1884 Galva Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Arnold, George H.
Arnold, Grant
Arnold, Hugh
Arnold, Mary
Arnold, Rule

Becker, Charlie
Becker, Elizabeth
Becker, Ernest
Becker, Hugo
Becker, Nora
Becker, Oscar
Bishop, T. A.
Bossard, Arthur
Bossard, Catherine
Bossard, Ella
Bossard, Fannie
Bossard, Giford
Bossard, Liander
Breitspracher, Albert
Breitspracher, Augusta
Breitspracher, Carl
Breitspracher, Martha
Breitspracher, Theresa
Bullock, Alice
Bullock, Edwin
Bullock, Leslie
Bullock, Mary J.
Bullock, Rhoda
Burrows, Anna
Burrows, John
Burrows, John S.
Burrows, Robert
Burrows, Robert W.
Burrows, Sarah
Burrows, Sarah B.
Burrows, William
Bushman, Hannah
Bushman, Henry
Bushman, Hillary
Bushman, Joseph
Bushman, Lowell
Bushman, Maggie
Bushman, Rosa
Butler, Luella
Butler, Walter

Case, Frank
Case, Harry
Christopher, John A.
Christopher, Joseph
Christopher, Mary
Christopher, Wm. C.
Coder, George
Cole, Carl V.
Cole, Crowley
Cole, Ed
Cole, Fern
Cole, Flavilla
Cole, Flora
Collins, Charlie
Collins, Emma
Collins, Geo. P.
Collins, Libbie
Collins, Lucy
Columbus, Christopher
Columbus, Margaret
Columbus, William
Cook, Catherine
Cook, George
Corkel, Charlie
Corkel, Edward
Corkel, Flora
Corkel, John
Corkel, Nellie
Corkel, William
Craig, James M.
Creasy, Adaline
Creasy, Alvah
Creasy, Margarette
Creasy, Smith
Creasy, Stephan
Creasy, William
Cree, Elizabeth
Cree, Joseph M.
Cree, Lenora
Cree, Mary
Cree, Phebe
Crowley, Eliza
Crowley, G. H.
Crowley, Newmant
Crowley, Sarah
Crowley, Wm. A.
Curtis, Emma
Curtis, Joe

Davis, A. W.
Davis, Charles
Davis, Clinton
Davis, Mabel
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Walter
Deal, Hattie
Deal, Alma
Deal, Edgar
Deal, Edna
Deal, Estella
Deal, James H.
Deal, Mary
Deal, Mary E.
Dennis, Alfreda
Dennis, Josiah

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Eldridge, Charles
Eldridge, Gennevie
Eldridge, Marion
Eldridge, Samuel
Eldridge, W. E.
Evans, Clara
Evans, Estella
Evans, Jane
Evans, Joseph

Feeney, Dan
Feeney, Fanny
Feeney, James
Feeney, William E.
Feeney, William N.
Fleming, Andrew
Fleming, Charles
Fotiz, Jacob
Frances, Ada
Frances, Annie
Frances, Jane
Frances, Job
Frances, Myrtle
Frances, Sarah
Francis, Jemina
Francis, John
Frazier, Toni

Gebers, Anna
Gebers, Evina
Gebers, Fred
Gebers, George
Gebers, Gustav
Gebers, Henry
Gebers, Mary
Gellert, Catherine
Gellert, Emma
Gellert, Henry
Gellert, Nick
Gellert, Omar
Gellert, Theodore
Goldsburg, Abe
Goldsburg, Clifford
Goldsburg, Clyde
Goldsburg, Cornelia
Goldsburg, Geo.
Goldsburg, Lina
Gries, Criss
Gummow, Alfred
Gummow, John
Gummow, Mary
Gummow, Richard
Gummow, Thomas
Gummow, Wm.

Hagler, Cora
Hagler, Craig
Hagler, Effie
Hagler, George
Hagler, Harriett
Hagler, John
Hagler, Orpha
Hagler, Susan
Helken, Catherine
Helken, Hans
Helken, John
Helken, Lottie
Helken, Mary
Helken, Nellie
Helken, William
Hillard, Frank
Hillard, Nettie

Jenkins, Emma
Jenkins, Sarah
Jenkins, Sophia
Jenkins, Wm.
Jensen, Annie
Jensen, Criss
Jensen, Hans
Jensen, Kirstine
Jensen, Lars
Jensen, Peter
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Clayton
Jones, Hattie
Jones, James
Jones, Mary E.
Jones, Matthew B.
Jones, Sarah J.
Jones, Sephrona
Jones, Wm. H.

