San Mateo County CA

Biographies of San Mateo County California

San Mateo County’s History with its exposition of contemporary local conditions, resources and advantages, would be incomplete without the following 140 biographical sketches of pioneers and leading business and professional men. These supplement the history and add that intimate and personal touch, without which no work of this kind could be truly interesting. A collection of biographies of this kind is always interesting; but their greatest value lies in the fact that they chronicle much that might otherwise be forgotten, thereby becoming of greater value as time goes on.

Biographical Sketch of Richard Frederick Chilcott

Among San Mateo County’s foremost citizens is R. F. Chilcott of Redwood City, secretary of the San Mateo County Abstract Company, who has been intensely active for the past twelve years in the affairs of the county and particularly those of Redwood City. After a thorough training in abstracting and record searching in other counties …

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