Wayne County Indiana Marriage Records 1811-1903

Wayne County Indiana Marriage Records 1811-1903 represents 23,644 marriage records for Wayne County Indiana. The range of years covers 1811-1903. For additional information on the marriage records, or for any marriage certificate, researchers should contact the local clerk office.

Wayne County was created in 1811 from Clark and Dearborn Counties. It is located in east-central Indiana on the Ohio border. The county seat is Richmond.

Wayne County Indiana Marriage Records 1811-1903

1Polly WhiteMilton Ashley1811120Book ZZPage 1
2Rutha HoggattEphraim Boles1811321Book ZZPage 1
3Betsy MillerWilliam Farlow1811404Book ZZPage 1
4Nancy RueWilliam Watson1811407Book ZZPage 1
5Rachel StevensonJames Martin1811516Book ZZPage 2
6Peggy SmithJames Brown1811517Book ZZPage 2
7Barbara CainMathew Walls1811518Book ZZPage 2
8Patsy HolmanWilliam Meek1811606Book ZZPage 2
9Mary HarveyJacob Julian1811613Book ZZPage 3
10Rutha AndrewJeremiah Cox1811710Book ZZPage 3

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