Biography of Dr. H. C. Shuttee

DR. H. C. SHUTTEE. One of the old and honored men in medicine by citizens of Howell County, Missouri, was Dr. C. H. E. Shuttee, deceased, who was the father of the gentleman whose name heads this sketch.

The elder Shuttee was a native of Hamburg, Germany, and was educated in that country. When a young man he came to the United States and took up his home in the State of Indiana, at Huntington. Later he became a soldier in the Union Army, served during the latter part of the war, and took part in some hard fought battles. Soon after the war he came to this county and located in West Plains, where he practiced his profession up to about 1884. He then went to Central America and took charge of a banana plantation at Bloomfield, Nicaragua. There his death occurred in 1887. He was a prominent physician in this section of the country and was a member of the District Medical Association. He was appointed by President Grant as examining surgeon of pensions in this county and held the position up to the first election of Cleveland. The Doctor was well known in south Missouri and as a physician ranked among the best. He held the office of district United States commissioner at one time. The Doctor was a Master Mason, a member of the commandery and the Knights Templar and was a prominent man in the order. Dr. Shuttee was married in the Hoosier State to Miss Barbara Goodmiller, a native of Germany and the daughter of Andrew Goodmiller, who is still living in Huntington County, and who is ninety-four years old. Mrs. Shuttee is still living in West Plains. Of the seven children born to her marriage six are living: Jennie S., the wife of H. T. Smith, M. D., of El Reno, Okla. Ter. (Dr. Smith graduated in medicine, but is engaged in the banking business); H. C., subject; Emma, wife of Dr. Chandler, of West Plains; Otto A., cashier of the bank at El Reno, Okla.; Mary, single; Josie E., wife of W. K. Davis, of West Plains, and one child died in infancy.

Dr. Shuttee was one of the early pioneers in this section and can be said to have been one of the pioneer physicians. His death was regretted by a large circle of friends. H. C. Shuttee, M. D., the second child of the old pioneer physician of the county, was born in Huntington County, Indiana, March 24, 1858, and he passed his boy-hood days in that county and attended the schools of the same. Later he entered the schools of Mines, Rolla, Missouri, and in 1877 began the study of medicine with Dr. Smith. From there he entered the Missouri Medical College of St. Louis and graduated in the class of 1881 with high honors, standing second in a class of I 9. After this he at once began practicing in West Plains, and has gained an excellent reputation as a physician and surgeon. He gives special attention to the eye, ear, nose and throat and to surgery and is one of the leading physicians in the country. Dr. Shuttee is a member of the County Medical Association, the District Medical Association, the Missouri State Medical Association and the National Association of Railroad Surgeons. At one time he was president of the District Medical Association. The Doctor is a man of learning and a thorough student of his profession. He is surgeon for the Gulf Railroad. In 1887 he took a post-graduate course in New York City and at the Polyclinic in Chicago in 1893. He has a large practice and is a leader in his profession. Dr. Shuttee is a Master Mason, a member of the Presbyterian Church, and in politics a Democrat. He is secretary of the Board of Pension Examiners and is a prominent man in the affairs of the city. The Doctor was married in the Empire State to Miss Nannie L. Burgess, daughter of N. S. Burgess, who formerly lived in West Plains. Mrs. Shuttee died in 1886 and two years later the Doctor married Carrie M. Burgess, a sister of his first wife. Three handsome children are the result: Albert B., Nannie L. and Harry C. Dr. Shuttee has a handsome residence on South Main Street and has a pleasant office over the Howell County Bank.



A Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region: comprising a condensed general history, a brief descriptive history of each county, and numerous biographical sketches of prominent citizens of such counties. Chicago: Goodspeed Brothers Publishers. 1894.

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