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John Nading, of Flat Rock, died at his residence this morning [September 27, 1888], aged 45 years. He was born April 12, 1843 in Flat Rock Township, Bartholomew Co., the son of Milton and Mary Nading. Lost his father at age 18 years. Married Miss Nora V. Warner Dec. 21, 1871 at Flat Rock, 3 children born. Buried St. George Cemetery. Date of Death: September 27, 1888


John Nading is one of the men who, though still a young man, has made, so to speak a success in life already, and ranks among the most successful business men of this county. He was born in Flat Rock Township, Bartholomew Co., April 12, 1843, being the oldest son of Milton and Mary (Snyder) Nading. His father, a native of North Carolina, came to Bartholomew Co. in 1836; his mother from the same State, in 1834. They were married, and lived in Bartholomew Co. until his father’s death, which took place in 1861. His mother still lives in Bartholomew Co., with her son Simon.

John’s chances for education were small, though he has acquired a good business education, chiefly obtained from intercourse with the world. At the age of 18, he lost his father, and, being the oldest of the family, the chief care devolved upon him. He remained at home four years after this, and up to that time he and his brothers had succeeded in adding 200 acres of land to the 200 which his father left them, making a good showing for the time. In 1865, John left home and started in the general merchandise line and grain trade, at St. Louis Crossing, Bartholomew Co., with two partners he having at that time but $208. The business was prosperous, and within two years he had bought out both partners and was running the store alone.

Dec. 21, 1871, Mr. Nading was married to Miss Nora V. Warner, in Flat Rock, Washington Township, Shelby Co. This union has resulted in the birth of three children — Harry J., Walter R. and Ralph B. In 1872, the subject of this sketch came to Flat Rock, Shelby Co. He started another store here and carried on both that and the one at St. Louis Crossing till 1875, when he sold them out. Since then, he has been largely engaged in farming and dealing in agricultural implements and grain. He buys a large amount of grain having warehouses at Flat Rock, St., John, St. Louis Crossing and Clifford, handling annually upward of 300,000 bushels.

Mr. Nading’s wife is the daughter of Martin Warner, one of the old settlers of this country, who came to Indiana about 1834, and accumulated a handsome property. He had three wives, the second of whom (Mary Ann) was the mother of Mrs. John Nading. She died Jan. 31, 1861. Mr. Warner died Aug. 11, 1872. He was a man of kind heart and large business capacity; politically, a Democrat; a member of the M.E. Church. His daughter, Mrs. Nading, is a lady who well understands the duties of a wife. Mr. Nading is an ardent Republican in politics, and has been one of the leading men in his township, in a political as well as other ways. At present, he takes no active interest in political strife. A stirring business man, who has made everything succeed he has laid his hand to thus far in life, and, at his age, with his bright prospects, he may reasonably expect to become one of the wealthiest men in Shelby Co.

Source: Atlas of Shelby Co., Indiana, Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co, 1880, p 72.

Contributed by: Shelli Steedman


Collection: United States Obituaries.

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