Narraguagus Valley Some Account of its Early Settlement and Settlers

Lovett Genealogy of Narraguagus Valley Maine

Isaac Lovett, a young Englishman, came to the Narraguagus River with Joseph and Benjamin Wallace. He was clerk and bookkeeper for Major Joseph for several years. He was a fine penman, as shown by the old books that he kept, some of which are yet in existence, and a man of considerable education. He married Annie Sawyer, daughter of John Sawyer of Jonesport. Their children were:

  1. Daniel Lovett m. Betsey Leighton. No children.
  2. Annie Lovett m. Joseph Strout. 1
  3. Rebecca Lovett m. John Ward. Children:
    1. Isaac Ward.
    2. William Ward.
    3. Sarah Ward m. Amos Worster.
    4. Mary Ann Ward m. Samuel Leighton.
    5. Betsey Ward m. A. G. Hamlin, and 2, Samuel Leighton.
    6. Nancy Ward m. Elisha Small, Jr..
    7. Jane Ward m. Albert Church.
    8. Margaret Ward m. Richard C. Ray.
    9. Christiana Ward m. Henry Bray.
    10. Eleanor Ward.
  4. Elizabeth Lovett m. Charles Corthell. Children:
    1. David Corthell.
    2. Daniel Corthell.
    3. Levi C. Corthell.
    4. Charles R. Corthell.
    5. Joseph S. Corthell.
    6. Annie Corthell.
  5. Ruth Lovett m. David Cole.
  6. Jane Lovett was 2d wife of Moses Hinkley.
  7. Mary Lovett m. David Thompson.


  1. See Strout genealogy[]

Milliken, J. A. The Narraguagus Valley: some account of its early settlement and settlers. Covers towns of Steuben, Milbridge, Harrington and Cherryfield. Machias, Maine: 1886; reprinted A. J. Huston, Portland, Maine, 1910.

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