someone else built the house in which he and his family resided in the boyhood of the writer, there is no data at hand for determining.

The writer knew him in childhood, when he sometimes worked upon his father’s farm, and also knew his children who were near his own age. His children, according to the record, were, viz.:

  1. Abigail McIntire, born April 30, 1819.
  2. John Elliot McIntire, born March 9, 1821.
  3. Ingerson McIntire, born Dec. 11, 1822; married first Elizabeth M. Cousins; second, Mehitable P. Varnum.
  4. Sarah McIntire, born March 4, 1825; died March 4, 1825.
  5. Deborah Knowles McIntire, born April 7, 1826.
  6. Freeman Knowles McIntire, born July 16, 1828; married Lucy Ann Lufkin Nov. 8, 1851.
  7. Nathan Tenney McIntire, born April 9, 1830.
  8. Sylvanus Byard McIntire, born April 24, 1833; died Jan. 17, 1854.
  9. Francis McIntire, born; died Jan. 28, 1851, aged about 16 years.

Mrs. Lydia Knowles McIntire died March 21, 1839, and Mr. McIntire married Oct. 22, 1839, Sarah P. Eaton, but no children are recorded by the latter marriage, nor the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. McIntire.

Freeman Knowles McIntire was a shipmate of the writer in schooner Edward, of Blue Hill, during the season of 1846. At his golden wedding anniversary celebration held at Blue Hill Nov. 8, 1901, the writer sent through the mail to him and wife congratulations.

Ingerson McIntire Family Genealogy

The next occupant of the The Moses Carleton place after the Samuel Phelps Holt, Jr. family was Ingerson McIntire. Ingerson McIntire, son of Jeremiah and Lydia (Knowles) McIntire, was born Dec, 11, 1822; married, first, Elizabeth Cousins, by whom he had a son:

  1. Frank McIntire, born March 5, 1852.

Ingerson married, second, Mehitabie Varnum, who bore him four children, viz.:

  1. Edward W. McIntire, born Sept. 22, 1858.
  2. a son, Sept. 7, 1860, twin, died in infancy.
  3. a daughter, Sept. 7, 1860, twin, died in infancy.
  4. Harvey Howard McIntire born July 9, 1862.

Mr. Mclntire took down the old house, and built upon its site the two-story house now standing and occupied by his son and family.

The writer remembers Mr. and Mrs. Morse Carleton, their daughter Polly and son Samuel, Jonah Dodge, wife and children, Capt. Samuel P. Holt and wife and Ingerson McIntire, all occupants of this place and all gone to their rest.

He remembers, too, the yellow birch trees standing by the roadside just north of the house, which in the summer of 1904 appeared to him about as they did seventy or more years ago when he was a lad, and he thought of the surrounding changes while they seemed to preserve their vitality.

Candage, R. A. F. Historical Sketches of Blue Hill, Maine. Ellsworth, Maine: Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers. 1905.

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