1884 Directory of Union Iowa

Last First and Middle Section Post Office Township Business Origin Arrival County State
Atkinson Jas 15 Unionberg Union Farmer England 1874 Harrison Iowa
Alee Ch H 2 Valley View Union Farmer Michigan 1864 Harrison Iowa
Blundon Richard 1 Persia Union Farmer England 1860 Harrison Iowa
Bowen James 31 Beebeetown Union Farmer Ireland 1874 Harrison Iowa
Chiles W M 12 Persia Union Farmer/Constabe Indiana 1856 Harrison Iowa
Chapman Jas 1 Persia Union Dist Tresurer/Farmer England 1864 Harrison Iowa
David H H 1 Persia Union Farmer Indiana 1883 Harrison Iowa
Diggle Samuel 24 Unionberg Union Twp Trustee/Farmer England 1865 Harrison Iowa
Doty W H 16 Reeder’s Mill Union Farmer Missouri 1883 Harrison Iowa
Dinsmore W E 11 Valley View Union Farmer/J P Illinois 1867 Harrison Iowa
Dakan John F 17 Reeder’s Mill Union Farmer/Teacher Ohio 1868 Harrison Iowa
Dakan M L 8 Persia Union Farmer/Stock Broker Iowa 1856 Harrison Iowa
Dickinson I 6 Reeder’s Mill Union Farmer/School Director Michigan 1863 Harrison Iowa
Hazard J C 13 Unionberg Union Farmer New York 1864 Harrison Iowa
Howard W D 15 Unionberg Union Farmer Illinois 1851 Harrison Iowa
Hewett Geo B 15 Unionberg Union Farmer Iowa 1878 Harrison Iowa
Johnston A M 22 Unionberg Union Farmer Michigan 1880 Harrison Iowa
Jack Samuel 16 Reeder’s Mill Union Twp Trustee/Farmer Michigan 1853 Harrison Iowa
Kemmish J E 14 Valley View Union Farmer England 1866 Harrison Iowa
Kemmish P C 22 Unionberg Union Wheelw’ht/Carptr/Plasterer/Farmer England 1870 Harrison Iowa
Kildare John 1 Persia Union Fmr Plumber/Gas Fitter Ireland 1882 Harrison Iowa
Miller A E 9 Reeder’s Mill Union Farmer Ohio 1864 Harrison Iowa
Murphy J H 21 Unionberg Union Farmer Indiana 1875 Harrison Iowa
Parker T G 14 Unionberg Union Farmer Illinois 1868 Harrison Iowa
Parker P 14 Unionberg Union Farmer Illinois 1868 Harrison Iowa
Ranier Wm 17 Reeder’s Mill Union Farmer Ohio 1870 Harrison Iowa
Rattigan Jas 10 Valley View Union Farmer Ireland 1866 Harrison Iowa
Redinbaugh I G 20 Reeder’s Mill Union Farmer/Constable Ohio 1867 Harrison Iowa
Skelton L S 20 Beebeetown Union Farmer Iowa 1881 Harrison Iowa
Shanks S N 26 Unionberg Union Farmer Ohio 1879 Harrison Iowa
Stoker A 27 Unionberg Union Farmer/Board of Supervisors Illinois 1870 Harrison Iowa
Thompson Monroe 13 Unionberg Union Farmer Illinois 1872 Harrison Iowa
Thomas Thos 27 Unionberg Union Farmer Wales 1865 Harrison Iowa
Wood Wm W 27 Unionberg Union Farmer Missouri 1850 Harrison Iowa
Wood Samuel 23 Unionberg Union Farmer Ohio 1850 Harrison Iowa


White, Judy Wallis. Harrison County Iowa Genealogy.

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