Topographical Map of Mitchell County Iowa

1911 Standard Historical Atlas of Mitchell County, Iowa

The third General Assembly convened at Iowa City on the 2d of December, 1850, and adjourned Feb. 45, 1851. At this time about forty new counties in the north and southwestern part of Iowa were created. Mitchell county was among this number. Its boundaries were minutely defined and organization was authorized as soon as the population warranted it. The name, it is thought by many, was bestowed in honor of that noble Irish patriot, John Mitchell. Others think it was named in honor of a surveyor by that name. Who suggested the name is unknown.

This collection contains only the farmers directory of the manuscript.

1911 Mitchell County Iowa Farmers Directory

NameTownshipSect.AddressFarm Name
Ackles, TimBurroakROsage
Adams, A. E.Wayne36McIntire
Adams, HubertStacyvilleMeyer
Adams, MattStacyville15Stacyville
Adams, W.W.Douglas5Riceville
Addington, A. M., Mrs.Union25Stacyville
Adrian, AlfredCedarROsage
Adrian, F. E.Rock15Mitchell
Adrian, F. JuliusCedar11OsageSpruce Lawn Farm
Adrian, George E.Rock10Mitchell
Adrian, HermanCedarROsage
Adrian, MaryCedar10Osage
Ahrens, DeidrichCedar20Osage
Ahrens, H. J.Cedar19OsageClover Leaf Farm
Ahrens, RichardCedar20OsageFairview
Ahrens, WilliamMitchell17Mitchell
Albaugh, AlbertWayne24McIntire
Alf, EdNewburgRSt. Ansgar
Allison, WilliamBurroak15OsageHawkeye Stock Farm
Alms, Hans PedersenWest Lincoln12Osage
Ammunson, Amund, Mrs.Rock33Osage
Anderson, AmeliaOtranto15Lyle, Minn.
Anderson, Andrew J.Jenkins14Riceville
Anderson, AnnaJenkinsRiceville
Anderson, GustaveCedarRPlymouth
Anderson, JensMitchellROsage
Anderson, John G.CedarPlymouth
Anderson, MarenOtranto27Lyle, Minn.
Anderson, N. H.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Anderson, NelsCedar11Osage
Anderson, RosineOtranto15Lyle, Minn.
Andrews, L. W.East Lincoln12Orchard
Angell, Elliott E.Burroak3OsageWellspring Farm
Angell, G. G.Burroak10Osage
Angell, W. A.Burroak10Osage
Angell, W. H.Burroak11Osage
Apel, Conrad G.Cedar15Nora SpringsMaple Lawn Farm
Armstrong, ThomasWest Lincoln2Orchard
Arneson, ElliottOtranto16Husted
Arneson, TheodoreOtranto16Lyle, Minn.
Arno, O. K.Rock20Osage
Asfahl, AlbertJenkinsRRiceville
Asfahl, LewisJenkinsRRiceville
Ashmore, J. C.Rock31Osage
Ask, A. L.Mitchell7Mitchell
Ask, L. A.Rock12Mitchell
Ask, Ole L.Rock14Osage
Ask, W. B.Rock11Osage
Aspel, JamesJenkins5McIntire
Aspenholt, Iver O.Rock36Osage
Assorson, KnudSt. Ansgar11St. Ansgar
Avery, EbenezerEast Lincoln13Orchard
Avery, OleEast LincolnROrchard
Babcock, F. A.LibertyROsage
Baker, L. C.Union21St. Ansgar
Baker, W. E.West Lincoln13Orchard
Baldner, H. D.Union19St. Ansgar
Baldner, j. P.Union21St. Ansgar
Baldner, JohnSt. Ansgar5Toeterville
Baldner, MartinUnion22St. Ansgar
Balsley, A. E.West Lincoln16Orchard
Balsley, CliffordEast LincolnROrchard
Balsley, H. H.West Lincoln2Osage
Balsley, J. F.East Lincoln12Orchard
Balsley, MelvinWest LincolnROsage
Balsley, W. A.Osage25Osage
Balton, R.BurroakROsage
Barcel, EmilMitchell6Mitchell
Barenz, GeorgeJenkins5McIntireSpruce Lawn Farm
Barenz, Henry RJenkinsMcIntire
Barker, E. D.Liberty27Little Cedar
Barker, W. R.Burroak3OsageSunnyside Stock Farm
Bartholemy, J. P.Stacyville33Stacyville
Bartz, H. A.St. Ansgar23St. Ansgar
Bartz, RobertNewburgRMitchell
Barwin, GeorgeUnion13Stacyville
Bascom, Ernest A.MitchellRSt. Ansgar
Bauer, GeorgeLiberty27Little Cedar
Baus, Electa M.Jenkins6McIntire
Baus, JohnJenkins6McIntire
Beaker, JohnJenkinsMcIntire
Bechtum, TheoJenkins29Riceville
Becker, ErnestCedar11OsagePlain View Farm
Becker, GustCedar11Osage
Beckner, GeorgeMitchellRMitchell
Belden, EdwardRock27Osage
Belz, A. W.Newburg20St. Ansgar
Belz, F. H.Newburg19St. Ansgar
Bemis, M.N.Douglas23Riceville
Bensend, GustJenkinsRiceville
Benson, FredLiberty21Little Cedar
Benson, JohnCedar35Osage
Benson, NelsMitchellROsage
Benson, OttoCedar10Osage
Benson, P. H.St. Ansgar26St. Ansgar
Berg, G. G.Otranto15Lyle, Minn.
Berg, HenryRockROsage
Berg, HenryRock15Osage
Berge, Lars P.Cedar3Osage
Berges, HenryCedar3Osage
Berges. George A.CedarROsage
Bergs, PeterLiberty4Stacyville
Bernstein, A. S.NewburgRCarpenter
Bernstein, C. F. W.NewburgRSt. Ansgar
Betts, Clifford E.JenkinsRMcIntire
Beutler, AugustDouglasRRiceville
Beyer, A. J.NewburgRMitchell
Beyer, A. W.Newburg34Mitchell
Beyer, EmilSt. Ansgar26St. Ansgar
Beyer, JuliusRock3Mitchell
Bilharz, L. O.East Lincoln9OrchardMt. Pleasant Farm
Bird, E. J., Mrs.LibertyLittle Cedar
Bird, George W.Liberty27Little Cedar
Bischoff, G. A., Rev.Rock9Mitchell
Bissen, John P.UnionRStacyville
Bissonette, G. M.East Lincoln10Orchard
Bissonette, PhilipEast Lincoln9Orchard
Black, GeorgeLibertyRLittle Cedar
Blake, JosephStacyville35Stacyville
Blakestad, HalvorOtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Blakestad, O. G.Otranto21Otranto Sta.
Blazer, JohnUnionRStacyville
Bless, LouisRock7Mitchell
Blonigan, PhilipDouglas32Osage
Blonigen, FrankBurroak25Osage
Blumenrader, C. F.UnionRToeterville
Boeck, C. H.Cedar9Nora SpringsCloverdale Stock Farm
Boening, RobertSt. Ansgar11St. Ansgar
Bohach, FrankSt. Ansgar9St. Ansgar
Bohach, J. F.Mitchell28Osage
Bohnaman, WilliamDouglasRElma
Booen, D. E.CedarROsage
Borchardt, FrankMitchell21St. Ansgar
Borsheim, Nelson T.Rock2Mitchell
Boswell, Robert E.JenkinsRiceville
Bottomly, Thomas J.JenkinsRiceville
Boughton, C.E.West Lincoln15Orchard
Bower, Jacob F.Burroak26Osage
Bowers, A. W.West LincolnROrchard
Bowers, HenryMitchellROsage
Bowers, JohnMitchellRMitchell
Brachle, P.J.Burroak22Osage
Brainard, HenryUnion22Stacyville
Brand, JacobDouglas16Osage
Brandt, FredNewburg10St. Ansgar
Brazzle, EdwardDouglasROsage
Brenden, C. H.RockROsage
Brenden, E. H.RockROsage
Brenden, H. O.Rock35Osage
Brenna, PeterOtranto36St. Ansgar
Brockney, CharlesDouglasRElma
Brockney, FredWayne25Mc Intire
Brockney, WilliamEast Lincoln1Elma
Bronson, George F.JenkinsRRiceville
Bronson, George T.Jenkins13Riceville
Brown, C. D.West Lincoln18Orchard
Brown, J. W.StacyvilleRStacyville
Brown, ValentineStacyvilleRStacyville
Bruggemann, AlbertUnion14Toeterville
Bruggemann, Fred, Mrs.Union30Toeterville
Bruggemann, HenryUnion20St. Ansgar
Bruggemann, William H.Union20St. Ansgar
Brumm, JohnSt. AnsgarROsage
Bryant, C. W.West Lincoln3Orchard
Bublitz, A. L.Newburg29St. Ansgar
Bublitz, EmilRockRMitchell
Bublitz, L. F.Newburg30St. Ansgar
Bublitz, RhinholdNewburg31St. Ansgar
Buckman, C.E.Burroak6OsageBroad Acres
Buckman, T. A.Liberty27Little Cedar
Buntrock, FrederickUnionRToeterville
Burdett, HerbertEast LincolnROsage
Burdett, P. K.East LincolnROsage
Burke, ThomasJenkins36RicevilleWapsie Valley Stock Farm
