Edwin R. Todd of Plattsmouth NE

Edwin R. Todd7, (Thomas Jefferson6, Caleb5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Oct. 10, 1833, in Jamestown, N. Y., died Feb. 16, 1910, in Plattsmouth, Neb., married, Sept. 8, 1861, Mary E. Thomas, who was born Nov. 1, 1844, in Grant County, Ind., died Dec. 5, 1912, in Plattsmouth, Neb. She was a sister of ex-Senator Samuel L. Thomas, who is now (1910) living in Long Beach, Cal.

Mr. Todd was a very well known and highly esteemed citizen of the community in which he lived. He had lived in Plattsmouth, Neb., since 1857, when he first arrived in that region and took up a block of land in the west part of the town and there he passed his remaining years and where he was living at the time of his death. He was a most estimable man and had a great number of friends throughout that section.

His early days were spent under the home roof where the most Christian surroundings existed and where was inculcated into him, that Christian spirit which so characterized him in after life. The house in which he was born still stands in Jamestown, N. Y. His father was a minister of the Christian or Campbellite faith and the young son adopted this faith as his own at an early age. After spending his boyhood with his parents in New York, he went west to the state of Indiana, where he resided for a brief time before going to Plattsmouth. At the age of twenty-five he had left Indiana for good and had cast his fortune with the new prairie territory of Nebraska. Here he laid the foundation to his future success and here he reared his family, six children lived to maturity and two others died young.

In politics, Mr. Todd was a Republican and had taken a deep interest in the politics of the country. He was one of the original Republicans who stood for the policies of the party from it’s formation in the fifties and to the end he had adhered closely to those principles. He had been many times honored by his party with seats in conventions and was generally recognized as a wheel-horse of the organization.

*1724. Alonzo E., b. April 4, 1863.
1725. Ella E., b. April 24, 1865, d. May 8, 1867.
*1726. Thomas Edwin, b. March 12, 1867.
*1727. Alvin L., b. March 22, 1871.
*1728. George W., b. Feb. 22, 1873.
*1729. Timothy Jefferson, b. March 5, 1879.
1730. Nicholas E., b. Jan. 19, 1881, d. 1907, m. 1905, Bertha Adamson. No children.
*1731. Russel Sharpe, b. May 19, 1883.



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