Biography of W. C. Scott

W. C. SCOTT. Few men who find pleasure in country life realize more solid enjoyment from their work than does W. C. Scott, well known farmer and stock breeder of this community, His work is his recreation alike, and in it he exercises every faculty in his possession. As a breeder of fine horses Mr. Scott is known throughout the state, and he is especially well known as the owner of Dan R., one of the fastest horses of the country, with a registered speed of 2:011/4. As a general farmer, too, as well as in his capacity of breeder, Mr. Scott has gained prominence, and his place located on the W. C. Scott Gravel Road, lies about a mile and a half distant from the town of Chesterfield.

Mr. Scott was born on September 12, 1852, in the town named above, and is the son of William and Betsey (Schrayer) Scott, the former a native son of Lee County, Virginia, who came to this region in the year 1836 and here settled. He was variously employed in the community for some years, and was for a considerable time occupied in railroad contracting, a work in which he was particularly successful. Both parents-died in this locality.

When Mr. Scott was a boy he early gained habits of independence and energy, his first work being that of waterboy to the gang which his father employed in the railroad work. Later he served as pumpman for the tank that fed the engines, and he went to school when it was convenient, rather than otherwise. He also worked on the farm and did teaming for wages, and was occupied in these ways until he reached his twenty- second year, when he set out for himself as an independent farmer. He rented land the first while and later bought the farm, where he has ever since resided most comfortably. Here he has carried on his work and with advancing years and growing independence, he has found it possible to indulge his fancy for thoroughbred horses, as well as to keep up the regular work of his place. His ownership of the well known Dan R. has already been mentioned, and is indicative of his taste in horseflesh.

In 1875 Mr. Scott married Rachel Boddel who died without issue, and he later married Hannah Boddel, who bore him three children. Luther, the eldest, married Vina Boner; Jacob married Nettie Dunham, and Hannah is the wife of Charles Owens. The third marriage of Mr. Scott was to Mary A. Parker, and to them have been born two daughters. Angeline, the eldest, married William Boner, and they have one child, Eva. Elizabeth married Elmer Jeffries, and to them two sons, -Walter and Floyd, were born, the first of whom is deceased.

Beyond his home interests Mr. Scott is not c0ncerned with public matters, beyond the interest of any good citizen. He is a Republican in Politics and attends the Christian church.



Madison County IN,

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