Burroughs, F. W.St. Ansgar8St. Ansgar
Burtch, A. J.OsageOsage
Bush, F. A.Osage32Osage
Bush, Laura E.Osage32Osage
Buttolph, E. E.Rock14Mitchell
Buttolph, ElmerJenkinsRRiceville
Button, Charles F.JenkinsRRiceville
Byrnes BrothersDouglasRRiceville
Bywater, C.J.Jenkins17Riceville
Carlsen, J. B.St. Ansgar30St. Ansgar
Carlson, GustafOtranto23Husted
Carrison, Clinton J.Burroak10Osage
Carrison, E. C.Burroak3Osage
Carrison, PercyBurroak22Osage
Carroll, BridgetDouglas8Osage
Carstens, CarlDouglas3Riceville
Carter, BurtonCedarROsage
Carter, FredCedarROsage
Carter, G. A.Cedar28Osage
Carter, J. J.Wayne22Bailey
Carter, R. W.Wayne15Bailey
Carter, RayRockROsage
Case, WilliamJenkinsRMcIntire
Chatman, FrankWest Lincoln4Osage
Chatman, J. H.Liberty16Little Cedar
Cheney, GeorgeEast LincolnROrchard
Cherney, JohnMitchellROsage
Cherney, JosephSt. Ansgar8St. Ansgar
Chinn, George H.Rock19Osage
Chinn, Mary, Mrs.Rock19Osage
Christian, HansCedarRNora Springs
Christiansen, AndrewCedar2Osage
Christiansen, PeterCedarROsage
Christiansen. E. A.CedarROsage
Christianson, John A.Rock34Osage
Christianson, O. C.Rock35Osage
Claasen, GustafDouglas27Elma
Clark, D. J.West Lincoln14Orchard
Clark, E. C.Cedar29Osage
Clark, FrankEast Lincoln12Alta Vista
Clark, John J.East Lincoln12Elma
Clark, R. L.West Lincoln11Orchard
Clason, IsaacOsageOsage
Clausen, J.E.JenkinsRiceville
Clausen, JacobUnion24Stacyville
Clausen, NicolausSt. Ansgar11Osage
Clawson, AlbertOtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Clement, GeorgeCedar2Osage
Cleveland, EllaRock11Mitchell
Cole, A.L.OsageOsage
Cole, B.P.Burroak7OsageColegrove Farm
Cole, H. J.Newburg19St. Ansgar
Colton, George D.West Lincoln5Osage
Colton, SilveyWest Lincoln8Orchard
Colton, SophiaWest Lincoln8Orchard
Condon, Edwin T.Jenkins17Riceville
Conger, ClaudJenkins27Riceville
Conrad, HenryLibertyRLittle Cedar
Coonradt, L.W.Burroak14Osage
Coonradt, LesterOsageOsage
Coonradt, LillianBurroak14Osage
Coonradt, R. A.East Lincoln4OrchardFlowing Well Farm
Cooper, W. P.Burroak29Little Cedar
Corbett, John J.Wayne21McIntire
Corbett, WilliamWayne28McIntire
Cordes, W. J.Mitchell7Mitchell
Costley, S. L.CedarROsage
Cotter, C. H.OsageOsage
Counsell, E.A.Douglas19OsageSpruce Grove Stock Farm
Counsell, FrankBurroak27Osage
Counsell, FredLiberty35Osage
Counsell, GeorgeBurroak24Osage
Counsell, JamesBurroak36Osage
Counsell, LeeJenkinsROsage
Covey, J. L.East LincolnROrchard
Crawford, F. E.West Lincoln10Orchard
Crawford, F. H.West Lincoln11Orchard
Crawford, G. W.West Lincoln10Orchard
Crawford, IsaacWest Lincoln10Orchard
Crum, Amy E.Jenkins22Riceville
Crum, Nelson E.Jenkins22Riceville
Cummings, C. B.Liberty22Little Cedar
Cummings, MyronMitchell24Little Cedar
Cummings, William F.St. Ansgar13Osage
Curtis, J.E.Jenkins24Riceville
Cushatt, RayDouglasRRiceville
Cutler, JamesWest Lincoln8Orchard
Dahl, SerannaOtranto28Otranto Sta.
Dahl, ThomasOtrantoROtranto Sta.
Dahley, OleCedarNora Springs
Dalton, Joseph T.Douglas34OsageGrand View
Dammen, G. J.Mitchell15Osage
Dane, HenryNewburgRSt. Ansgar
Danforth, W. B.Liberty22Little Cedar
Davis, W. H.Otranto19Otranto Sta.
Day, JudsonOsage22Osage
Decker, AdamUnion14St. Ansgar
Decker, AlbertCedar13Nora Springs
Decker, FrederickUnion12Stacyville
Decker, George G.Union13Stacyville
Decker, J. M.Liberty22Little Cedar
Decker, MargaretUnion14Stacyville
Deitrich, HenrichSt. Ansgar23St. Ansgar
DeLaney, CharlesSt. Ansgar32St. Ansgar
Delaney, J. D.Mitchell35Osage
Delaney, WilliamUnion10St. Ansgar
Dellage, LouisOsage25Osage
Dellage, R. H.NewburgRMitchell
DeMuth, J. J.Stacyville25McIntire
Devitt, JohnDouglas18Osage
Dickinson & Son, William E.Osage27Osage
Dickson BrothersDouglas32Osage
Dickson, Joseph B.West Lincoln3Osage
Dieterich, LouisNewburgRMitchell
Dieterich, WilliamNewburg34St. Ansgar
Dieterichs, GusCedarROsage
Dieterichs, H. F.Cedar15Osage
Dieterichs, HenryCedarROsage
Dieterichs, HermanCedar15Osage
Dieterichs, LouieCedarROsge
Dietericks, L.Rock4Mitchell
Dippel, EdwardUnion34St. Ansgar
Doane, L. A.Liberty24Little Cedar
Doane, L.M.Liberty22Little Cedar
Doane, ThortonLibertyRLittle Cedar
Docken, E. J.Cedar1Osage
Docken, G. T.Cedar1Osage
Dockstader, F. J.Otranto21Otranto Sta.
Dodge, E.M.West Lincoln11Orchard
Dodge, EdgarWest Lincoln11Orchard
Dodge, MartinWest Lincoln11Orchard
Dodge, S. M.West Lincoln11Orchard
Donaldson, JohnNewburg21St. Ansgar
Donfelter, H. F.WayneRMcIntire
Donner, G. W.Liberty30Little Cedar
Donner, GeorgeOsage17Osage
Doran, Thomas G.Jenkins3McIntire
Dorsey, F. J.Rock21Osage
Doscher, H. W.Newburg9St. Ansgar
Dostart, S.Douglas29Osage
Doudna, Isaac H.Burroak32OsageMulberry Farm
Douglas, OraEast LincolnROrchard
Draeger, A.Mitchell22Osage
Dreher, WilliamNewburgRMitchell
Duckwitz, WilliamLibertyRLittle Cedar
Duenow, AugustRock17Mitchell
Duenow, C. H.St. Ansgar16St. Ansgar
Duenow, FredOtranto28Lyle, Minn.
Duenow, WilliamSt. Ansgar4St. Ansgar
Dumire, J. V.Burroak9Osage
Dumire, J.H.BurroakROsage
Dunlay, JamesJenkins26Riceville
Dunlay, WilliamWayne10Bailey
Durbin, John P.Stacyville27Stacyville
Duryee, H. E.Wayne32McIntire
DuShane, G. L.Rock22Osage
Dutte, HenryUnion30St. Ansgar
Dybjord, LarsNewburg16St. Ansgar
Dynes, AtchesonJenkins28Riceville
Dynes, JohnDouglas5Riceville
Dynes, ValentineJenkins29Riceville
Eastman, DerwoodJenkins8McIntire
Eastman, JesseJenkins8McIntire
Eastman, SolonJenkins4McIntire
Eckford, J. T.Osage14Osage
Eckford, J. W.Osage23Osage
Eckford, RobertOsage23Osage
Eckford, T. W.Mitchell10Mitchell
Edge, John W.BurroakROsage
Egan, John, Jr.Mitchell22Osage
Egan, W. H.Osage23Osage
Ehlke, J. A.Union27St. Ansgar
Ehlke, SamUnion22St. Ansgar
Ehlke, WilliamUnion22St. Ansgar
Eidahl, Ole C.Newburg9St. Ansgar
Eidnes, L. J.Cedar3Osage
Ellingson, SamRock12Mitchell
Elliott, FrankDouglas21Elma
Emanuel, OscarEast LincolnElma
Emerson, George C.Liberty14Little Cedar
Emerson, R. E.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Emerson, S. E.Liberty10Little Cedar
Engebretson, CarlCedarROsage
Engebretson, EdCedarROsage
Engels, MichaelStacyville9Adams, Minn.
Engels, NicStacyvilleAdams, Minn.
Engesetter, Erick J.Union16St. Ansgar
Erbe, HenryCedar9Nora Springs
Erbe, JudsonCedarRNora Springs
Erdman, Emil G.NewburgRSt. Ansgar
Erdman, GustavRock15Mitchell
Erdman, Otto C.NewburgRSt. Ansgar
Erickson, ErickUnion16St. Ansgar
Erickson, PeterRock33Osage
Erikson, EdOtranto16Lyle, Minn.
Erikson, JohnOtranto22Lyle, Minn.
Eske, MaryMitchell5Mitchell
Espedal, NelsCedarNora Springs
Eukel, W.St. Ansgar15St. Ansgar
Evans, T. P.Liberty15Little Cedar
Evenson, MartinOsage23Osage
Everson, AnneOtranto23Husted
Everson, CharlesOtranto14Lyle, Minn.
