S-T Surnames – 1818 St. Clair County, Illinois Census


Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves


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Schenbarger, Batise16602-04-00-00
Schenbarger, Lawrence16602-03-00-00
Scott, Alexander16601-08-01-00
Scott, John, Jr.16601-01-00-00
Scott, John, Sr.16602-06-00-00
Scott, Joseph16701-08-00-00
Scott, Samuel16503-05-00-00
Scott, Samuel16601-08-00-00
Scott, William, Jr.16501-10-00-00
Scott, William, Sr.16501-08-00-00
Sharp, Jonathan16501-01-00-00
Sharp, Samul16501-03-00-00
Shook, Aaron16501-05-00-00
Shook, Jonas16603-02-00-00
Shook, Samuel, Jr.16601-06-00-00
Shook, Samuel, Sr.16703-08-00-00
Short, Hubbard16601-05-00-00
Short, Jacob16701-10-00-03
Short, William16601-02-00-00
Silir, Adam16601-01-00-00
Silir, Jacob16602-09-00-00
Silir, William16601-04-00-00
Simmons, John16505-01-00-00
Simons, Jessee16501-10-00-00
Simpson, Ann16600-05-00-00
Simpson, William H.16501-03-00-00
Skidmore, Thomas16601-06-00-00
Slaton, George16601-07-00-00
Small, Samuel16603-10-00-00
Smily, Hugh16601-03-00-00
Smith, David16601-01-00-01
Smith, Philip16603-05-00-00
Smith, Robert16602-09-00-00
Sosha, Michael16701-03-00-00
Sparks, David16701-09-00-00
St Garnaw, Louis16601-01-00-00
St Jean, Joseph16501-03-00-00
St John, Louis16601-03-00-00
St John, Mrs.16700-06-00-00
St John, Pear16601-03-00-00
Stallion, Margret16700-04-00-00
Stanford, Ruth16600-07-00-00
Stanford, Shelton16601-08-00-00
Stanley, John16502-06-00-00
Steel, John16602-05-00-00
Stogdon, Robert16602-04-00-00
Stookey, Daniel16602-09-00-00
Stout, Daniel16501-04-00-00
Stout, Henry16502-02-00-01
Stout, William16501-03-00-00
Straigh, Israel16601-07-00-00
Strickland, Redmon16501-02-00-00
Stroud, Asa16501-06-00-00
Stroud, Levi16601-05-00-00
Stuart, Alphonso C.16501-04-00-00
Stuart, Peter16602-08-00-00
Stubblefield, Thomas16601-06-00-00
Stuntz, John16701-08-00-00
Summers, Edward D.16602-02-00-00
Swaggert, George16604-05-00-00
Swaggert, John16601-07-00-00
Swan, Frances16501-07-00-00
Talbott, Thomas W.16701-00-00-00
Talent, David16701-07-00-00
Tannehill, James16703-06-00-00
Tarcourt, Francis16803-07-00-00
Taylor, Bellington16701-08-00-00
Taylor, Henry16701-05-00-00
Taylor, Joseph16701-02-00-00
Terry, Stephen16801-05-00-00
Teter, John16702-06-00-00
Teter, Mary16700-09-00-00
Teter, Solomon16701-02-00-00
Tetricks, Abraham16701-01-00-00
Tetricks, George16701-02-00-00
Tetricks, Jacob16701-03-00-00
Tetricks, Peter16701-03-00-00
Thomas, Anthony M.16702-06-00-00
Thomas, James D.16703-02-00-00
Thomas, Jessee B.16801-03-00-03
Thomas, John D.16701-09-00-00
Thomas, Mr.16802-08-00-00
Thomas, Robert16701-06-00-00
Thompson, Abel16701-07-00-00
Thompson, James16701-02-00-00
Thompson, John16701-04-00-00
Thompson, William16701-03-00-00
Thomson, John16701-06-00-00
Tiffin, Clayton16818-04-00-03
Tilford, William16701-03-00-00
Titus, Nan A Black?16800-00-10-00
Titus, Samul A Black?16700-00-00-04
Tolman, Nathan16801-09-00-00
Townzen, Edmond16701-02-00-00
Townzen, Whitfield16701-04-00-00
Tozer, Samul16701-02-00-00
Travis, Francis16701-02-00-00
Trotier, Augestine16801-05-00-00
Trotier, Francis16801-04-00-00
Trotier, Joseph16801-03-00-01
Trotier, Mrs.16800-04-00-00
Troubler, Touisant16801-02-00-00
Trusoo, Nicholas16802-06-00-00
Tryon, William16701-00-00-00
Turner, Isaiah16801-01-00-01

Norton, Margaret Cross. Illinois Census Returns 1810, 1818. Published in the Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library, volume XXIV.

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