Biography of Peter M. Pehrson

Peter M. Pehrson is numbered among the pioneers of Saline County, having gone there more than forty-five years ago when the Swedish colonists were gaining a foothold in the new district, and many years of hard toil and intelligently directed efforts have brought him rewards beyond his fondest anticipations and dreams. He is one of the largest land owners and leading farmers and stockmen in the vicinity of Smolan.

Mr. Pehrson was born in Sweden January 13, 1850, son of John and Ellen (Swenson) Pehrson. He was reared and educated in his native country, and in 1871, on reaching manhood immigrated to America. He came almost at once to the Swedish colony in Saline County and for the first two years worked as a farm hand at $25 a month. For five years he was employed as a section foreman on the old Kansas Pacific Railway.

Mr. Pehrson was not only a hard worker but had the thrift and good judgment which enabled him to save with a view to the future. In 1877 he bought 320 acres of land two miles east of the present Town of Smolan. That was the nucleus of the magnificent farm property he now owned. At the present time his place consists of 940 acres, all of it valuable land, and the more valuable because of the improvements he had placed there. Mr. Pehrson’s success had come from the intelligent operation of his land and a careful and judicious handling of livestock, including horses, cattle and hogs. He had a big farm, many improvements in the way of buildings, and his name is associated with the substantial character of the community.

He is equally progressive as a citizen, and for four years he filled the offices of trustee and assessor of Smolan Township.

Mr. Pehrson was married November 5, 1885, at Smolan, Kansas, to Miss Anna S. Danielson, daughter of John M. Danielson, a prominent Saline County resident whose career is elsewhere mentioned in this work. Mr. Pehrson and wife had eight children, four of whom died, their names being Emile, Elin, Lydia and Arvid. The four living children are Belinda, Edith, John and Vera. The family are all active members of the Swedish Lutheran Evangelical Church at Smolan.



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