Everson, Iver K.Otranto10Husted
Exstern, HermanRockRMitchell
Faas, GeorgeStacyville16Stacyville
Faas, GeorgieLibertyRStacyville
Fair, PatrickWayne19McIntire
Fairbrother, F. N.West Lincoln9Orchard
Faltesek, W.Jenkins36Riceville
Fehr, Anna B.Osage28Osage
Fehr, FredCedar13Osage
Feldt, AugustMitchell17Mitchell
Feldt, C. F.Rock10Mitchell
Feldt, Emil W.NewburgRSt. Ansgar
Feldt, FerdinandNewburg18St. Ansgar
Feldt, GustaveNewburgRSt. Ansgar
Feldt, W. A.Cedar10Nora SpringsPrairie Hill Farm
Feldt, William F., Jr.Rock10Mitchell
Feldt, William F., Sr.Rock10Mitchell
Fessenden, C. L.Rock18Osage
Fessenmeyer, Fred H.Jenkins31Riceville
Fessenmeyer, HermanJenkins31Riceville
Field, CarlCedarRNora Springs
Field, MartinCedarRNora Springs
Field, OscarCedarRNora Springs
Field, PeterCedarRNora Springs
Filber, ThomasEast LincolnRElma
Finsand, PeterCedarOsage
Fish, C. J.Osage20Osage
Fisher, FredStacyville18Stacyville
Fisk, W. E.West Lincoln13Orchard
Fisk, W.C.West Lincoln13Orchard
Fjeld, Andrew P.Osage27Osage
Fjeld, Martin O.Cedar1Osage
Fjelde, Ole P.Cedar8Osage
Flatla, KjerstiRock31Plymouth
Fleener, P.V.Jenkins27Riceville
Fods, O. J.RockOsage
Follmuth Eliza C.Otranto9Lyle, Minn.
Follmuth, JoeOtranto9Lyle, Minn.
Foote, Alvin F.Jenkins19RicevilleMaple Hill Stock Farm
Foote, Edwin H.Jenkins19Riceville
Fossey, A. O., Mrs.Otranto24Lyle, Minn.
Fossey, E. S.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Foster, E. P.West Lincoln18Orchard
Foster, E.G.Jenkins23Riceville
Foster, Frank E.Jenkins30RicevilleOak Lawn Stock Farm
Foster, Frank N.Jenkins25Riceville
Foster, Ira H.Jenkins25Riceville
Foster, IsaacJenkinsRiceville
Foster, JamesJenkins25Riceville
Fox, ChristianDouglas34Elma
Fox, Mary A.Cedar19Osage
Fox, MathiasDouglas29Elma
Fox, PeterEast Lincoln5Orchard
Fox, W. A.Cedar19Osage
Foxen, TheoDouglas33Osage
Framstad, Gilbert P.Cedar4Nora Springs
FrankWest LincolnROrchard
Frank, HenryOtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Frazer, C.H.Burroak9OsageOakview Farm
Frein, MathiasStacyvilleRMcIntire
French, C. B.StacyvilleROsage
Frese, LouisCedar32Osage
Freund, JohnStacyville23Meyer
Freund, Joseph S.Stacyville23Meyer
Freund, N.Wayne29McIntire
Freze, AlbertCedarRNora Springs
Frien, AntonLiberty4Stacyville
Frien, MaryLiberty4Stacyville
Fritchel, JohnRockOsage
Fuller, A.M.Burroak22Osage
Fuller, Harvey E.Jenkins17Riceville
Fuller, JuneJenkinsRMcIntire
Fultz, C. A.East Lincoln11Orchard
Fultz, CharlesEast Lincoln11Orchard
Funk, C.C.Burroak22Osage
Funte, AugustEast Lincoln14Orchard
Funte, EdJenkins33Riceville
Funte, J.J.Douglas26Elma
Funte, W. F.Wayne25McIntire
Gaarder, EdwardNewburgRSt. Ansgar
Gabel, AntonDouglas34Elma
Galley, W. R.Osage36Osage
Galloway, A.J.Douglas6Riceville
Gardner, RoySt. AnsgarROsage
Gast, GeorgeCedar8Nora SpringsPrairie Dell Stock Farm
Gast, Henry, Jr.Cedar8Nora SpringsCedar Ridge Stock Farm
Geffert, HenryUnion28St. Ansgar
Geffert, Theo W.UnionRSt. Ansgar
Geminder, W.M.BurroakRBrownville
Gerbig, CharlesStacyvilleStacyville
Gerbig, EdwardUnionRSt. Ansgar
Gerhart, FredUnion22Stacyville
Gerhartz, GeorgeLibertyRLittle Cedar
Gerhartz, GeorgeStacyvilleRMcIntire
Gerhartz, JosephStacyville24McIntire
Gerlach, F. H.Newburg17St. Ansgar
Gerth, R.J.DouglasRElma
Gilbert, C.O.Burroak7Osage
Gilbert, J. W.West Lincoln15Orchard
Gilbertson, G. J.St. Ansgar36St. Ansgar
Gilbertson, Gilbert I.Cedar6Osage
Gilbertson, Ole I.Cedar6Osage
Gilchrist, W.R.Burroak23OsageShady Oak Stock Farm
Gilje, EliseCedar17Nora Springs
Gilje, M.E.Cedar17Nora SpringsMaple Grove Farm
Gilje, TomCedar17Nora Springs
Gilles, JosephDouglas20Elma
Gilles, PeterDouglas21Elma
Gilles, W.J.Douglas20Elma
Gilles, WilliamEast LincolnROrchard
Ginsterblum, FredUnion23Stacyville
Glassner, JohnOsage35Osage
Gleason, AlfredMitchell22Osage
Godfredson, ChrisJenkinsRiceville
Godfrey, G. W .West Lincoln34Osage
Godfrey, W. R.West Lincoln34Osage
Goergen, M. P.Wayne8McIntire
Golberg, OlafUnion18Lyle, Minn.
Golien, PeterCedarNora Springs
Gooder, HiramJenkins34Riceville
Gooder, OliverJenkins3McIntire
Goodman, LouieNewburgRCarpenter
Goplerud, ChrisRock22Osage
Gosney, RollyJenkinsRRiceville
Gould, WilliamOtranto22Lyle, Minn.
Govier, CharlesCedarOsage
Govier, LucindaCedarOsage
Govier, WilliamMitchellROsage
Grace, A. E.Wayne36McIntire
Grace, C. J.Jenkins2McIntire
Graff, ErnestMitchellROsage
Gratius, GustaveCedar14Nora SpringsSunnyside Stock Farm
Gratius, OscarCedarRNora Springs
Graves, A. E.Liberty26Little Cedar
Graves, IsaacMitchell26Osage
Gray, RoyOsageROsage
Greeley, C. O.Jenkins28Riceville
Green, HenryDouglas21Osage
Green, JohnDouglas32Osage
Green, W.I.Douglas33Osage
Green, WilliamBurroak25Osage
Griffen, Francis M.Jenkins7David
Griffen, RoscoeJenkinsRMcIntire
Groth, H. A.St. Ansgar12St. Ansgar
Groth, J. A.St. Ansgar14St. Ansgar
Groth, JohnOtranto33St. Ansgar
Grove, A. O.OtrantoRSt. Ansgar
Grove, Ragnild O.Otranto35St. Ansgar
Grovo, Olaus O.Otranto25St. Ansgar
Grovo, Theo O.Otranto36St. Ansgar
Grube, HenryOtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Gulbrandson, Martin A.Cedar16Nora Springs
Gullikson, MariaOtranto22St. Ansgar
Gunderson, C. G.Newburg27St. Ansgar
Gunderson, JohnNewburg4St. Ansgar
Gunsallus, R.A.Burroak30Osage
Haas, O. F.St. Ansgar25St. Ansgar
Hackbart, EdRockROsage
Hackbart, GustaveRockRMitchell
Hackenmiller, HubertStacyville21Stacyville
Hackenmiller, JosephStacyvilleRStacyville
Hadfield, AaronBurroakBrownville
Haehn, HenryStacyville13McIntire
Haehn, PeterStacyville13McIntire
Haigh, SamuelJenkinsRiceville
Halbach, AntonStacyville34Stacyville
Halbach, NicholasStacyville32Stacyville
Halverson, Halvor I.Cedar17Osage
Halverson, Hans J.Cedar17Osage
Halverson, HenryCedarROsage
Halverson, IverCedar17Osage
Halverson, PeterCedarROsage
Halvorson, AndrewNewburg36St. Ansgar
Halvorson, S. E.NewburgRSt. Ansgar
Ham, E. J.Rock20Osage
Hambrecht, Frank N.Union13Stacyville
Hansen, AndrewOtranto33St. Ansgar
Hansen, CarolineOtranto33St. Ansgar
Hansen, ChrisJenkins7David
Hansen, H. C.St. Ansgar22St. Ansgar
Hansen, HalvorOtranto26St. Ansgar
Hansen, J. P.St. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Hansen, MogensOtranto20Lyle, Minn.
Hansen, NissSt. Ansgar7St. Ansgar
Hansen, O. T.Otranto9St. Ansgar
Hansen, SorenJenkinsRMcIntire
Hanson, A. C.Mitchell27Osage
Hanson, AndrewCedarNora Springs
Hanson, C. L.Mitchell2Osage
Hanson, C. M.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Hanson, E. L.St. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Hanson, JohnCedarNora Springs
Hanson, John J.Otranto21Otranto Sta.
Hanson, M. J.Otranto27Lyle, Minn.
Hanson, PeterJenkinsRiceville
Hanson, SamSt. Ansgar9St. Ansgar
Hanson, SerenusWayne14LeRoy, Minn.
