Location: Milwaukee County WI

Biography of Dr. Isaac R. Goodspeed

For fifty-six years-more than half a century, Dr. Isaac R. Goodspeed has been one of the foremost citizens of San Mateo County; coming here when a young doctor with the ink on his diploma hardly dry, he remained in the county ever since. During this time he has been identified with many successful business enterprises and has faithfully filled the various offices he has held for both San Mateo City and County. Dr. Goodspeed was born in China. Maine, on May 30, 1831. In 1854 he graduated from Bowdoin Medical College, one of a class of nineteen. Today he is

Biography of Rev. John J. Dillon

Since the 9th of December, 1915, Rev. John J. Dillon has been pastor of the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Baden, Missouri, where he has labored untiringly, his efforts being crowned with a most substantial measure of success. Father Dillon was ordained to the priesthood from St. John’s church in St. Louis on the 30th of May, 1885, Archbishop John J. Glennon officiating. More than a third of a century has passed since that time and throughout the entire period Father Dillon has been most consecrated to his work, his labors accomplishing splendid results. He went to

Biography of Rev. Joseph F. Lubeley

Rev. Joseph F. Lubeley, pastor of the Holy Trinity church at Fourteenth and Mallinckrodt streets in St. Louis, was born in Lockhaven, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1873, a son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Selter) Lubeley, both of whom were natives of Germany, where they were reared and married. Immediately after that important event in their lives they sailed for the United States, taking up their abode at Lockhaven, Pennsylvania, where the father taught school and also served as organist in the church. In 1877 he came to St. Louis and was made teacher and organist in St. Liborius parish, with which

Biographical Sketch of Edmund G. Ross

Edmund G. Ross, one of the leaders in favor of a free Kansas, a pioneer editor of Topeka, afterward United States senator to succeed Gen. James H. Lane. He was born at Ashland, Ohio, December 7, 1826; mustered the printer’s trade, spent several years as a journeyman, and was engaged in newspaper work at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when Lawrence was sacked in 1856. He started overland in charge of a party of free-state men, who upon their arrival at Topeka, took the field with the anti-slavery forces. After the invaders had been driven out, Mr. Ross entered into partnership with his

Biography of Rev. James Thomas Coffey

Rev. James Thomas Coffey, pastor of St. Leo’s Catholic church at No. 2315 Mullanphy street in St. Louis, was born near Jefferson City, in Cole county, Missouri, November 8, 1861, his parents being Michael and Ann (Fitzsimons) Coffey, who were natives of Ireland and came to the United States in the ’40s as children with their respective parents, who made their way direct to St. Louis. Michael Coffey and Ann Fitzsimons were married in the old cathedral by Father Ryan, who was later archbishop of Philadelphia. Mr. Coffey was one of the pioneers in railroad construction in the west and

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Milwaukee County: A-L

Army Abe, Edward A.,’24, North Milwaukee; WNG; corp 127inf; Alsace, Chateau Thierry; kia Aug 4, ’18. Adamczak, Stephen J., 23, Milwaukee; pvt 105inf; Somme offnsve, Ypres-Lys, defsec; w in action Sept 28; d (suicide) Dec 23,’18. Albrecht, Louis J., 28, Milwaukee; pvt 343inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 4, ’18. Anderson, Leonard, 23, Milwaukee; pvt 1cl 168inf; Lorraine, Champagne, Chateau Thierry; kia Jy 28, ’18. Anderson, Morgan M., 27, Milwaukee; 2Lt 16inf; Argonne ; kia Oct 5,’18. Andreski, Joseph, 30, South Milwaukee ; pvt 4inf ; kia Oct 10, ’18. Augustine, Arthur, 24, Milwaukee; WNG; corp 127inf; Roncheres, Fismes, Juvigny; kia

Wisconsin Gold Star List – Milwaukee County: M-Z

Army McFadzen, Arthur R., 28, Milwaukee; pvt 8depbn SigC; U. S.; dd (pneu) Aug 12, 18. McGuinness, James, 20, Milwaukee; WNG; corp 127inf; Chateau Thierry, Fismes; dw Aug 2, ’18. McHugh, Kenneth Lavalle, 22, Milwaukee ; WNG ; Marne, Juvigny ; corp 120fa; kia Oct 4, ’18. MacMaster, Malcolm J., 24, Milwaukee ; 2Lt CAC, Manila, P. I. ; dd (dys) Jan 6,’19. Machurski, Simon E., 21, Milwaukee; WNG; pvt 127inf; Alsace, Sergy; kia Aug 1, ’18. Madala, Frank, 21, Milwaukee ; pvt 16inf; Toul front, Picardy front ; kia Jy 4, ’18. Majchrzak, Frank, 20, Milwaukee; pvt 1cl 28inf;

Biography of Herman A. Hanser, M.D.

Dr. Herman A. Hanser, a St. Louis surgeon who has practiced continuously 1n this city since 1898, was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, September 22, 1877. His father, the late Rev. C. J. Otto Hanser, D. D., was a native of Bavaria and came to America in 1848, being forced to leave his native country on account of his political activity in opposition to monarchial rule he was a highly educated man, a graduate of one of the leading German universities and until he took up the study of theology had quite an adventurous life, being obliged to leave Bavaria

Menominee Indians

Menominee Indians were located on and near the Menominee River, Wisconsin, and in Michigan on or about the present location of Mackinac. The Menominee belonged to the Algonquian linguistic family and to the same section as the Cree and Foxes.

Biography of Bradford Norbury

BRADFORD NORBURY. Bradford Norbury has made his home in Greene County, Missouri, since 1862, and has become widely and favorably known to its citizens. He owes his nativity to Dane County, Wisconsin, where he was born February 5, 1835, a son of Thomas E. and Anna (Dickson) Norbury, the former of whom was born in Ireland and came to America in 1834. He was married in his native land and after coming to this country located near Lockport, New York, where he engaged extensively in the manufacture of woolen goods, but after a very short residence there moved to Wisconsin