1920 Galva Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

NameSection of Land
Albers, Chris19
Anderson, Carl35
Anderson, John M.5
Andresen, Mrs. William20
Barr, May F.24
Belson, James21
Beyer, Chris33
Bochwold, M. F.22
Bond, Milton32
Brown, Roy B.22
Carlberg, Charles36
Carlberg, John36
Cathcart, F. S.23
Cathcart, T. S.23
Clausen, Peter32
Cree, Jos. M. Est.2
Dau, Herman18
Dau, Julius18
Davis, C. A.11
Ebert, Fred26, 35
Elk, M. M.36
Fisher, Carl27
Fleming, A.M. & E. H.24
Gebers, August31
Gebers, Charles29
Gebers, Chris32
Gebers, George30
Gebers, Henry19
Gellert, Anne17
Gellert, Henry31
Gries, William28
Goldensupp, Henry6
Hansen, Jochim27, 33, 34
Hare, Alfred3
Heitman, Jurgen6, 7
Helkenn, Hans8
Helkenn, Henry6
Herron, Jesse25
Houghton, Amy W.9
Huck, Henry C.21
Husted, F. W.2
Jacques, Harry34
Jatho, Alice17
Johannsen, Andrew31
Johns, G. W.3
Johnson, Einer11
Juelfs, Ferdinand16
Kitchen, H. G.10
Koth, Carl14
Kramer, Mrs. Henry7
Kuehl, J.A.29
Lease, John E4
Lohff, Detlef18, 28
Lindquist, Herman2
McCleary, Phil G.13
Moore, Mrs. George23
Murray, Michael25, 26
Nordstrom, John C.19
Otto, John D.10
Patton, Adam22
Peterson, Frank O.2
Radke, Albert14
Radke, Carl E.12
Rochau, John30
Rohlk, Adolph18
Rohlk, Emil17, 18
Rusch, Charles26
Ruser, Minna7
Schiller, Mary A3
Schmidt,  Charles Mrs.33
Sears, George34
Sievert, William Jr.12
Smith, Mrs. J. W.11
Soeller, Andrew35
Stewart, J. B.25
Streed, Erich4
Streed, John4
Swanson, Swan21
Timmerman, Theodore31
Vohs, August6
Vollmer, John28
Walters, R. E.27
Wanberg, Jonas15
Wanberg, Olof15
Webb, Frank29
Webb, T. W.34
Westcott, D. J.16
Westensee, Adolph10
Wulf, Augusta30
Yocum, E. L.12
Yocum, Lizzie & Earl1, 11, 27
Zwemke, Wm.13, 14


White, Judy. Ida County Iowa Genealogy. Web. © 2012.

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