Harris, JasperEast Lincoln14Orchard
Harrison, C.W.Douglas10Riceville
Hart, C. H.Osage32Osage
Hartnell, W. FLiberty8Stacyville
Hartough, JohnDouglas35Elma
Hartwig, C. R.Cedar34Osage
Hartwig, CarlCedar5OsageCedar Valley Farm
Hartwig, ChristCedar5Osage
Hartwig, F. C.CedarROsage
Hartwig, HermanNewburg21St. Ansgar
Hartwig, LouisNewburg19Carpenter
Hartwig, ReinhardCedar5Osage
Hartwig, W. R.Cedar15Osage
Hartwig, WilliamCedar34OsageIdeal Farm
Hastings, MichaelWayne29Bailey
Hauge, K. E.Otranto11Husted
Hauge, O. K.Otranto24Lyle, Minn.
Haugen, CarlCedarROsage
Haugen, Olaus, K.Cedar8Osage
Haugen, OliverCedarOsage
Hawkens, AndrewWayne12LeRoy, Minn.
Hawkins, GeorgeLiberty5Little Cedar
Hawkins, LonJenkinsRRiceville
Hegg, AlbertCedar4Nora Springs
Hegg, EdwinCedar4Nora Springs
Heimer, HenryStacyville8Adams, Minn.
Heimer, JosephStacyville8Stacyville
Heimermann, MikeStacyvilleRStacyville
Heller, A. F.JenkinsRRiceville
Helm, JasperCedar34Osage
Helwig, J. W.BurroakROsage
Hemann, GeorgeStacyville29Stacyville
Hemann, John E.Wayne20McIntire
Hemann, MathiasStacyville19Stacyville
Hemann, NickWayne39McIntire
Hemann, P. M.Stacyville20Stacyville
Hemann, Peter T.Stacyville25Meyer
Henderson, Bert J.BurroakROsage
Henderson, C.W.Burroak29Osage
Hendrickson, H. O.Newburg26St. Ansgar
Hendrickson, IverWayne12LeRoy, Minn.
Hendry, JamesOsage27Osage
Henry, Lena L.Douglas25Riceville
Henry, ThomasDouglas25Riceville
Hermandson, PeterWayne19McIntire
Herron, C.E.BurroakROsage
Heusman, JohnCedar9Osage
Hichliffe, Charles M.Jenkins19Riceville
Hilde, Hans A.Otranto11Lyle, Minn.
Hill, FredLiberty15Little Cedar
Hill, G. W.West Lincoln8Orchard
Hill, J. S.West Lincoln15Orchard
Hill, RichardLiberty15Little Cedar
Himiller, JuliusEast LincolnROrchard
Hinchliff, FrankOsageROsage
Hitchcock, AradOsage32Osage
Hitchcock, ClarindaOsage32Osage
Hitchcock, E. O.Osage32Osage
Hobkirk, J.H.Burroak27Osage
Hobkirk, W.T.Burroak27Osage
Hockens, H. H.Liberty23Little Cedar
Hocum, A. H.Jenkins18Little Cedar
Hocum, Fred J.Jenkins18Little Cedar
Hocum, H. E.Jenkins18DavidSunny Hill Stock Farm
Hocum, JesseJenkinsRiceville
Hodson, John E.Cedar6Nora SpringsGrand View Farm
Hoel, AnnaCedar11Osage
Hoel, EdwinCedar11Osage
Hoel, F.East LincolnROrchard
Hoevermann, Henry R.St. AnsgarRToeterville
Hoffland, O. M.St. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Hoffman, CasperWayne31McIntire
Hofland, A. A.UnionRLyle, Minn.
Hofland, E. A.Union20St. Ansgar
Hofland, IverOtranto13Lyle, Minn.
Hofland, O. A.Otranto13Lyle, Minn.
Hofmeister, JohnUnion33St. Ansgar
HoisingtonEast Lincoln1Orchard
Holden, O.C.Douglas1Riceville
Hollatz, A. F.Newburg8St. Ansgar
Hollatz, AlbertNewburgSt. Ansgar
Hollatz, E. J.Newburg4St. Ansgar
Hollatz, LisettaNewburg4St. Ansgar
Horgan, HenryJenkins1McIntire
Horgen, E. R.West LincolnROrchard
Horgen, H. C.West Lincoln13Orchard
Horgen, P. M.West LincolnROrchard
Horgen, Peter D.CedarOsage
Horner, G.C.BurroakOsage
Horsfall, H. C.Newburg19St. Ansgar
Hough, AlonzoCedar35Osage
House, JohnJenkinsRRiceville
Hovelson, E. J.RockROsage
Hovelson, R. J.RockROsage
Howe, A. E.Cedar4Osage
Howe, E. J.Cedar4OsageFir Lawn Farm
Howe, LesterCedar28Osage
Huartson, DelbertNewburgRCarpenter
Hudson, GeorgeEast Lincoln35OsageOld Homestead
Hudson, RayOsageROsage
Hudson, WilliamEast Lincoln2Osage
Hultman, AugustBurroak3OsageWonderland
Huset, ClarenceCedarROsage
Hvattum, PaulCedar10Nora Springs
Hvattum, T. H.Rock25Osage
Hylden, MarthaNewburg35St. Ansgar
Hylden, Ole A.Newburg35St. Ansgar
Indra, EdCedarROsage
Indra, J. M.CedarROsage
Ingebretson, S., Mrs.Cedar36Osage
Ingraham, WilliamWayneRMcIntire
Inwards, AlbertJenkins23Riceville
Inwards, RobertJenkins23Riceville
Isaac, LuisStacyville33Stacyville
Isaacs, RalphCedar31Osage
Iversrud, GunnerCedarOsage
Jackson, W. W.West Lincoln14Orchard
Jacobs, C.B.Burroak32OsageLong View Farm
Jacobs, FrankBurroak32OsageElder Lawn Farm
Jacobs, S.O.BurroakROsage
Jahnel, F.Douglas29Osage
Jeffries,West Lincoln
Jeffries, C.L.Burroak33Osage
Jeffries, EdwardRock32Nora Springs
Jeffries, GeorgeRock21Mitchell
Jeffries, JesseRockROsage
Jensen, ChristianSt. Ansgar9St. Ansgar
Jensen, LewisSt. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Jenson, AntonCedar16Nora Springs
Johannes, JohnDouglas15Osage
Johanson, JensRock25Osage
Johnson, AlbertOtranto33St. Ansgar
Johnson, BenjaminCedar1Osage
Johnson, Carl T.UnionRSt. Ansgar
Johnson, EberhartOtranto16Lyle, Minn.
Johnson, George M.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Johnson, H. L.Cedar16RuddCedar Vale Farm
Johnson, J. B.Cedar16Osage
Johnson, J. T.St. Ansgar11Osage
Johnson, JohnMitchell15Mitchell
Johnson, JosephLiberty25Little Cedar
Johnson, JuliusSt. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Johnson, L. H.CedarOsage
Johnson, MartinOtranto25Toeterville
Johnson, MexEast LincolnROrchard
Johnson, N. J.Cedar12Osage
Johnson, O. M.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Johnson, Sam, Mrs.St. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Johnson, TheodoreJenkinsRMcIntire
Johnson, William T.Jenkins3McIntire
Jones, WilliamLiberty15Little Cedar
Jonhus, EdWest LincolnROrchard
Jordan, DickWayne18Bailey
Jordan, EdwardWayne16Bailey
Jordan, FerdinandRock3Mitchell
Jordan, ThomasWayne17McIntire
Jorgenson, A.RockROsage
Jorgersen, RasmusMitchellROsage
Judd, M.L.BurroakBrownville
Judd, MalcolmJenkinsMcIntire
Julien, VictorCedarRNora Springs
Julius, F.A.Liberty21Little Cedar
Junger, JosephStacyville29Stacyville
Junger, Joseph J.StacyvilleStacyville
Junger, MikeStacyvilleRStacyville
Kapka, F.W.Douglas23Riceville
Kapka, LewisEast Lincoln13Alta Vista
Keating, FredCedar35Osage
Kelley, M.J.Douglas23Riceville
Kephart, A.Douglas12Riceville
Ketelsen, August JuergenBurroak9Osage
Kildee, J. A.Cedar32Osage
Kildson, GeorgeUnionRStacyville
Kildson, George E.UnionSt. Ansgar
Kilts, A. E.Liberty22Little Cedar
Kindschuch, CharlesLibertyRLittle Cedar
Kindschuh, WilliamLiberty20Little Cedar
King, CharlesJenkinsRRiceville
King, J. P.StacyvilleRStacyville
Kirchgatter, AlbertNewburg17St. Ansgar
Kirchgatter, G. H.Newburg21St. Ansgar
Kirchgatter, R. A.Newburg21St. Ansgar
Kirst, J.P.H.Douglas28Osage
Kirst, NickEast LincolnROrchard
Kittleson, C. E.St. Ansgar36St. Ansgar
Kittleson, HenryNewburg21St. Ansgar
Kittleson, TheodoreNewburg21St. Ansgar
Klaes, MatDouglas22Osage
Klapperich, JohnStacyville21McIntire
Klapperich, MichaelStacyville12McIntire
Kleckner, MaryEast Lincoln11Orchard
Kleinwort, E. J.Newburg5Carpenter
Klemesrud, Harold K.Cedar14Nora SpringsMidway Farm
Klemesrud, HermanCedar10Nora Springs
Klemesrud, Knud HermansonCedar14Nora SpringsSolvang Farm
Klemesrud, Syver K.Cedar16Nora SpringsLucky Strike Farm
Klindt, ChristianOtranto14Husted
Klopperich, MathiasLibertyRStacyville
Knapp, E. B.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Knight, HughDouglasRRiceville
Knoll, WilliamSt. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Knudson BrothersWest LincolnROsage
Knudson, ChrisUnionRSt. Ansgar
Knudson, K. A.Otranto8Lyle, Minn.
