Location: Racine County WI

Biography of John H. Liegler

John H. Liegler, who for fifteen years has engaged in law practice in Racine, having been admitted to the bar in 1899, has made steady progress in a profession where advancement depends entirely upon individual merit, effort and ability. Racine numbers Mr. Liegler among her native sons. He was born March 12, 1874, his parents being John and Fanny (Pollock) Liegler. The former was a son of John Liegler, who was born in Bohemia and was of French descent, the ancestry being traced back in Bohemia to the year 1730. It was in 1854 that the grandfather crossed the Atlantic

Biography of John D. Rowland

John D. Rowland. a member of the real estate and insurance firm of Carpenter & Rowland, was born in Racine, March 8, 1863, a son of David and Elizabeth (Davis) Rowland. The father, who was born in north of Wales, was a son of David Rowland, Sr., who brought his family to the United States in 1842, settling in New York where he died. His widow afterward became the wife of David Morgan and about 1853 they removed to Racine, Mr. Morgan establishing a carpenter shop at the corner of Columbus avenue and Twelfth Street. David Rowland. Jr., when a

Biography of Christopher C. Gittings

Christopher C. Gittings, who since 1889 has been an active member of the Racine bar, and is now senior partner in the firm of Gittings & Janechy, was born in Racine County, October 29, 1862, a son of William and Elizabeth Gittings. The ancestry is traced back to Wales, although the family is of English origin. The father was born in Wales, and in 1850 visited Wisconsin, being so pleased with the state and its future prospects that he returned in 1855 to Racine County and purchased land in Caledonia Township, soon after which he was joined by his father,

Biography of Elmer E. Gittins

Elmer E. Gittins, a member of the Racine bar, who has been actively engaged in practice in this city since 1898, was born in Caledonia Township, Racine County, August 31, 1869, a son of Ellis and Jane (Gittins) Gittins, both of whom were natives of Wales. The paternal grandfather, William Gittins, left that little rock-ribbed country to become a resident of America and first established his home in New York but afterward removed to Racine County, Wisconsin, where in 1845 he purchased a farm, spending his remaining days thereon. His son, Ellis Gittins, was reared to agricultural life and always

Biographical Sketch of Fred Reichert

Fred Reichert, a well known contractor of Racine, was born November 6, 1886, in this city, his parents being Nichola F. and Catherine (Becker) Reichert, who were also natives of this city. The paternal grandfather, Frederick Reichert, was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and in early manhood came to the new world, here following the occupation of farming. He cast in his lot with the early settlers of Racine County and his son, Nichola F., was born and reared on the old homestead farm and became a contractor and builder. He was thus identified with building operations in this County for

Biography of F. Arthur Morey

Among those whose success in the real estate and insurance business entitles them to representation as leading business men of Racine is F. Arthur Morey, who has been a lifelong resident of this city. He is a representative of one of-the old families of Wisconsin and the lineage can be traced back to England, whence in 1626 three brothers of the name sailed for the new world, settling in Massachusetts. One branch of the family subsequently took the name of Mowry and the other the name of Morey. Darius J. Morey, the great-grandfather of F. Arthur Morey, was a native

Biography of John Martin

John Martin, a retired farmer, living in Union Grove, holds title to two hundred and sixty acres of good land in the County and is also financially interested in The Greenhouse and in the Union Grove Milling Company. A native of Cornwall, England, he was born on the 11th of August, 1849, of the marriage of Joseph and Amy (Tucker) Martin, also natives of that country, where the father engaged in farming. In their family were four children, of whom two survive, John and Joseph, the latter farming in Connecticut. The parents were communicants of the Episcopal Church and were

Biography of Sinclair M. Driver

Sinclair M. Driver, president of the T. Driver & Sons Manufacturing Company. is closely associated with the industrial interests of Racine. He has long been connected with the business and his enterprise has been a dominant factor in its successful control in late years. Mr. Driver was born in Racine. Wisconsin. June 8, 1856. a son of Thomas and Marian (Mainland) Driver, who, in 1854, came to Racine -from the Orkney Islands of Scotland. Making his way to this city he entered the employ of Lucas Bradley, with whom he remained for several years, and then in 1867 purchased the

Biography of Arthur William Simonson

Arthur William Simonson, president of The Wisconsin Agriculturist, published at Racine, succeeds to a business already established and one in which he has the inspirational example of a distinguished and honored father. His training was received under his father’s direction and the course which he is pursuing fully sustains the reputation which has long been associated with the family name in journalistic circles of the state. He was born in Racine. August 15, 1887, his parents being Andrew and Annie (Porter) Simonson, of who mention is made elsewhere in this volume. The Simonsons have been residents of Racine since 1869,

Biography of T. D. W. Manchester

There are few more highly esteemed men in Union Grove than T. D. W. Manchester, who for many years engaged in the practice of law here but is now living retired. He has also been quite prominent in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and is further entitled to recognition as a veteran of the Civil war. He was born in Cayuga County, New York, on the 18th of October, 1840, of the marriage of James T. and Lucy A. (Thornton) Manchester. The family has been represented upon the American soil since early colonial days, as one Thomas Manchester is