Wayne County IN

Wayne County IN, located in the east-central part of Indiana, is a region steeped in history and geographical significance. Established on November 27, 1818, Wayne County’s foundation was a pivotal development during the early years of Indiana’s statehood, which was admitted to the Union just two years earlier, in 1816. The county’s name honors General Anthony Wayne, a United States Army officer and statesman known for his service in the Revolutionary War and subsequent frontier military actions, underscoring the region’s historical ties to the nation’s early military and expansionist endeavors. Richmond, the county seat, serves as the economic and cultural hub, reflecting the area’s transition from a frontier settlement to a modern community. Wayne County’s geographical features, including its position near the Ohio border and its rich agricultural land, have played a significant role in its development, influencing both its economy and the way of life for its inhabitants.

Biography of Harry Pray Study, A. B., A. M.

Harry Pray Study, A. B., A. M. Among the learned callings there is none, perhaps, that demands a greater degree of patience, tact, specialized knowledge, judgment and natural executive ability than that of the educator, and the individual who enters into this important field, selecting it as a calling, is called upon to make many

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Biography of Charles Engler

Charles Engler. In the passing away of the old pioneers of Shawnee County, Kansas loses many of her worthiest citizens, many whose names should be perpetuated in the most enduring annals of this section. They were the pathfinders, the leaders who first dared dangers that still, for years afterward, menaced the life and prosperity of

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Biographical Sketch of Will P. Blair

Blair, Will P.; brick business; born, Plainfield, Ind., June 28, 1849; son of Enos and Margaruitte Blair; educated, Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., married, Indianapolis, Ind., Viola V. Sanders; issue, one daughter, Marion W. Blair; pres. National Paving Brick Manufacturers’ Ass’n, 1904-5; also pres. in 1910; member of American Ceramic Society; member brick committee of the

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Wayne County Indiana Marriage Records 1811-1903

Wayne County Indiana Marriage Records 1811-1903 represents 23,644 marriage records for Wayne County Indiana. The range of years covers 1811-1903. For additional information on the marriage records, or for any marriage certificate, researchers should contact the local clerk office. Wayne County was created in 1811 from Clark and Dearborn Counties. It is located in east-central Indiana on the Ohio border. The county seat is Richmond.

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