Knudson, OleOsage25Osage
Knutson, H. J.St. Ansgar7St. Ansgar
Knutson, K. O.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Koch, CarlCedarROsage
Koch, ChrisCedarROsage
Koch, FredCedarROsage
Koenings, Peter C.Stacyville11Meyer
Koethke, GeorgeUnion20St. Ansgar
Korte, A.J.Burroak31Osage
Koschmeder, HenryMitchell17Mitchell
Koschmeder, HermanRock12Mitchell
Koster, H. L.Mitchell27St. Ansgar
Koten, ChristanNewburg15St. Ansgar
Krahn, HermanUnion19Lyle, Minn.
Krahn, PaulSt. Ansgar5Toeterville
Kramer, J. H. FredStacyville15Stacyville
Kraus, HubertUnion33St. Ansgar
Krause, E. A.Newburg33Mitchell
Krause, W. F.Newburg34St. Ansgar
Kreibs, HenryLibertyRLittle Cedar
Kresbach, NickLiberty7Stacyville
Krogstad, A. T.RockROsage
Krogstad, O. O.Rock27Osage
Kroneman, EmilRock5Mitchell
Kroneman, WilliamRock11Mitchell
Kroneman, William F.Rock8Mitchell
Krones, H.Douglas29Osage
Kruger, BenjaminDouglas12Riceville
Kruger, F.W.Burroak28Little CedarWayside Farm
Kruger, JuliusDouglas12Riceville
Krulish, Frank L.Mitchell21St. Ansgar
Krulish, W. J.St. Ansgar9St. Ansgar
Kuechenberg, B., Mrs.Stacyville28Stacyville
Kuechenberg, JohnStacyvilleStacyville
Kuhn, W. H. 12MitchellOsage
Lack, H. W.West Lincoln7Orchard
Lacker, Joseph, Jr.StacyvilleAdams, Minn.
Lambert, IrvinMitchellROsage
Lamm, CharlesMitchell22St. Ansgar
Lane, CarlOtrantoROtranto
Larson, A. S.Otranto32Meltonville
Larson, AndrewRock28Osage
Larson, G. A.Otranto16Lyle, Minn.
Larson, GeorgeOtranto14Lyle, Minn.
Larson, HenryOtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Larson, JacobWayne11LeRoy, Minn.
Larson, JohnOtranto14Husted
Larson, Lars BastianCedar18Osage
Larson, NelsRock2Mitchell
Larson, O. M.Otranto16Lyle, Minn.
Larson, PeterOtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Larson, Peter BastianCedar18Osage
Laughlin, W.L.Burroak16Osage
Lee, J. C.West Lincoln18Orchard
Leidall, Knud L.Union8Lyle, Minn.
Lemon, F.W.Burroak32Little CedarEvergreen Lawn Farm
Lentz, MichaelDouglas36Elma
Lesch, Alfred H.Cedar11Osage
Lesch, AugustRock21Osage
Lesch, H. P.Cedar1OsageRiverside Farm
Lester, IngeborgUnion9Lyle, Minn.
Leverson, OleCedarROsage
Leverson, Otto G.RockROsage
Lewis, A. K.Rock13Osage
Lewis, C. B.CedarROsage
Lewis, CharlesWest Lincoln31Osage
Lewis, M. C.West Lincoln4Orchard
Lewis, Mary A.West Lincoln31Osage
Lewis, R.West LincolnROrchard
Lewis, S. S.West Lincoln6Osage
Lewis, WellingtonWest Lincoln33Osage
Libersky, AntonOtranto25Lyle, Minn.
Liberty, J. F.Wayne13McIntire
Liberty, JohnWayne17Bailey
Liberty, MichaelWayne16McIntire
Liberty, WilliamWayne16McIntire
Lighthizer, LeroyLiberty19Little Cedar
Linda, A.A.Douglas10Riceville
Lindelien, H. K.Rock35Osage
Lindley, Ole L. OlsonCedar4Nora Springs
Lippert, AdamsMitchell27Osage
Lively, CharlesJenkinsRRiceville
Lively, FrankJenkinsRRiceville
Lively, MargaretJenkins15Riceville
Lively, PatrickJenkins15Riceville
Lockie, R. .Jenkins3McIntire
Lockie, W. G.WayneRMcIntire
Lockwood, C.A.Douglas33Osage
Loftus, M.J.Douglas20Osage
Lohn, H. W.Newburg36Mitchell
Lombard, HerbertCedar32Osage
Loney, EdLibertyRStacyville
Loney, MyronMitchellROsage
Lorenzen, MartinSt. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Louie, W. J.Wayne24McIntire
Love, IsaacWest LincolnROrchard
Lower, J. W.Osage27Osage
Lunde, G. O.CedarRNora Springs
Lybarger, W.I.Burroak4OsageBrooklawn Farm
Maakestad, ChristieCedar11Nora Springs
Maakestad, M. H.Cedar13Osage
Maakestad, Syver J.Cedar11Nora SpringsCedar Lawn Farm
Mackin, JohnRock20Osage
Madera, F. W.Otranto14Lyle, Minn.
Madison, T. G.CedarROsage
Mahaffey, AndrewDouglas1Riceville
Mahoney, J. H.East Lincoln12Alta Vista
Maitland, J. F.JenkinsRiceville
Makepeace, C. L.Liberty26Little Cedar
Makepeace, O. C.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Marcks, August F.RockMitchell
Marcks, William F.Rock3Mitchell
Marcusson, Christian,Otranto25St. Ansgar
Mark, A. L.West Lincoln36Osage
Mark, W. H.Cedar36Osage
Markham, AllonBurroakROsage
Markham, JohnBurroakROsage
Markham, R.H.BurroakROsage
Markham, W.A.Burroak5OsageMaplehurst Farm
Marks, AugustNewburgRSt. Ansgar
Marly, DavidDouglas5Riceville
Marr, P.J.Douglas24Riceville
Marr, W. H.Douglas29OsageMaple Grove
Marsh, ScottSt. AnsgarROsage
Martin, T. W.LibertyLittle Cedar
Martin, William, Mrs.Jenkins34Riceville
Mathieson, NelsMitchellROsage
Mauer, AntonStacyville27Stacyville
Mauer, JosephLibertyRStacyville
Mauer, MichaelStacyville30Stacyville
Mauer, MichaelStacyville30Stacyville
Maxham, CalebBurroak12Osage
May, CasperStacyvilleMeyer
May, HenryStacyville14Meyer
May, Henry J.StacyvilleMeyer
May, John P.StacyvilleMeyer
May, MathiasStacyvilleMeyer
May, PeterStacyville24McIntire
Mayer, JosephStacyville28Stacyville
Mayer, PeterStacyville33Stacyville
Mays, LewisWayne23McIntire
Meehan, JasperStacyville13McIntire
Meehan, MartinStacyville12McIntire
Mehus, HansOtranto34St. Ansgar
Meister, E. H.Cedar33Osage
Merkel, HenryNewburg29St. Ansgar
Merrick, J. B.East Lincoln10Orchard
Merten, MartinStacyville11McIntire
Messerlie, RudolphMitchellRMitchell
Metz, F.E.DouglasROsage
Metz, JohnWayne29McIntire
Meyer, AugustRock12Mitchell
Meyer, BarbaraDouglas29Osage
Meyer, BernardStacyville22Stacyville
Meyer, HubertStacyville22Stacyville
Meyer, Joseph C.Stacyville26Meyer
Meyer, PeterEast Lincoln16Orchard
Meyer, PeterStacyville24Meyer
Meyer, StephenEast Lincoln9Orchard
Meyer, WilliamDouglasROsage
Meyerhoffer, AndrewStacyville20Stacyville
Meyerhoffer, HubertStacyville22Stacyville
Meyers, WilliamLibertyROsage
Michels, MathiasBurroak23Osage
Michels, MikeBurroak23Osage
Michels, PeterLiberty10Stacyville
Mielitz, Charles A.Jenkins4McIntire
Mikkelson, JacobMitchellROsage
Miles, H. L.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Miller, CarlSt. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Miller, H. E.UnionRSt. Ansgar
Miller, J.J.Douglas22Osage
Miller, JoeDouglasROsage
Miller, John A.Stacyville16Stacyville
Miller, LouisUnionRLyle, Minn.
