Location: Racine County WI

Biography of Ezra R. Burgess

Ezra R. Burgess, a member of the Racine bar, practicing as a partner in the law firm of Gittins & Burgess, was born in Mount Pleasant Township, this County. September 13, 1873, and is a representative of an early New England family. His grandfather was Benajer Burgess, of Vermont, who in early manhood removed from the Green Mountain state to New York. After residing there for some time he arrived in Southport, Wisconsin, in 1836, and there operated a sawmill on Pike Creek but was not permitted to enjoy his new home, his death occurring soon afterward. His son, Alonzo

Biography of P. H. Adland

An excellent farm property of one hundred and eighty-five acres, splendidly improved, pays tribute to P. H. Adland, who is the owner thereof. For many years he was actively engaged in agricultural pursuits but is now largely living retired, receiving an excellent income from his holdings. His parents were Thomas and Julia (Nelson) Adland, both of whom were natives of Norway. The father was born near Bergen, August 12, 1831, a son of Mons K. and Ellen (Thompson) Adland. Mons K. Adland was born and reared in Bergen, where he obtained a public school education, and although he became familiar

Biography of Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman is numbered among the successful business men of Racine, being active in the ownership and conduct of a mammoth manufacturing plant, his interests being conducted under the name of the S. Freeman & Sons Manufacturing Company, of which he is the president. This has become one of the important productive industries of the city and throughout his entire business career Mr. Freeman has been associated with the undertaking, starting out in this line when a youth of fourteen. He was born in Washington County. Illinois, March 17, 1858, and is a son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Willich) Freeman,

Biography of Walter G. Shumway

Walter G. Shumway has been a lifelong resident of Raymond Township, where he still makes his home and where he was born February 12, 1867. He is a son of Lyman and Mary (Ellis) Shumway, both of whom were natives of Massachusetts. The paternal grandfather, Walter Shumway, was also a native of New England and became one of the pioneer residents of Wisconsin, arriving in Racine County in 1838, long before the admission of the state into the Union. The work of improvement and development had scarcely been begun in this district and such was the unsettled condition of the

Biography of Frank Kellogg Bull

The name of Bull has been associated with the development of Racine’s greatest industry and one of the most important manufacturing enterprises of the country-the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company-since 1S63, when Stephen Bull assumed financial management of the enterprise. He was succeeded in the presidency of the company by his son, Frank Kellogg Bull, who remains in active connection with the business at the present time as chairman of the board, and in all the years his developing powers have proven adequate to the demands made upon him in the control and development of this gigantic concern. Mr.

Biography of P. Walter Petersen

P. Walter Petersen. a speculative builder of Racine whose activities have constituted an important element in the improvement and development of the city, particularly on the west side, was born in Odense, Denmark, March 31, 1878, as son of Soren and Maren (Hansdatter) Petersen, who spent their entire lives in Denmark. P. Walter Petersen is one of a family of seven children and four of the number are yet living in their native country. He was reared in Denmark and pursued his education in the Danish, English and German tongues. In early life he served an apprenticeship in a grocery

Biography of John S. Hart

John S. Hart, secretary and treasurer of the Racine Woolen Manufacturing Company, was born January 16, 1885, and was the youngest of the three sons of Sands M. and Stella. M. Hart. The eldest brother, Lucius S. Hart, mentioned elsewhere, was accidentally shot while out hunting in California. The second brother, Harold H. Hart, is the president of the Racine Woolen Manufacturing Company. On another page of this work is given a complete history of both the paternal and maternal ancestry. After leaving the high school John S. Hart entered Dartmouth College, from which he was graduated in 1907. He

Biography of Richard W. McCracken, M. D.

Among the successful and progressive physicians and surgeons of Racine County is Dr. R. W. McCracken, who has engaged in practice in Union Grove for a number of years. His birth occurred in Daviess County, Indiana, on the 4th of February, 1872, and his parents are Hiram and Sarah J. (Williams) McCracken, the former born in that County in 1842 and the latter in 1843. The father devoted his life to farming and dealing in stock and through good management has gained financial independence. He is a democrat in politics. The mother is a member of the Christian church. They

Biography of Edward H. Wadewitz

Edward H. Wadewitz, secretary, treasurer and general manager of the Western Printing & Lithographing Company, is prominent among the alert, enterprising and successful business men of Racine, whose efforts have been a substantial factor in the city’s growth and prosperity as well as in individual success. Honored and respected by all, he occupies an enviable position, not only by reason of the success to which he has attained, but also owing to the straightforward business methods which he has ever followed. In the conduct of his interests he has displayed marked initiative, as well as executive force. A native of

Biography of Vilas H. Whaley

Among the well known and prominent members of the Racine County bar is numbered Vilas H. Whaley. Although he is yet a young man, he has attained in the profession a position which many an older member of the bar might well envy. Mr. Whaley was born at Benton, Wisconsin, October 28, 1886, his parents being Frank and Mary (McDonald) Whaley, who were also natives of Benton. The former was a son of Patrick Whaley, a native of Ireland, who in early life crossed the Atlantic to the new world, settling in Lafayette County, Wisconsin. There he reared his family

