S Surnames – 1818 Crawford County, Illinois Census

Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves

NamePageRange of Ages
Sackrider, John6801-04-00-00
Salsbury, Jefry6601-01-00-00
Sanders, Anthony6201-03-00-00
Shalor, John7702-06-00-00
Shanks, Benjamin7703-08-00-00
Shanks, Elenor7700-08-00-00
Shanks, Michael7601-07-00-00
Shannon, Lewis7702-03-00-00
Shannon, William7701-09-00-00
Sharp, Cyrus6301-08-00-00
Shaw, James6503-12-00-00
Shaw, Joseph6603-05-00-00
Shaw, Joseph6702-09-00-00
Shaw, Smith6901-08-00-00
Shelton, John6700-00-01-00
Shenks, John7602-07-00-00
Shook, Benjamin7401-00-00-00
Shoulders, Samuel7501-07-00-00
Sims, Hall6501-04-00-00
Smith, George6501-08-00-00
Smith, John7505-06-00-00
Snider, Abram6201-09-00-00
Snipes, John6801-03-00-00
Snow, Cushing7401-08-00-00
Spawling, Elezer6401-01-00-00
Spencer, Major7501-03-00-00
Spensor, James6601-00-00-00
Spensor, Jesse6702-02-00-00
Spensor, Thomas7101-00-00-00
Spiqrey, Axim6201-08-00-00
St Jervenue, Charles6301-00-00-00
Stephens, Samuel7602-05-00-00
Stewart, David7602-04-00-00
Stockwell, Elizabeth6400-08-00-00
Storey, John6501-00-00-00
Stout, Aarn7603-10-00-00
Struton, John6801-06-00-00
Sudevoit, Charles6301-06-00-00

Crawford County IL,

Norton, Margaret Cross. Illinois Census Returns 1810, 1818. Published in the Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library, volume XXIV.

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