Miller, MattDouglasROsage
Miller, PeterDouglas22Osage
Miller, W. H.St. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Millington, ByronWest Lincoln7Orchard
Millington, CharlesSt. Ansgar15Osage
Milton, H. H.Liberty16Little Cedar
Minnis, ArthurJenkins17Riceville
Minnis, HughJenkins17Riceville
Minnis, JamesJenkins21Riceville
Minnis, M. E., Mrs.Jenkins17Riceville
Minnis, RaymondJenkins20Riceville
Minnis, WilliamJenkins17Riceville
Minor, Bert L.Jenkins16Riceville
Miskimmins, J. G.East Lincoln1Elma
Moe, GeorgeCedar31Nora Springs
Moe, GeorgiaCedar3Nora Springs
Moe, Gulbrand O.Cedar7Osage
Moe, MarieCedar3Nora Springs
Moe, Martin O.Cedar7Osage
Moeller, HenryBurroak25Little Cedar
Moody, AlexOsage13Osage
Moody, GarfieldOsage13Osage
Moody, GeorgeOsage13Osage
Morey, H. B.Osage27Osage
Morey, Mary A.Osage27Osage
Morris, J. M.Osage19Osage
Morrisey, T. W.LibertyRDavid
Morrissey, J.M.Burroak12Osage
Morrissey, JohnBurroak12Osage
Morrissey, ThomasBurroak12Osage
Morrow, R. B.Osage24Osage
Morse, A. H.OsageROsage
Mosher, E. E.Douglas4Riceville
Mosher, E. L., Mrs.Douglas3Riceville
Moss, F. J.Jenkins21RicevilleMaple Ridge Stock Farm
Moss, GilbertJenkins21Riceville
Moss, Mary L.Jenkins21Riceville
Motland, EddieCedarRPlymouth
Motland, Peder I.Cedar5Nora SpringsWillow Grove Farm
Motley, GeorgeJenkins12Riceville
Mueller, NickLibertyRLittle Cedar
Mueller, WilliamLiberty2Stacyville
Muller, AlbertCedar33Osage
Muller, August, Rev.CedarOsage
Muller, F. G.Cedar8Osage
Muller, Ferdinand C.Cedar11Osage
Muller, FredCedar33Osage
Muller, GustaveCedar4OsageWillow Creek Stock Farm
Muller, HerbertCedarROsage
Muller, Herman A.Cedar33OsageMaple Lane Farm
Muller, JohnCedar8Osage
Muller, LouisCedar8Osage
Mulvehill, JohnWayne28McIntire
Murphy, Albert J.Jenkins31Riceville
Murry, JohnWayne18McIntire
Myrick, C. E.Liberty15Little Cedar
Myrick, Jane, Mrs.Liberty15Little Cedar
Myrick, WilliamLiberty15Little Cedar
Myrtle, LouieBurroakROsage
McCabe, W. D.MitchellROsage
McCarty, JamesDouglas17Osage
McConnell, Edith N.Jenkins34Riceville
McConnell, R. C.Jenkins34Riceville
McCulla J. E.Stacyville12Osage
McCulla, H. L.UnionRSt. Ansgar
McCulla, WilliamMitchell10Mitchell
McCurdy, G.E.Burroak34Osage
McCurdy, J.W.BurroakROsage
McDougall, ArchieMitchell24Osage
McGill, E. E.East Lincoln7Orchard
McGill, WilliamEast Lincoln7Orchard
McGrans, FrankDouglas19Osage
McIlnay, J.R.Burroak1Osage
McInroy, FrankJenkinsRRiceville
McKann, William M.Burroak5Osage
McKanna, ArthurJenkins8Riceville
McKanna, JohnJenkins8Riceville
McKinley, L. G.Newburg14St. Ansgar
McNulty, LorinJenkinsMcIntire
McPhail, A. J.Liberty14Little Cedar
McRoril, HenryJenkinsRiceville
McSweeney, J. W., Jr.BurroakROsage
McSweeney, J. W., Sr.LibertyLittle Cedar
McSweeney, JohnBurroakROsage
McSweeney, StewardLibertyRLittle Cedar
Nack, DanielSt. Ansgar36St. Ansgar
Nack, HendrickRock7Mitchell
Naversate, Ole A.Union17Lyle, Minn.
Neis, AntonLibertyRStacyville
Nelson, C. M.Otranto16Lyle, Minn.
Nelson, Christian C.Jenkins26Riceville
Nelson, E. G.Otranto32St. Ansgar
Nelson, E. T.Rock32Nora Springs
Nelson, EdwardCedar17Osage
Nelson, F. J.Otranto26Toeterville
Nelson, HansBurroakROsage
Nelson, IsabelSt. Ansgar2St. Ansgar
Nelson, Nels E.Cedar17Osage
Nelson, OlaCedarOsage
Nelson, T. O.RockRNora Springs
Newton, RobertEast LincolnROrchard
Nicholas, John F.Jenkins7DavidWillow Lawn Farm
Nichols, T. E.Jenkins2McIntire
Nicholson, FredLibertyRLittle Cedar
Nicholson, G. W., Jr.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Nicholson, G. W., Sr.Liberty23Little Cedar
Nicholson, H. L.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Nicholson, HenryJenkinsMcIntire
Nicholson, RebeccaLiberty23Little Cedar
Nicol, D. A.Liberty18Little Cedar
Nicol, D. M.Union35Osage
Nicol, M. P., Mrs.Liberty22Little Cedar
Niels, CharlesSt. AnsgarROsage
Nixon, F. M.OsageOsage
Noble, FloydJenkinsRRiceville
Noble, Joseph H.Jenkins27Riceville
Noble, R. D. RMitchellOsage
Norby, CarlRock11Osage
Norby, IverCedarROsage
Norby, Lauritz H.Cedar7Osage
Northcraft, S.Wayne8McIntire
Norton, Agnes M.Douglas22Osage
Norton, C. D.Liberty14Little Cedar
Norton, T.W.Douglas19Osage
Nubson, C., Mrs.Cedar11Osage
Odden, Carl N.Cedar16RuddSpring Brook Stock Farm
Ogden, B. A.Otranto33St. Ansgar
Ohland, JohnDouglas18OsagePleasant View Farm
Olesen, F. I.Cedar11Osage
Oleson, ChrisSt. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Olsen, J. O.Newburg22St. Ansgar
Olsen, Lars IverCedarOsage
Olson, B. C.Cedar11Nora Springs
Olson, BrendenCedarROsage
Olson, GustCedarROsage
Olson, GustaveRock33Nora Springs
Olson, J. G.Rock35Osage
Olson, Johanna, Mrs.Otranto22Lyle, Minn.
Olson, JohnOtranto21Otranto Station
Olson, JohnRock34Osage
Olson, L. O.Rock35Osage
Olson, M.B.Burroak15OsagePleasant View Stock Farm
Olson, OleJenkinsRiceville
Ones, IverRock29Osage
Overkamp, WilliamOsage19Osage
Pacy, FredUnionRStacyville
Paddock, FrancisLiberty24Little Cedar
Pagel, WilliamNewburg30St. Ansgar
Pahl, E. G.RockRMitchell
Pahl, F. A.Rock6Mitchell
Palmer, James H.Union10St. Ansgar
Palmer, James, Jr.Union9St. Ansgar
Palmer, LinkUnion26Stacyville
Parkhurst, A. W.OsageROsage
Parrish, H.E.Burroak28Little CedarPrairie View Farm
Paulson, George K.Cedar7Nora Springs
Pederson, NelsRockRMitchell
Peff, KatherinaRock23Osage
Pelton, F. A.Osage25Osage
Penney, Albert W.Liberty6Stacyville
Penney, Charles A.Liberty5Stacyville
Penney, FrankLiberty7Stacyville
Penney, H. L.Liberty9Little Cedar
Penney, Jasper H.Stacyville31Stacyville
Penney, SidneyLiberty9Little Cedar
Penney, W. F.West Lincoln18Orchard
Penny, Sam W.Union36Stacyville
Perau, G. H.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Perau, L. W.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Perry, A.D.Douglas2Riceville
Peterson, A. E.Union17Lyle, Minn.
Peterson, J. M.Wayne10McIntire
Peterson, NicholaiCedarOsage
Pillsbury, C. W.Wayne33McIntire
Pingrey, AdelbertJenkins19RicevilleSpring Grove Farm
Pingrey, GaryJenkins19Riceville
Pinke, HermanSt. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Pint, JamesWayneRMcIntire
Pitzen, FredStacyville18Stacyville
Plummer, F. J.Wayne24McIntire
Plunkett, FrancisDouglas7Riceville
Pope, WilliamOtranto28Otranto Station
Potter, Charles C.Jenkins6McIntire
Potter, L. A.Jenkins6McIntire
Potter, Oscar B.Jenkins6McIntire
Potter, RayJenkins6McIntire
Potter, WillisJenkins6McIntire
Powell, A.M.West Lincoln5Orchard
Powers, Robert A.Osage14Osage
Preston, TateDouglasROsage
Priem, A. F.NewburgRSt. Ansgar
Priem, E. W.Newburg16St. Ansgar
Priem, F. J.Otranto32St. Ansgar
Priem, Ferdinand, Mrs.Newburg16St. Ansgar
Priem, Frederick, Mrs.Newburg20St. Ansgar
Priem, HenryOtrantoRSt. Ansgar
Priem, WilliamNewburg16St. Ansgar
Proett, A. F., Rev.CedarNora Springs
Purcell, T.P.Douglas34Elma
Quick, JamesJenkinsRLittle Cedar
Quinn, BarneyJenkins12McIntire
Quinn, JosephJenkins11McIntire
Quinn, MaryJenkins12McIntire
Ragen, M. J.Wayne17McIntire
Rauen, Mathias, Jr.Stacyville10Adams, Minn.
Rawley, EdEast LincolnROrchard
Reed, J. E.JenkinsRMcIntire
Reed, J. M.OsageROsage
Reichuts, PeterDouglas14Riceville
Reiken, HenryDouglas25Riceville
Reiken, W.L.Douglas25Riceville
Reiken, W.L.Douglas25Riceville
Renner, E.M.Burroak26Osage
Renner, ElizabethBurroak26Osage
Renner, J.F.Burroak26Osage
Renz, GeorgeStacyville36McIntire
Replogle, RolloJenkinsRRiceville
Retherath JacobStacyville23McIntire
Retherath, Anna M.Stacyville23McIntire
Reuhlow, PaulNewburgRSt. Ansgar
Reynolds, E. H.Liberty24Little Cedar
Reynolds, E. J.Union25Stacyville
Reynolds, JosephUnion28Stacyville
Reynolds, LawrenceUnion25Stacyville
Reynolds, T.S.Burroak36OsageThe Elms
Richards, H.H.Burroak28Osage
Richards, R.F.Burroak28OsageElm Lawn Farm
Richter, WilliamDouglasROsage
Ritter, EarlBurroakROsage
Robbins, Marilla C.Jenkins6Riceville
Roberts, AliceBurroak33Little Cedar
Roberts, C.C.Burroak33Little CedarPleasant Hill Farm
Robertson, C. F.Mitchell26Osage
Robertson, M. N.Union34St. Ansgar
Robertson, W. A.MitchellROsage
Rodemaker, W. T.Cedar34OsagePleasant Hill Farm
Roehr, Alvin G.Cedar9Nora SpringsEvergreen Stock Farm
Rogers, C. E.Cedar5Osage
Rogers, Henry P.JenkinsRiceville
Rogers, J. A.Cedar30Osage
Rogers, W. H.Cedar32Osage
Rosbeck, F.E.Cedar35Nora Springs
Rosel, AlbertRockRMitchell
Rosel, FredSt. Ansgar19St. Ansgar
Roselle, GeorgeRockRMitchell
Rosenberg, EdmundNewburg29St. Ansgar
Rosenberg, R. C.Newburg29St. Ansgar
Rosseter, EmmaNewburg23St. Ansgar
Rosseter, J. E.Newburg23St. Ansgar
Rossum, IverRock12Osage
Rossum, T. L.Rock31Plymouth
Ruebe, C. F.Otranto19Lyle, Minn.