Biography of Harold H. Hart

Thorough technical and scientific training as well as broad practical experience well qualified Harold H. Hart for the conduct of the important and extensive business which he is conducting as president of the Racine Woolen Manufacturing Company, whose output of Indian blankets makes theirs the foremost establishment of this kind in the country. Mr. Hart is a native of Racine, born July 3, 1882, and is a son of Sands M. and Stella M. (Blake) Hart. A history of his parents and of both his paternal and maternal grandparents is given in this volume, showing him to be descended from

Biography of Hon. W. H. Bell

Hon. W. H. Bell, whose operations in the real estate field have contributed much to the development of the city, has also been prominently connected with the upbuilding of Racine through his activity in the political field, doing important work as a member of the city council, while upon the legislative records of the state he has left the impress of his individuality. A native of England, he was born in Liverpool on the 8th of August, 1863, and is a son of John and Ellen (Rushton) Bell. The father was a native of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, and after removing to

Biographical Sketch of Henry C. Miller

In pioneer times the Miller family, of which Henry C. Miller is a representative. was established in Racine and from that date to the present the name has figured prominently in connection with the development of the city’s manufacturing interests. Henry C. Miller, now one of the partners and officers in the J. Miller Company. has been identified with the shoe manufacturing business from the age of seventeen years. He was born in Racine, August 27, 1862, and supplemented his public school course by study in the McMynn Academy. When seventeen years of age he entered his father’s shoe manufacturing

Biography of John T. Gittings

John T. Gittings, a well known lawyer of Union Grove. is giving particular attention to the probating of estates and has built up a large practice in that line. He also has extensive business interests, being secretary of The Greenhouse Company, which is capitalized for thirty thousand dollars, and vice president of the firm of John Meter & Company, owners of a sauerkraut factory. His birth occurred in Caledonia, this County, August 9, 1870, and he is a son of William and Elizabeth (Gittings) Gittings and a grandson of William Gittings, of Utica, New York. The father, born in Wales,

Biography of William A. Walker

William A. Walker is a member of the board of supervisors of Racine County, while his business interests are those of a manufacturer. He is devoting his attention to the making of railroad anchors and has developed a business of a very substantial character. Mr. Walker was born in Windham, Ohio, July 28, 1850, a son of John B. and Ellen (Whiteley) Walker, who were natives of Yorkshire, England. When eighteen years of age the father came to the United States with his eldest brother, landing at New Orleans, whence they made their way northward to St. Charles, Illinois. After

Biography of John Armstrong

With the industrial interests of Racine John Armstrong is closely associated as the president of the Holbrook-Armstrong Company, manufacturers and jobbers of castings. Racine numbers him among her native sons, his birth having occurred in this city in 1859, his parents being John and Susan R. (McNellis) Armstrong, who, in the year 1855, arrived in this city. The father, a tinner by trade, was connected with the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company for twenty-five years and thus the name has long been associated with the industrial interests of Racine. Reared in his native city, John Armstrong obtained a public

Biography of Jacob Stoffel Jr.

Jacob Stoffel, Jr., figures prominently in commercial circles as a member of the firm of Stoffel Brothers, owners of two well appointed dry goods stores in Racine, but while active and energetic in this connection he does not allow individual interests to preclude the possibility of his co-operation in public affairs and he has rendered to his city valuable service as alderman and as a member of the school board. Racine claims him as a native son, his birth having here occurred on the 2d of July, 1861, his parents being Nicholas J. and Juliana Maria (Schmidt) Stoffel, both of

Biography of Antony Meinhardt

No history of Burlington would be complete or satisfactory were there failure to make prominent reference to Antony Meinhardt, who was long a leading and valued citizen and the founder and promoter of the Meinhardt bank, which for a quarter of a century has been one of the strong financial forces of this part of the state. In this locality the name of Meinhardt is synonymous with enterprise, progress and business stability. Antony Meinhardt was born in Cattaraugus, New York, on the 17th. of October, 1830, and his life record covered the intervening years to the 27th of August, 1891,

Biography of Henry Clinton Case

Well defined plans and purposes have brought Henry Clinton Case to a position among the successful business men of Racine. He has been an active factor in the Business Men’s Association and his opinions are accepted as of worth on many matters that have to do with the commercial and industrial development of his city. He came to the Mississippi valley from the east, his birth having occurred in Williamstown, New York, August 7, 1858, his parents being De Wayne and Eliza (Greenhow) Case, the former a native of Williamstown, New York, and the latter of Kendall. England. Jonathan Case,

Biographical Sketch of Lucius S. Hart

Lucius S. Hart, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Sands M. Hart, was born in Racine, December 11, 1879. He pursued his education in the public schools, passing through consecutive grades to the high school, and his early business training was received in the woolen mill owned and operated by the family. In 1900, with his younger brother, Harold H. Hart, he made a bicycle tour through Europe, visiting many points of modern and historic interest and touring the country in a most thorough manner. Soon after his return from Europe he went to California for the benefit of his