Keho, Christina
Keho, Edward
Keho, Elizabeth
Keho, John
Keho, William
Kellogg, Alice
Kellogg, Fred
Kellogg, Harry O.
Kellogg, Orlando
Klotz, Fred
Klotz, John
Klotz, Laura
Klotz, Louisa
Klotz, Rudolph
Kuehl, Adelia
Kuehl, Hannah
Kuehl, Henry
Kuehl, Henry, Jr.
Kuehl, Herman
Kuehl, John

Lambertson, C.
Legnard, Nelson
Lester, Ella
Lester, J. P.
Lundburg, Joseph
Lyons, George

McLeary, Etta
McLeary, Ida
McLeary, James
McLeary, Lee
Miller, John
Miller, LeRoy
Miller, Maggie
Miller, Mills
Moore, George
Moore, Hattie
Moore, Mary
Moore, Miles
Moothart, Edwin
Moothart, Mathilda
Moothart, Sarah
Murray, Julia
Murray, Michael
Murray, Morris

Newland, Estella M.
Newland, Fanny
Newland, Harry
Newland, James
Newland, Robert

Ohlmstead, Harry
Ohlmstead, Irwin
Ohlmstead, Lena
Ohlmstead, Sarah
Oldenburg, Ettie
Oldenburg, Fred
Oldenburg, Herman
Oldenburg, Kate
Oldenburg, Mathilda
Oldenburg, Minnie
Oldenburg, Orvenia
Otto, Emma
Otto, Fred
Otto, Mary

Pendergast, Tom
Penrod, Albert
Penrod, Bertha
Penrod, Henry
Penrod, John W.
Penrod, Lyman
Penrod, Maud
Penrod, Sarah
Powell, Cora
Powell, Elmer
Powell, George
Powell, Henry
Powell, Nettie

Reitz, Anna
Reitz, Ehrich
Reitz, Gustav
Reitz, Henry
Reitz, John
Reitz, Kate
Rice, John
Rigge, Cyrus
Rochau, Annie
Rochau, Augustave
Rochau, Claus
Rochau, Emma
Rochau, Herman
Rochau, Lizzie
Rochau, Minnie
Rochau, William
Rosegrant, Emma
Rosegrant, Rachel
Rosegrant, Stephan
Rowley, Andrew
Rowley, Catherine
Rowley, Frank
Rowley, James
Rusch, Claus
Rusch, Emily
Rusch, Emir
Rusch, Henry
Rusch, Herman
Rusch, Thomas

Savage, Bessie
Savage, Earl
Savage, Julia
Savage, Mabel
Savage, William
Schmander, John
Schmander, Lena
Schmander, Louise
Schmander, Magdaline
Schmander, Paul
Schneckloth, Bertha
Schneckloth, Peter
Schuman, Henry
Sederberg, Albert
Sederberg, Alfred
Sederberg, Annie
Sederberg, Eddie
Sederberg, Emma
Sederberg, John
Sederberg, Olof
Sederberg, Ossie
Sederberg, Otto
Sederberg, Peter
Shultheiss, Annie
Shultheiss, Bertha
Shultheiss, Emma
Shultheiss, John
Shultheiss, Victoria
Smith, Annie
Smith, Chipadel
Smith, Earle
Smith, Isaac O.
Smith, John
Smith, L. B.
Smith, Lennie
Smith, Mabel
Smith, Maggie
Smith, Martha
Smith, Mary
Smith, Murray
Smith, Oscar B.
Spike, Alfred
Spike, Charles
Spike, Elizabeth
Spike, James H.
Spike, Jane
Spike, Jennie
Spike, John
Spike, Rosetta
Spike, Sophia
Spike, William
Sprouse, Ernest
Sprouse, Hattie
Sprouse, Joseph W.
Stewart, Andrew
Stewart, Gertrude
Stewart, Ira
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Nathaniel
Stofferahn, Charlie
Stofferahn, Chris
Stofferahn, Frank
Stofferahn, Henry
Stofferahn, Ida
Stofferahn, John
Stofferahn, Minnie
Stofferahn, William
Strickland, Della
Strickland, Geo.
Struve, Fred
Struve, Gus
Struve, Henry

Thede Pauline
Thede, Martha
Thede, Otto

Vohs, August
Vohs, Helen
Vohs, James
Vohs, Mary
Vohs, William

Ward, Annie
Ward, Ellen
Ward, Fayette
Ward, Florence
Ward, John
Ward, Robert
Webster, Alfred M.
Webster, Clara
Webster, Ella
Webster, Emery
Webster, Emily
Webster, Flora
Webster, Hannah
Webster, Myron
West, Carl
West, Nancy
West, Ray
Wheeling, John
Whelan, Byron
Whelan, Calista
Whelan, Edna
Whelan, Frank
Whelan, George
Whelan, John
Whelan, Mary
Whelan, William
Whitney, Reuben

Zwemke, Henriette
Zwemke, William

White, Judy. Ida County Iowa Genealogy. Web. © 2012.

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