Ruechel, A. M.Newburg9St. Ansgar
Ruechel, EdwardNewburgSt. Ansgar
Ruechel, H. L.NewburgRSt. Ansgar
Ruehlow, C. F.St. Ansgar5Toeterville
Ruehlow, L. W.Union14Lyle, Minn.
Ruester, RasmusRockRMitchell
Runge, Ed. E.Osage14Osage
Runge, EmilRock5Mitchell
Runge, W. D.Osage29Osage
Russell, DorisUnionRSt. Ansgar
Rust, N. H.Otranto36St. Ansgar
Rustad, R. C.Otranto22Lyle, Minn.
Ryndes, J. B.Osage13Osage
Sadler, JohnJenkins3McIntire
Sadler, M. H.Jenkins3McIntire
Sahr, M.Douglas20Osage
Salz, John, Jr.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Salz, John, Sr.Liberty17Little Cedar
Salz, WilliamLibertyRLittle Cedar
Sandvig, AnneOtranto12Lyle, Minn.
Sauer, HenryJenkins33Riceville
Saug, Borger L.CedarRNora Springs
Saug, Lars B.Cedar5Nora Springs
Schaefer, M.Stacyville15Adams, Minn.
Schaefer, Mathias A.Stacyville35Meyer
Schers, CharlesJenkinsRiceville
Schersach, FredCedarROsage
Schillinger, PaulUnion16St. Ansgar
Schlaff, BernardStacyville8Adams, Minn.
SchmarzoBurroak33Little Cedar
Schmidt, C. F.Mitchell17Mitchell
Schmidt, H.St. Ansgar13St. Ansgar
Schmidt, MichaelMitchell18Mitchell
Schmidt, WilliamMitchell7Mitchell
Schneider, AntonStacyville9Stacyville
Schneider, W.W.BurroakROsage
Schoger, AlfredCedarRNora Springs
Schoger, AndrewCedar10Nora Springs
Schoger, C. E.Cedar15Nora SpringsPleasant View Farm
Schomaker, BarthelStacyville24McIntire
Schoonover, A. N.LibertyRStacyville
Schoonover, IrwinUnion34St. Ansgar
Schoonover, LeeUnionRStacyville
Schroeder, AlbertSt. Ansgar9St. Ansgar
Schroeder, George C.Union28St. Ansgar
Schroeder, HermanSt. Ansgar8St. Ansgar
Schroeder, W. F.St. Ansgar13St. Ansgar
Schuchart, A.J.Burroak2Osage
Schulte, AntonMitchell9Mitchell
Schultheis, B.W.Burroak24Osage
Schultheis, JohnOsageOsage
Schultz, AugustRock5Mitchell
Schultz, GeorgeUnionRSt. Ansgar
Schultz, H. W.Rock2Mitchell
Schumacher, JohnUnion25Stacyville
Schuttler, BerthaCedar9OsageMaple Dale Farm
Schuttler, EdwardCedar9Osage
Schweiger, E.B.Douglas31Osage
Scott, JosephLiberty18Little Cedar
Seaver, William S.Rock1Mitchell
Sedelacek, FrankSt. AnsgarRSt. Ansgar
Sedlacek, JosephMitchell21St. Ansgar
Seefeldt, HermanNewburg32St. Ansgar
Seefeldt, OttoNewburg28St. Ansgar
Seefeldt, WilhelminaNewburg32St. Ansgar
Seeley, H. F.LibertyRStacyville
Sefert, Charles H. RNewburgCarpenter
Seibert, JacobStacyville27Stacyville
Sephong, ArnoldWayne8McIntire
Severson, HenryDouglas30Osage
Sewright, A. B.East Lincoln7Orchard
Sewright, David, Jr.East Lincoln7Orchard
Sewright, David, Sr.East Lincoln7Orchard
Sewright, RobertWest Lincoln3Orchard
Sheldon, Fred C.Jenkins26Riceville
Shoger, JulianRock25Osage
Shrode, CharlesJenkins15Riceville
Shrode, WilliamJenkins5McIntire
Shulze, E.E.Burroak36Osage
Shulze, H. W.Burroak36Osage
Sigler, GeorgeJenkinsMcIntire
Sigler, JohnJenkinsRMcIntire
Sikola, FrankMitchellROsage
Simmering, HenryOtranto10Lyle, Minn.
Simpson, F. R.CedarROsage
Simpson, M. J.West Lincoln32Osage
Simpson, WilliamOsage22Osage
Sinott, E.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Siple, M. H.Wayne26McIntire
Sjogren, IevenCedar35Osage
Slawson, H. J.Osage36Osage
Smalley, C. E.East Lincoln16Orchard
Smalley, H. H.MitchellROsage
Smalley, T. D.Liberty22Little Cedar
Smith, C. H.Cedar10Osage
Smith, Clyde H.Jenkins30RicevilleClover Leaf Stock Farm
Smith, F. X.Stacyville7Stacyville
Smith, FredWayne32McIntire
Smith, GeorgeJenkins15Riceville
Smith, JosephStacyville17Stacyville
Smith, L. G.Liberty13Little Cedar
Smith, ThomasStacyville7Adams, Minn.
Somsen, C. H.JenkinsRiceville
Sorlie, Lars L.Cedar1OsageOak Hill Stock Farm
Spaanum, Augusta E.Cedar9Nora Springs
Spaanum, S. K.Cedar9Nora SpringsPrairie Heights Stock Farm
Specht, JosephSt. Ansgar17St. Ansgar
Sponheim, H. O.Rock2Mitchell
Sponheim, KnuteOsageROsage
Sponheim, Magnus O.Cedar10Nora SpringsGreen Lawn Farm
Sponheim, OleCedarRNora Springs
Sponheim, SigurdMitchellROsage
Spring, ArthurJenkins16Riceville
Spring, FredJenkins16Riceville
Springman, ConradStacyville19Stacyville
Squire, JosephEast LincolnROrchard
Squires, RoyWest LincolnROrchard
St. John, John A.Douglas3Riceville
Staeblow, W. F.JenkinsRiceville
Staff, AnnaCedar17Osage
Staff, John W.Cedar17Osage
Stakel, JohnBurroakROsage
Stallman, W.F.BurroakROsage
Stambro, ClausJenkinsRiceville
Stanburough, CharlesJenkinsRRiceville
Stanton, JohnDouglas8Riceville
Stark, CharlesDouglas24Riceville
Starrey, J. W.JenkinsRiceville
Steiger, Frank Fr.Stacyville18Stacyville
Steiger, WilliamUnionRStacyville
Steinberg, EmilRockRMitchell
Steinberg, William F.Newburg34St. Ansgar
Stelter, GusCedarROsage
Stelter, WilliamCedar3OsageBurr Oak Stock Farm
Stephony, JacobWayne8McIntire
Stewart, JohnWayne11McIntire
Stirneman, EmilDouglas12RicevilleRiverside Farm
Stokes, A. R.MitchellRMitchell
Stolzenberg, NicStacyvilleAdams, Minn.
Stolzenberg, PeterStacyvilleAdams, Minn.
Strand, P. O.Otranto25Lyle, Minn.
Strand, SamOtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Streblow, F.A.Douglas9Riceville
Strong, J. M.OsageROsage
Struben, JohnCedar17Osage
Stuart, CorneliusEast Lincoln8Orchard
Stuart, L. W.East Lincoln8Orchard
Suchy, AntonMitchell21St. Ansgar
Suchy, JohnMitchell2Osage
Sullivan, D.R.Burroak14Osage
Sullivan, J.L.Burroak13Osage
Sullivan, William C.BurroakROsage
Sundre, P. O.Otranto28Otranto Station
Swain, E. M.Otranto33St. Ansgar
Swain, O. E.Otranto33St. Ansgar
Swan, E.E.Douglas19OsageElmdorf
Swan, HenryBurroakROsage
Swann, A. J.Cedar18Nora Springs
Swanson, LouisOtranto34St. Ansgar
Sweet, C.H.Liberty20Little Cedar
Syverson, MariaRock15Osage
Tabbert, ChristianRock17Mitchell
Tabbert, H. J.Rock18Mitchell
Tabbert, WilliamRock9Mitchell
Tabbert, William F.Rock16Mitchell
Tatum, Jasper N.Cedar18Nora Springs
Taylor, EmeryJenkinsRRiceville
Taylor, Nelson W.Jenkins25Riceville
Taylor, Wade B.JenkinsRRiceville
Templeton, WilliamDouglas2Riceville
Tepel, FrankDouglasRRiceville
Tesch, AugustRock6Mitchell
Tesch, FrederickRock5Mitchell
Tesch, H. J.Rock5Mitchell
Tesch, HermanUnionRSt. Ansgar
Tesch, OttoUnion33St. Ansgar
Theobald, JacobStacyville25Meyer
Theobald, NicholasStacyville30Stacyville
Theobald, ThomasStacyvilleRStacyville
Theobald, Thomas A.Stacyville30Stacyville
Thies, JohnDouglas14Osage
Thomas, J. F.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Thomas, JohnUnionROsage
Thome, JohnStacyville35McIntire
Thompson, ChristianMitchell32Mitchell
Thompson, F. B.Otranto19Lyle, Minn.
Thompson, H. G.St. AnsgarRToeterville
Thompson, KnutOtranto22Lyle, Minn.
Thompson, S. M.Wayne12LeRoy, Minn.
Thornburg, A. S.West Lincoln17Orchard
Thornburg, E. M.West Lincoln17Orchard
Thorson, BergitNewburg15St. Ansgar
Thorson, Knudt H.Newburg15St. Ansgar
Thorson, Ole E.Newburg15St. Ansgar
Thorson, T. K.Otranto28Lyle, Minn.
Thrams, H. G.RockOsage
Tibbetts, O. D.Mitchell4Mitchell
Tiedemanson, IverMitchellRMitchell
Tieman, BetsyOtranto12Lyle, Minn.
Tieman, OscarOtranto12Lyle, Minn.
Tingelstad, H. E.Cedar1Osage
Titus, B. M.Mitchell36Osage
Titus, F. A.Mitchell2Osage
Titus, JoeMitchellRSt. Ansgar
Toelle, C.E.Douglas20Osage
Tollefson, A L.St. Ansgar12St. Ansgar
Tollefson, George B.St. Ansgar18St. Ansgar
Tollefson, J. O.Newburg3St. Ansgar
Tollefson, M. A.Newburg26Mitchell
Tollefson, M. G.St. Ansgar12St. Ansgar
Tollefson, T. M.St. Ansgar14St. Ansgar
Tollefson, T. O., Jr.Newburg3St. Ansgar
Tollefson, T. O., Sr.Newburg3St. Ansgar
Torblaa, M. E.RockRMitchell
Torblaa, Ole L.Cedar14Nora Springs
Torgerson, AlfredOtranto8Lyle, Minn.
Torgerson, NelsSt. Ansgar11St. Ansgar
Torney, A. R.Rock29Osage
Torney, E. J.Rock30Osage
Torney, EdwardRock28Osage
Torney, RichardRock20Osage
Torney, W. H.Rock29Osage
Torsleff, JohnMitchellRMitchell
Towne, E. G.Osage21Osage
Towne, R. P.East Lincoln21Osage
Towne, R. P.Osage21Osage
Trager, JohnSt. Ansgar11Osage
Troge, H. C.Cedar14Osage
Troge, M. C.Cedar14Osage
Troge, William, Mrs.Cedar14Osage
Tubbs, C. E.RockROsage
Tubbs, C. J.RockROsage
Tubbs, E. C.RockROsage
Tubbs, J. R.RockROsage
Tucker, W. B.CedarOsage
Tupper, BertDouglas33Osage
Tupper, C. S.East LincolnROsage
Tupper, G. C.East LincolnROsage
Tupper, George A., Jr.East LincolnROsage
Tupper, George A., Sr.East Lincoln1OsageLincoln Center
Turek, PeterMitchell22St. Ansgar
Turner, F. H.East LincolnROrchard
Tusler, L. A.Osage31Osage
Van Deest, M.Liberty20Little Cedar
Varnum, Melissa D.West Lincoln9Orchard
Verhay, A.East LincolnROrchard
Vining, E. W.West Lincoln7Orchard
Virchow, C.J.Newburg31Mitchell
Voaklander, F.A.Burroak33Little Cedar
Voaklander, W. E., Jr.LibertyROsage
Volbrecht, A. W.Douglas25Riceville
Volbrecht, Martha A.Douglas25Riceville
Volbrecht, W. A.Douglas25Riceville
Volstad, CharlesUnion8Lyle, Minn.
Von Bergen, JohnOtranto33St. Ansgar
Wachlin, FredNewburg32St. Ansgar
Wagner, JohnCedarOsage
Wagner, Joseph A.Stacyville36McIntire
Wagner, MargaretDouglas29Osage
Wagner, MathiasEast Lincoln3Orchard
Wagner, SteveEast LincolnROrchard
Walker, A.E.BurroakROsage
Walling, W. N.West Lincoln16Orchard
Walter, JohnJenkins24Riceville
Wamstad, AndrewCedar29Osage
Wamstad, BredeRockROsage
Wamstad, HenryCedarRNora Springs
Wamstad, Lars H.Cedar15Nora Springs
Wamstad, Lars T.Cedar3Osage
Wamstad, Milton B.CedarNora Springs
Wamstad, OleCedar16Nora Springs
Wamstad, Oscar G.CedarNora Springs
Wantermute, S. D.JenkinsRRiceville
Wardall, R. R.St. Ansgar10Osage
Warrington, RobertMitchellRSt. Ansgar
Waters, CharlesWest Lincoln14Orchard
Weber, JacobEast Lincoln3Osage
Weber, JohnStacyvilleRStacyville
Weber, PeterBurroak26Osage
Weber, PeterLibertyStacyville
Weber, Peter W.Stacyville26Meyer
Weinberger, R. J.Rock25Osage
Weinberger, WilliamJenkins27Riceville
Welch, C. W.Osage22Osage
Welch, JamesSt. AnsgarROsage
Weldin, E.MitchellROsage
Werner, MartinStacyville24McIntire
Wertz, John, Rev.StacyvilleMeyer
West, F. L.DouglasROsage
West, FrankDouglasROsage
Westbrook, Edith J.JenkinsRiceville
Wheeler, F. J.WayneRMcIntire
Wheeler, J. C.Wayne25McIntire
Wheeler, WalterJenkins13Riceville
Wheelock, S., Mrs.Jenkins19Little Cedar
Whitacher, E. F.OsageROsage
Whitacher, JohnOsageOsage
Whitaker, D.B.Burroak28Osage
Whitcomb, S. F.East Lincoln6Osage
Whitcomb, William R.East Lincoln6Osage
White, A. G.St. Ansgar1St. Ansgar
White, EdDouglas3Riceville
White, HenryEast Lincoln5Osage
White, Jas.Jenkins17Riceville
White, MichaelJenkinsRRiceville
Wiger, John A.Newburg3St. Ansgar
Wilde, CarlRock8Mitchell
Wilde, FerdinandRock9Mitchell
Wilde, HenryRock7Mitchell
Wilde, HermanRock7Mitchell
Wilde, WilliamRock10Mitchell
Wilder, E. L.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Wilder, F. E.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Wilder, F. R.Otranto7Lyle, Minn.
Wilder, I. D.OtrantoRLyle, Minn.
Wilk, Albert, Jr.Cedar18Nora Springs
Wilk, HenryCedar4Osage
Wilke, FerdinandNewburgSt. Ansgar
Williams, Gustave MillardCedar12Osage
Williams, J. A.LibertyRLittle Cedar
Williams, J. C.West Lincoln35Osage
Willis, E. F.Douglas2Riceville
Willis, E. J.DouglasRRiceville
Wilson, ThomasBurroakROsage
Winer, CharlesLiberty22Little Cedar
Winer, FredLibertyLittle Cedar
Winer, JohnLiberty10Stacyville
Winkels, FranzStacyville10Adams, Minn.
Winkels, HenryStacyvilleRMcIntire
Winkels, JacobStacyville23Meyer
Winkels, John J.StacyvilleRMcIntire
Winkeman, CarlNewburgRSt. Ansgar
Wirth, Louisa, Mrs.St. Ansgar20St. Ansgar
Wist, JohnLiberty28Little Cedar
Witt, J. R., Jr.Rock19Osage
Witt, John R.Rock19Osage
Witt, WalterRockROsage
Wolf, Anton, Mrs.Stacyville25Meyer
Wolf, MartinLibertyRLittle Cedar
Wolff, GeorgeLiberty22Little Cedar
Wolff, WilliamLiberty14Little Cedar
Woodard, B. S.East Lincoln12Orchard
Woodley, AnthonyOtranto20Otranto
Woodley, Charles A.Otranto18Lyle, Minn.
Woods, E. W.RockROsage
Worseldine, G. H.West Lincoln18Orchard
Worseldine, W. R.West Lincoln18Orchard
Wright, B. F.East Lincoln12Orchard
Wright, G. F.Mitchell1Osage
Wright, GeorgeLibertyLittle Cedar
Wright, J. P.East Lincoln10Orchard
Wright, KatieMitchell1Osage
Wright, RayLibertyRLittle Cedar
Wright, S. H.Osage15Osage
Yager, Marian E.Rock12Mitchell
Young, RollaJenkinsRRiceville
Young, T. J.Jenkins35Riceville
Young, William H.Mitchell24Little Cedar
Zacharda, Annie, Mrs.St. Ansgar4St. Ansgar
Zacharda, W. F.St. Ansgar16St. Ansgar
Zastrow, CarlCedar18Nora Springs
Zemanek, F. J.St. Ansgar17St. Ansgar
Zemanek, V. F.St. Ansgar16St. Ansgar
Zilk, FredJenkins22Riceville

Mitchell County IA,

Anderson Publishing Company. Standard Historical Atlas of Mitchell County, Iowa: Containing Maps of Villages, Cities and Townships of the County, Maps of State, United States and World, Farmers Directory, Business Directory and General Information. Mitchell County, Iowa: Anderson Publishing Company. 1911.

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